• Show Date: 19/01/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Darren Clarke Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Manchester Dog Show Society

Breed: Finnish Lapphund

Manchester Ch Show 2023


Finnish Lapphund

PD. 1st Tabanyaruu Borealis Boo. Delightful 6 month old baby, full of bounce and enjoying his time in the ring. Excellent head shape with strength of muzzle and skull. Medium, thick, well set ears. Oval eye. Moderate neck. Chest developing well. Good outline. Moderate angles. Dense, well presented puppy coat. Moved very well, once settled. BP.

JD. 1st T. Borealis B.

PGD. 1st Limishka Vainamoinen. Masculine with a well balanced outline, some functional length of leg with quality bone. Good head proportions, well defined stop. Strong, shapely skull. Excellent eye and ears, used to advantage to enhance his typical expression. Mature body. Balanced angles. Thick, weather-proof, double coat. Well set-on tail. Brisk, sound mover.

2nd Morval Soturi. Appealing young dog that pleases for overall type. Slightly smaller overall than 1st and a touch shorter in leg. Very pleasing in both head and conformation. Stands on excellent feet. A keen showman that takes the eye. Sound in all directions. Beautifully presented coat.

3rd Infindigo Pohjoinen Joulu.

LD. 1st Kaijartuu Ihmissusi. I liked this masculine boy for excellent breed type and workmanlike outlook. A strong dog but in no way coarse. Good head shape, balanced with strength. Well shaped eye and correct ear set. Good reach of neck. Deep chest. Good height to length ratio. Well laid shoulder and return of upperarm. Good body. Moderate rear. Sound hock action. High set tail. Not quite as finished in coat on the day but a close contender.

OD. 1st Ch. Arianrhod Black Sun At Muzoku. A really eye-catching dog that is presented in immaculate form. Super head, excellent ear set, size and used well. Oval, dark eye giving a melting expression. Medium neck leading to a reasonable lay of shoulder. Deep, roomy chest. Correct ribbing and short, muscular, broad loin. Well angled rear. Good tail set. Moves briskly with a moderate stride from side gait and is absolutely sound. A top quality male that made a worthy CC winner.

VD. Ch. Marymead Muskateer. An attractive dog of great type. Belies his 11 years, proving how well the breed lasts. Great head, masculine and full of quality. Excellent conformation. Strong bone and correct, functional feet. In excellent coat and on top form. Moved with reach and drive and a moderate stride from side gait. Pushed hard in the challenge. Res CC & BV.

PGB. 1st Limishka Kareitar. This super bitch caught my eye upon entering the ring and on closer inspection didn’t disappoint in any way. Feminine, but has substance and quality bone. Lovely head and outlook. Uses her ears very well at all times. Medium neck, functional chest and mature in body. Moderate angles front and back. Great carriage on the move and very sound in all directions. Excellent coat, just right for density, texture and a colour and markings I love. Think she should easily gain her title on this form. Res CC.

2nd Gloria Notte At Linukoto. Another very good bitch, very slightly smaller overall than 1st. She appeals in head and body proportions. Slightly rounder in eye, but still keen and expressive. Ears of pleasing size and set. Good neck and overall front construction. Well bodied. Moderate rear and firm hocks. Holds her tail correctly on the move. Shows very well, moving out soundly. Good double coat.

LB, 1st Infindigo Sisko Suvi. Attractive bitch. Appeals greatly for size, balance and true breed type. Lovely head. Excellent ears and eye. Good conformation. Excellent bone and well furred, functional feet. Good body shape. Tail set a bit low but carried well on the move. In-between coats at present but what she has is of good quality. Moved with a medium stride from side gait, sound and true out and back. Steady showgirl.

OB. A super class, 4 excellent bitches here. 1st Ch. Ahulin Supina-Hew-21. An excellent bitch from any angle. Beautifully balanced all through. Loved her feminine size, outlook and typical head and expression. Well defined stop and has strength to muzzle and skull. Correct ear set, medium reach of neck leading to very good front angles and strong rear. Mature body, well ribbed and broad loins. High set tail, carried well. Not quite in full coat, but all quality with correct texture and functional. Impressive mover. Lovely Lappie temperament… a real showgirl. CC and BOB. Pleased to see her shortlisted in a quality Group.

2nd Ch. Kaijartuu Hopea Noita. Worthy Ch. of quality and excellent type. Lovely outline. Pleasing head, very feminine but still shapely and has strength. Good to go over on the stack with sound conformation. Mature in body with pleasing bone for her size. Not in full coat but an attractive colour and well presented. She moves out well, not quite the strength moving away but has sufficient reach and drive. High set and carried tail.

3rd Ch. Morval Helina Keiju.

Darren Clarke (Judge)