• Show Date: 15/07/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Darren Clarke Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 09/08/2023

National Working & Pastoral Breeds Society

Breed: Dogue de Bordeaux

National Working & Pastoral Breeds Ch Show

JULY 2023

Dogue De Bordeaux

JD. 1st Here Comes The Son By Bearox. Very promising young male of 17 months. Good head shape with breadth to skull, still to finish fully but already shows plenty of strength and complimented by correct muzzle and sweep of under jaw. Strong neck. Moderate angles. Correct angle to croup. Typical topline. One of the best movers on the day. Should have a good future. Res CC.

LD. 1st Bellamiabam Romeo. Excels in head shape and strength all through. Very good oval eye . Ears high set if a bit on the large side. Clean, fine wrinkles. Excellent underjaw with good chin. Muscular neck. Deep chest showing plenty of heart room. Good bone. Sound conformation. Moved ok. In good coat and condition.

2nd Aibrean Kenzo. Strong and powerfully -built male. Overtly masculine. Broad skull and muzzle with enough chin. Eyes could be a bit tighter and would prefer less wrinkle. Wide, deep chest. Good bone and tight feet. Nicely angled. Easy mover.

3rd Biscay Winston For Desquire.

OD. 1st Ch. Bobiso Matteo. An impressive male that appeals overall for his excellent breed type. Strong head, broad with plenty of strength and complimented with muscular cheeks. Good width of muzzle, strong and excellent sweep of underjaw showing plenty of chin. Clean, well set eyes of good colour. Ear size and set ok. Strong, muscular neck. Well developed chest. Good bone and nicely bodied. Moderate angulation front and back. Easy mover, sound in all directions and in fit condition. Pleased to award him the CC & BOB.

2nd Loggerheads Thor. Super headed male, just approaching full maturity and looking the part on the stack and another that gives off an impressive outline. Plenty of strength all through. Excellent bone and muscular, fit body condition. Good front angulation but could have more angulation at the rear which was reflected on the move going away. That said, will easily make-up, I think.

3rd Harleydeaux Double Deuce.

PB. Aibrean Killer Queen. Well grown female of 10 months. Good bone and well bodied for her age. Strong, shapely head. Fine, well-defined wrinkle. Good width of muzzle and muscular cheeks. Clean eyes. Good reach of neck leading to a sound front. Chest coming along well. Topline to firm-up a bit more. Good rear. Sound enough on the move. Lovely temperament. BP.

PGB. Harleydeaux Pixie Lott. Liked this mature female very much on the stack. She has an excellent head. Well proportioned and balanced with a strong muzzle and good chin. Moderate wrinkle. Good eyes. Well set ears. Powerfully built with sound conformation. Moved well enough, just a bit lethargic on the day.

LB. 1st Bellamiabam She Loves You At Bearox. Excellent female. Excels in head and muzzle with desired strength and sweep of underjaw. Oval, clean eyes giving a typical stoic expression. High set ears. Strong, thick neck. Deep chest. Balanced angles. Croup a bit short so consequently tail set a touch high. Great attitude. Moved out very well, sound in all directions. Res CC.

2nd Aibrean All That I Know. A rangier-built female. Plenty of strength all through. Good head with strength to skull, muzzle and good chin. Excellent under jaw. Excellent reach of neck and good front. Stands on strong, tight feet. Moved out very well. In excellent condition.

3rd Bellamiabam River.

OB. 1st Harleydeaux Dirty Gertie. Super female. Excellent type, size and strength all through. Good skull shape, broad and strong. Wide muzzle with correct underjaw. Moderate wrinkle. Well defined, muscular cheeks. Clean, medium brown eye giving a typical expression. Well set-on ears, framing her skull. Good neck and deep, roomy chest. Strong bone. Balanced angles front and back. Stands on tight feet. Correct croup and tail set. Sound mover. Made a worthy CC winner.

2nd Bellamiabam Ivy. Quite similar to 1st for overall size and shape. Very good head. Good to go over on the stack. Good front and rear angulation. Firm, muscular body. Excellent bone and presented in good condition. Moved out feely. The heat was just starting to get to her on the day affecting her performance, otherwise close-up.

3rd Aibrean Drops Of Jupiter.

Darren Clarke (Judge)