• Show Date: 04/05/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Darren Clarke Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Birmingham Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Samoyed

Birmingham National Dog Show



SBD. 1st Serebryanaya Skazka Gorynya Bogatyr. Large masculine dog. Good wedge head with strength. Good eye shape and colour. High set, small ears. Medium neck. Moderately angled front and rear. Strong mover.

MPD. 1st Lovely Snow Diamonds Kristoph To Vandreem. Excellent puppy of just 6 months. Well grown with quality bone. Super head, eye and expression. Small, well set thick ears. Excellent reach of neck leading to a moderately angled front. Well bodied for his age, Still to drop in rear. High set and carried tail. Well presented coat. Sound mover.

2nd Istramac Shining Illuka. More mature than 1st. Good overall shape. Excellent eye and pigment. Well made all through and has strength to bone. Good mover from profile but a little close at the rear. Excellent double coat, well presented.

3rd. Rosnorske Royal Aster.

PD. 1st Istramac Stormy Nullah. Excellent puppy. Medium sized and pleases for his overall outline. Excellent wedge head, moderate stop and strength to muzzle. Almond dark eye. Excellent small ears. Medium reach of neck. Good angles front and rear. Excellent mover. Good coat.

2nd Holy Archie Orleansnow. Another good young dog. Different type to 1st. Liked his head and expression. Excellent pigment. High set ears. Good neck. Deep chest. Excellent body. Nicely angled in front but could have a touch more at the rear. High set tail. Well presented coat. Free, easy mover.

3rd. Rosskalja Here Comes Trouble For Syanaria.

PGD. 1st S. Skazka Gorynya B.

LD. 1st Aspenbeauty Making Dreams For Kalinski. This masculine dog gives off an impressive outline on the stack. Appealing head of good shape and strength. Excellent eye. Small, well furred ears. Good eck. Deep, roomy chest. Large, well feathered feet. Moved well from profile but a bit loose going away. Excellent coat. Keen showman.

2nd Tiksi Time After Time. Smaller dog. Very well proportioned on the stack. Good head shape. Balanced front and rear. High set tail. Once settled, showed a moderate, sound stride on the move. Well presented coat.

OD. 1st Neopisuemly Schastlivchik D’Stary S Hutora Dyanki. A lovely dog of excellent type and quality. Super wedge head with strength to skull and muzzle. Good eye shape and colour. Excellent ears. Good reach of neck, showing some arch. Good length and lay of shoulder and upperarm. Strong bone. Excellent, well feathered feet. Perhaps a shade long for ideal balance but is well bodied and at full maturity. In excellent double coat, beautifully presented. Excellent mover, covering the ground well. Pleased to award him CC & BOB.

2nd Int. Ch. Vandreem Imperial Kazhiya. Liked this super dog in the past and still highly rate him. He has an excellent outline. Masculine but not coarse in any way. Strong head and muzzle of good shape and balance. Excellent eye. Good reach of neck. Moderate angles. In excellent coat and condition. Strong, purposeful mover. Res CC.

3rd Ch. Novaskya Xander Lefay.

VD. 1st Vandreem Imperial Fabien At Avarrasam. Quality 8 year old boy still looking and moving so well. Mature and pleases for his compact outline. Good head, eye and small, well set ears. Good conformation. In lovely coat. Moved feely and soundly in all directions. BVIB. Pleased to hear he won the Veteran Group.

SBB. 1st Diarmuid Dreambig California. Ultra feminine bitch of sound type. Good head shape. Excellent pigment. Very well made with enough bone for her size. Excellent coat and condition. Free mover.

MPB. 1st Istramac Toorie’s Lass. Beautiful pup. Loved her size and femininity but dosen’t comprise substance. Good wedge head. Excellent, almond eye. Well set ears. Well developed in chest for her age. Good lay of shoulder and return of upperarm. Well angled rear. High set and carried tail. Really moved around the ring with drive. Very promising. BP.

2nd Rossakja Donatella Versace. Equally promising pup. Pretty head of excellent shape. Not quite the maturity of 1st or as collected on the move. Excellent body and coat. Lovely puppy.

3rd Rosnorske Royal Lotus.

PB. 1st Vandreem Imperial Amore. Beautifully headed pup. Loved her eye shape and expression. Thick, small ears. Good neck. Good angulation front and back. Slightly longer cast at present. Good rear end. Excellent tail set and carriage. Excellent coat for her age. Moves well from profile. Well presented.

2nd Vandreem Imperial Bellini. Another quality bitch pup. Has a super outline and very well proportioned all through. Very good head. Excellent ear set and carriage. Medium neck. Good overall conformation. Sound in all directions. Close-up. Well handled and presented.

3rd Rosskaja Donatella Versace.

JB. 1st Taronakits It’s Kayanova. A really super youngster that has such a well balanced outline. Gorgeous head with dark, almond eye and excellent ears. Good reach of neck. Well laid shoulder and return of upperarm. Super body. Good rear angled and sound hocks. In good coat and shows her virtues off well for her handler. Moved with a moderate stride, sound in all directions. Think she will have a great future. Res CC.

2nd Taronakits It’s Kalyra At Samarind. Litter sister to 1st and quite similar. Lovely size and shape. Equally good in head, pigment and eye shape. Good conformation. Moved very well. Good coat and condition.

3rd Diarmuid Dreambig California.

YB. 1st Taronakits It’s Kalyra At Samarind.

2nd Bondsmoor Kiss Me Kate.

3rd Flowy Wolf In Sheep’s Skin.

NB. 1st Taronakits It’s Kayanova.

2nd Taronakits It’s Kaboo For Frostia. More settled on the move in this class. Lovely youngster with much potential. Loved her head and expression. Good reach of neck. Fairly mature all through. Medium angles.Lovely coat.

GB. 1st Taronakits It’s Kalyra At Samarind.

2nd Flowy Wolf In Sheep’s Skin.

PGB. 1st Sarnoushka Silver Spirit. Fairly substantial bitch that scored for her compact outline. Lovely wedge head with good strength to skull. Good eye and ears. Medium nrck leading to a good front with good bone. Excellent well feathered feet. Good topline and firmness of loin. Moderate rear. Moved ok.

2nd Rosskaja Silver Star Fire At Trusam. Mature bitch. Typical head, eye and expression. Small, thick ears. A bit short on neck. Balanced angles. Thick coat of good texture and density. Moved wellm in all directions.

3rd Annecy Dream Of Reality.

LB. 1st Istramac Serendipity. Super fit and of excellent type. Excellent head, well proportioned and shows strength. Excellent small feathered ears. Strong neck. Roomy chest. Firm topline. Good angles. Excellent mover, really uses her hocks to drive around the ring. Excellent coat, functional and of harsh texture. Easily deserves to carry her title. Close-up in the challenge.

2nd Rosnorske Royal Amethyst. Loved this bitch for type. Beautiful head and expression. Feminine outlook. Good reach of neck. Strong body and good bone. Stands on excellent feet. Moved soundly enough, just a bit erratic at times. Super coat and presentation.

3rd Sibertips Star Attraction At Zakaytia.

OB. 1st Ch. Nikara Secret Love By Norjack. An outstanding bitch from any angle. Ideal for size and substance with quality bone and excellent feet. Good head proportions. Good pigment. Well set, small ears that she uses well, working with her handler at all times. Lovely reach and arch of neck. Deep chest. Good front angulation. Fit body. Moderate rear angles. High set and carried tail. Super mover, moderate stride with reach and drive. Immaculate coat presentation. Worthy CC winner.

2nd Nikara Neverending Dream For Frostia. Another excellent example from this kennel. Lovely type. Plenty of strength and substance but no mistaking her gender. Excellent head piece with dark, expressive eye. Excellent ears. Good conformation which comes together on the move. Lovely coat and condition.

3rd Ch. Tiksi Dancing Flame With Ashlantie.

VB. 1st Kalinski Dushka Maia. A 10 year old that belies her age. In great form, condition and coat. Excellent compact outline with solid body and good bone. Beautiful head with typical expression. Keen showgirl that gives her all for her handler. Free, easy mover.

2nd Ch. Zeelukzak Ice’N Glorious At Zakaytia. An excellent veteran who moves out so well. Appeals greatly in head, eye and expression. Good reach of neck, angulation both ends and well set-on tail. In good coat.

3rd Annecy Liquid Diamonds For Astrolya.

Darren Clarke (Judge)