• Show Date: 29/04/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Darren Clarke Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

West Of England Ladies Kennel Society

Breed: Welsh Corgi (Cardigan)

West Of England Kennel Society Ch. Show.


Cardigan Corgi

VD 1st Bwthyn All Rights Reserved. Lovely 9 year old brindle. Masculine and of good type, size and substance. Good head shape, large, well set ears. Correct eye shape of medium size. Moderate neck. Deep chest. Holds his topline firm. Good ribs and well muscled hind quarters. Tail of good length. Moved well enough but could drive from the rear a bit more.

PD. 1st Tamlin Razor Crest. Quality 11 month old youngster. Loved his outline on the stack. Head of correct ‘foxy’ shape. Excellent ears, large and correctly set. Good reach of neck. Well laid shoulder and good length of upper arm. Strong topline. Well angled rear. In super coat and condition. Can settle further on the move but showed enough and was sound in all directions. When he gets his act together fully, think he will have a great future. Liked him a lot.

2nd Ceranda Gower Charmer At Brynlluan. Slightly larger, stronger dog than 1st. Very well balanced all through and pleasing for conformation, overall type and soundness of movement. Quality bone and feet. Coat just starting to blow but was well presented.

3rd Chrishama Ice Diamond For Amenbury.

JD. 1st Tamlin Millennium Falcon. Litter sibling to PD winner. Slightly different type being a bit higher on the leg at present. Still needs to drop fully in chest but he has plenty of time. Super head with ‘foxy’ outlook. Excellent neck, front and rear. Holds his outline at all times. Moved soundly. Good tail set and length.

2nd Kerman Pitch The Ball. Slightly smaller dog overall than 1st. Another promising youngster, still to mature fully. Dark brindle in good coat and excellent condition. Super head and eye. Ears set ok and are of good size and shape. Good conformation. Strong bone for his size and stands on excellent tight feet, Moved with reach and drive and absolutely sound.

YD. 1st K. Pitch The Ball.

PGD. 1st K. Pitch The Ball

2nd Chrishama Magic Apprentice For Amenbury. Super dog for type and outline. Plenty of length and well balanced. Strong head, correctly set and used ears. Medium neck. Excellent depth of chest. Well bodied, topline could be a bit firmer. Good rear. Lacking a bit of enthusiasm on the day but sound in all directions. In full, double coat.

3rd Keerside Glenkiln At Bwthyn.

OD. 1st Elessar Howling Moon. Excellent Cardi from any angle. In top form, well bodied and at full maturity. Very good head shape, masculine and well balanced with a typical foxy outlook. Excellent large, well set ears. Good eye shape and colour. Strong, reachy neck. Well developed, deep chest. Good bone. Enough length and pleases for body proportions. Muscular, well angled quarters. Good length of tail. Moved with reach and drive and a low set and carried tail. In good double coat. CC. This gave him his well deserved title. Congratulations!

2nd Handskes Just A Gigolo At Tamlin. Sire of 1st and shares many of his attributes. An excellent dog for type and outline. Masculine but not coarse in any way. Super head and expression. Good ears. Well bodied and carries his 8 years very well. Pleasing to go over on the table and a sound, free mover. Good length of tail, set ok but could be carried lower on the move. In super coat, well presented. Pushed all the way here and was surprised to see he dosen’t carry his title yet, hopefully that won’t be far off. Res CC and BVIB.

3rd Mistycor Apollo Back To Black For Kalwig.

VB. 1st Wildcard Lottie At Foaldown. Beautiful bl/m veteran. Super head of ideal proportions. Excellent ear. Good eye and pigment for her colour. Very good front angles. Good body condition. Strong rear and excellent set and length of tail. Pleasing colour and markings. Moved out well in all directions. Full, double coat.

MPB. 1st Elessar Blue Diamond. Very promising 8 month old bl/m of good colour and well broken markings. Feminine and of ideal size with good length and well balanced for her age. Shapely head. Good length and arch to neck. Well laid shoulder and good length of upperarm. Still to firm-up in topline but time should sort this. Good rear. Really moved out well with reach and drive and a low set and carried tail. Pleased to award her BP.

PB. Tamlin Rogue Shadow. Mature for her 11months and gives off a balanced outline. Excellent head shape, good eye and expression. Large, correctly set ears. Good conformation. Strong bone and stands on good feet. Moved out soundly. Good coat, beautifully presented.

2nd Ceranda Gower Petal. Very appealing and scores greatly for her height to length ratio and feminine size and outlook. Beautiful foxy head. Excellent angles front and back. Just needs a bit more confidence which would improve her carriage on the move, that said, very sound and excellent tail carriage. One for the future.

3rd. Ceranda Gower Diamond.

JB. 1st Kerman Caught Ya Looking At Huntsville. Smaller and finer all through but just has enough body and bone to compliment her frame. Excellent head, medium neck. Firm topline. Very good angles. Still to generally mature all through. Moved very well with reach and drive. Lovely coat and condition.

YB. 1st Caprian Adrianna. Pleasing youngster. Foxy head, nicely balanced with good eye shape and expression. Deep chest. Excellent body and condition. Good lay of shoulder. Strong bone and quality feet. Tail could be slightly longer but is set well. Moved true in all directions.

2nd Wildcard Lilibet At Tamlin. Another excellent youngster. Very good head, reach of neck and strong, solid body. Good bone. Very well made all through. Super feet. Lovely colour and markings. Moved very well. Close-up.

3rd Lidoffad Llew Gwiit.

PGB. 1st Kalwig Believe In Magic For Huntsville. Liked this bitch a lot. Very well balanced all through. Plenty of length but still retains her topline and carriage. Excellent head, well proportioned. Good eye shape with colour toning with coat. Well set, large ears. Balanced angles. Excellent overall type. Moved with soundness and a well carried tail.

2nd Keerside Palmaddy Burn Of Caprian. Slightly different for type to 1st. Equally appealing for size , shape and outline. Feminine head and expression. Excellent reach of neck. Good shoulder with rear to compliment. Topline could be firmer and she could have a bit more bone but a very good bitch. Free mover. Attentive to handler.

3rd Kilvroch Celidora At Cwnmeuring.

LB. 1st Gowerston Guinevere. Excellent for type and femininity. Beautiful head and eye. Well set, large ears. Very attentive to her handler. Good length and lay of shoulder and return of upper arm. Excellent bone, substance and tight, quality feet. Firm body and holds her topline. Moved well, driving from sound hocks. Well presented coat.

2nd A Ray Of Sunshine At Kogarahs. All quality and looks super on the stack. Excellent head shape. Good ears, used well at all times. Good overall conformation and has an excellent reach and arch of neck. Presented in immaculate form. Moved well from profile with a moderate stride.

3rd Caprian The Vixen.

OB. 1st Ch. Pi-Et-Ra Of Trefilio Bornto be Avalanche. Thought her outstanding on the day. Super brindle of excellent type. Loved her balanced outline. Holds a very good topline. Feminine head, well proportioned and foxy in shape. Medium neck. Good depth and substance for her size. Quality, strong bone. Well angled rear. Good tail length. Really covers the ground on the move with a good depth of stride. Immaculately presented and handled to bring out her best. Delighted to award her CC & BOB.

2nd Elessar Lunar Eclipse. Litter sister to Dog CC winner and equally appealing for type. Another with an excellent head, shapely , feminine but showing strength. Excellent height to length proportions. Good conformation with balanced angles front and back. Moved with reach and drive and an excellent tail carriage. Res CC.

Darren Clarke (Judge)

KC Good Citizen Stakes.

 1st Ch. Lindfern Light Sabre. Excellent Shetland Sheepdog. Super wedge head with great eye giving the sweetest of expressions. High set, tipped ears used to advantage. Moderate neck. Good overall conformation. Sound mover. Excellent double coat. Well presented.

2nd Ch. Callendu Despicable Me At Kashbeluli. 10 year old Puli still in great form. Very good head. Medium neck. Square shape. Nimbly boned. Well presented. Moved out soundly with a medium stride.

3rd Faith Follow Your Dream Lord Of The North With Tamalden. White Swiss Sheperd.

Darren Clarke (Judge)