• Show Date: 20/05/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Darren Clarke Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Scottish Kennel Club

Breed: German Shepherd Dog

The Scottish Kennel Club



PD. 1st Reyakosa Denzo. Well grown 10 month old. Pleases for height to length proportions. Good head having length, strength and balance of skull and muzzle. Dark almond eye. Moderate reach of neck. Good length and lay of shoulder. Good back and underline. Well angled rear. Low set tail of good length. Needs time to fully mature and generally fill his frame. Scopey side gait.

JD. 1st Finleric Lugo. Standing alone but a super young, masculine dog of great appeal. Excellent proportions both in head and body. Excellent eye and ear set, and carriage. Well angled front and rear. Strong bone and flexible pasterns. Good body. Gently sloping, firm back line. Lovely coat condition. Excellent tail set, length and carriage. Once settled, moved very well out and back. Excellent depth of stride from profile. Should have a good future.

PGD. 1st Esperanza Ezra. Masculine dog of pleasing size and outlook. Good outline with balanced body proportions. Very good head, strong skull, good length and strength to muzzle. Almond eye shape of good colour. Excellent ear set and carriage, used to enhance his expression. Good reach of neck. Nicely angled front, balanced with rear. Firm backline. Correct angle to croup. Moved with reach and drive from sound hocks.

2nd Draycore Kenneth. Close-up here. Slightly smaller built dog. Excellent outline on the stack. Super head, good reach of neck and overall balance. Well bodied and good chest. Firm topline. Strong, well muscled rear. Sound enough out and back, just needs to tighten a bit. Has a reasonable length of stride. Two very good dogs.

3rd Chapleforge Angus With Norwulf.

LD. 1st Wakematt Morty At Starkwill. Medium sized dog. Excellent outline with good body proportions, very slightly longer than high. Appeals in head and expressive, dark, almond eye. Uses his well set ears to advantage. Excellent reach of neck. Good depth of chest and general substance for his frame. Excellent length and lay of shoulder and corresponding upper arm. Maybe a bit steep in croup. Excellent rear angles. Low set tail of good length. Excellent side gait, covering the ground with ease and a lightness of gait. Super coat and condition. Should easily gain his title. Res CC.

2nd Equiside Nitro. Lovely dog. Liked his size and masculinity with nothing coarse or exaggerated. Excellent head piece. Dark eye of excellent shape. Reachy, strong neck. Good depth all through. Excellent conformation. Moved with some depth of stride, just needs to settle a touch in hock action. Another that deserves to carry his title.

3rd Starkherz Valko At Ceannard.

OD. 1st Wakematts Tako. Fully mature and really looking the part today. Masculine outlook, plenty of strength and sound breed type. Head is well proportioned, has strength and length and good balance between skull and muzzle. Good eye shape, mid brown in colour giving an alert expression. Excellent high ear set, used to full advantage. Muscular neck, plenty of length and some arch. Good length and angle of shoulder with corresponding upperarm. Deep chest. Well ribbed and good back and under line. Slightly sloping croup. Excellent rear angulation and strong sound hocks. Excellent tail set, length and carried low on the move. A really scopey side gait, sound out and back and in good coat and condition. Awarded him BIS at a breed Club show a while back, he is now even better. Pleased to award him a well deserved CC.

2nd Desjiem Van De Herdersfarm. Excellent dog from any angle. Excellent proportions with good length of leg, quality bone and excellent strength to pasterns and feet. Super head, moderate neck. Well developed chest. Good length and lay of shoulder. Excellent topline. Good croup and excellent rear. Moved out well, shows good freedom just not quite the forward reach of 1st. That said, he was close-up.

3rd Westerhaus Hiromi.

VD. 1st Ch. Surfstone Coolio For Windgunn. 10 year old masculine boy still on great form and carrying his age so well. Substantially built with good depth of chest, strong bone and good feet. Pleasing head, eye and ears. Excellent angles front and back. A bit longer in loin for ideal balance, just losing his topline at times but a sound mover in all directions and a credit to his owner. Steady showman giving a good account of himself.

SBD. 1st Lorgyle Arran. Masculine, substantial L/C of very good height to length proportions. Good head, dark, almond shape eye. Excellent ear set and carriage. Good neck. A bit forward in shoulder but has a reasonably laid upperarm. Firm backline. Strong loin. Good angle to croup. Moderate rear. In super coat and condition. Moved soundly and true, once settled.

2nd Rochelles Hawk Warrior. Another masculine L/C. Slightly longer in back for ideal proportions. Pleasing head and eye. Moderately, balanced angles. A touch narrow in front. Covers the ground with a long, easy stride.

GCD. 1st Paluka Valco. Strong and masculine L/C. Excellent outline on the stack. Super head, dark, expressive eye. Good reach of neck leading to a well angled front. Could have more depth of chest and strengthen slightly in pasterns. Good ribs. Excellent rear angles. Slightly sloping croup. Can tighten further out and back but has an excellent depth of stride from side gait. Lovely coat and condition.

2nd L. Arran.

MPB. 1st Wakematts Wiser. Really promising youngster. 8 months old and already very composed. Daughter of my CC winner today and shares many of his qualities. Excellent head, ideally proportioned. Super eye shape and colour. Excellent high ear set. Good reach and arch of neck. Good length and lay of shoulder. Understandably, at her age, still to develop further in depth of chest and generally body-up. Excellent back and underline. Good length and angle of croup. Well angled rear. Sound mover with a good depth of stride. Think she will have a great future. BP.

JB. 1st Suddick Brooke. Promising youngster. Pleasing overall shape and is well bodied for her age. Very good head, eye could be tighter but is dark and expressive. Excellent ears. Strong neck. Good overall conformation which was reflected in her reachy, balanced gait.

2nd Finleric Lucilla. Close-up and another of equal promise. Not quite as mature in body or chest as 1st. Super head and eye. Uses her ears to full advantage. Enough bone for her size. Good outline. Slightly sloping croup. Very sound in all directions.

3rd Mascani Shandor.

PGB. 1st Mascani Denva. Lovely, shapely young bitch. Loved her balanced outline. Feminine size but with enough bone and substance. Excellent head and outlook. Good neck. Super angles front and back. Excellent topline with slightly sloping croup. Low tai set and carriage. Very good feet. Excellent mover, covers the ground well.

2nd Norwulf Hands Off She’s Mine. Very slightly larger bitch but no mistaking her gender. Super head piece with a well shaped, almond dark eye. Moderate neck. Good body condition. Liked her length of leg and quality bone. Not quite the angles of 1st but a lovely bitch, nonetheless. Moved well, once settled.

3rd Vomzoarhoff Murron.

LB. Three super bitches here. 1st Charbonnel Tanzi. Ultra feminine and pleases greatly for size and soundness of type and outlook. Excellent head proportions. Good length and strength. Dark eye. Strong, reachy neck. Excellent front angles, strong bone and deep chest. Excellent back line. Well ribbed. Short, muscular loin. Well angled rear leading to the soundest of hocks. Moved true out and back, and a scopy side gait. In lovely coat and condition. Close-up in the challenge.

2nd Norwulf Yuki. A favourite of mine whom I awarded a Res CC as a youngster, great to see her fulfilling her earlier potential. Bigger built overall than 1st, but still very feminine in outlook. Super head, well balanced and expressive eye. Nicely set ears, used well at all times. Strong, reachy neck. Excellent conformation, balanced angles and in good body and muscle condition. Excellent bone and stands on good feet. Long tail, well set. Moved out well, once settled. One of a number today that would have benefited from a larger ring, I think.

3rd Nestview Dreamer.

OB. 1st Ch. Monksley Faye Savannah. For me, this super bitch has the ideal outline. Excellent proportions, some length of leg, balanced with her overall body shape. Feminine in outlook and of ideal size. Excellent head, plenty of strength but feminine. High set ears, used well at all times. Good reach and arch to neck. Deep chest. Strong, quality bone and very good feet. Excellent backline. Well ribbed with short, muscular loins. Good angle to croup leading to a low tail set. Excellent mover, very balanced and covering the ground well. Thought she really looked the part both on the stack and on the ‘go around’ Delighted to award her CC & BOB.

2nd Ir. Ch. Brineck Giselle. Strong bitch of good sound type. Fully mature and well bodied with good bone and shows strength and power. Lovely head, eye and ears. Reachy neck. Super angles. Maybe a bit long in loin but no denying her overall quality. Moved well enough out and back but really comes into her own from profile. For me, she epitomises GSD movement with a long, scopy stride. Would love to see her at full stretch in an outside ring but easily did enough here to take the Res CC in some excellent competition.

3rd Wakematts Hosta.

VB. 1st Kora Aus Famke’s Zaberwald. 8 year old just starting to show her age on the move. Good overall outline. Excellent head. Dark eye and good ear set, size and carriage. Very well made all through. Excellent body.

SBB. 1st Casiann Ate. Feminine but with good body and bone. Very good outline, relatively balanced with firm topline and good underline. Moderate angles. Moved out well, sound in all directions. Best Sp. Beg.

2nd Mascani Shandor. Very feminine bitch. Liked her overall outline and pleases for head, eye and ears. Needs time to mature in body and could have a touch more bone. Sound enough out and back. Good side gait.

GCB. 1st Int. Ch. Kintaro Lady Sansa Of Sannah. Lovely bitch. Appeals for her good outline and proportions. Feminine head, good length, balanced and has some strength. Good reach and arch of neck. Good lay of shoulder but a bit short in upperarm. Good movement from profile but can tighten-up out and back. Steady showgirl.

Darren Clarke (Judge)