• Show Date: 27/05/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Darren Clarke Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Bath Canine Society

Breed: Belgian Shepherd Dog (Malinois)

Bath Ch. Show


BSD (Malinois)

PD. 1st Vegas VD Vaardekenshoeve. Very promising pup. Lovely shape. Super head, excellent almond eye. High set ears of pleasing set and used to enhance his expression. Moderate neck. Excellent topline. Medium angles. Still to drop in chest. Well bodied for his age. Excellent mover, typical gait. Will watch his career with interest. BP & Res CC.

JD. 1st T’peso Du Domaine De Vauroux. Young dog of ideal proportions, square in outline. Super head, well balanced. Excellent eye shape, dark and expressive. Medium neck. Very good front and rear assembly. Excellent topline with correct croup and low tail set. Moved very well with a moderate stride. Most promising.

LD. Froyd El Captain. A really super young dog. Excellent square outline. Excellent head, good length and shape. Dark eye, almond shaped and eager expression. Medium sized, well set ears. Good reach of neck. Can drop in chest further and body-up a bit. Moderately angled front and back. Excellent feet. Good angle of croup. Excellent tail set and carriage. Good double coat. Moves with a moderate stride, very sound out and back and a steady temperament. Pleased to award him the CC, and this gave him his title. Well done!

OD. 1st Ch. Foryd Rocky Mountain High. Medium sized and has an excellent outline on the stack. Super head. Dark eye. Medium neck. Mature in chest and body. Good front and rear. Not as settled as the younger males today. Moved well enough and sound. Good coat and condition.

LB. 1st Lateo Azeenah. Very feminine bitch. Pleasing head shape. Eye could be darker. Good reach of neck. Excellent front angles. Good depth of chest. Firm topline. A fraction long in loin. Excellent rear. Super coat and condition. Excellent mover. Res CC.

OB. 1st Ch. Foryd Denali At Hawksflight. Outstanding young bitch. Litter sister to DCC winner and very much of a type. Super head, good length and well balanced. Excellent eye shape, dark and expressive. Excellent ear set, size and carriage. Strong neck leading to a moderately angled front. Strong topline. Good body and coat for her age. Moderately angled rear. Looks a picture on the stack and keeps a balanced outline on the move. Moved with a brisk, moderate stride. CC & BOB.

Darren Clarke (Judge)