• Show Date: 11/06/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Darren Clarke Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

London Collie Club

Breed: Collie (Smooth)

London Collie Club


Smooth Collie

A lovely day judging Smooth Collies at the London Collie Club. I would like to thank the committee for the invitation, hospitality and lovely Judge’s gift and to the exhibitors for the excellent entry, the largest since Crufts, so I was told.

The quality overall was very good, and I was more than pleased with all my winners.

PD. Good class of promising pups to start the day.

 1st Wynele Strike It Rich To Lewarne. Cracking tri pup of 8 months. Excellent outline. Good head, long, blunt wedge shape. Well placed stop. Very good eye shape, dark and expressive. Excellent high set tipped ears. Good reach and arch of neck. Moderate angulation in front. Quality bone and good substance for his age. Muscular loins. Well angled rear. Moved with ease and freedom. Pleased to award him BPIB and delighted to watch him take BPIS.

2nd Wynele Silver Crusade. Blue merle litter sibling to 1st and quite similar for size, outline and general substance. Good colour and broken markings. Very good head, eye and ears. Sound conformation. Sound mover, covering the ground with a moderate stride.

3rd Blamorder Magic Maker With Freejack.

JD. 1st Coldelee Jupiter Rises With Blamorder. Very appealing tri. Still to mature fully all through but has a good head, typical eye and expression and uses his ears very well. Moderate neck. Ok in front. Correct topline. Strong rear. Moved very well in all directions.

2nd B Magic Maker With F. Lovely sable pup of 8 months. Liked his head proportions and excellent eye shape and colour. Good neck. Being a slightly bigger built, still needs time to drop in chest and generally fill out all through. Balanced angles. Very good mover. A promising pup.

3rd Moseliqa Proudfoot.

PGD. 1st C. Jupiter Rises With B.

LD. 1st Wynele Dressed To Thrill At Breckamore. What an excellent young tri this is. Balanced outline. Good wedge head with parallel planes. Eye shape and colour ok. Excellent ear set. Strong neck of good length. Excellent lay of shoulder and return of upperarm. Well developed chest. Holds his outline well at all times. Well angled rear. Excellent tail set and carriage. Moved with good reach and drive. Pushed hard in the challenge and pleased to award him Res CC.

2nd Blamorder Opulence At Himinnsaga. Bigger built blue merle. Excellent head, eye and uses his ears very well to enhance his expression. Excellent neck leading to a sound front. Good bone and feet. Strong rear. Pleasing mover.

3rd Constella Hazy Cosmic Jive. Completed a trio of excellent dogs.

OD. 1st Ch. Wynele Indian Ink. A classy tri that takes the eye with his nicely balanced outline and excellent head piece. Kind, almond shaped eye. Excellent tipped ears. Long, arched neck. Moderate angulation front and back. Just right for bone and stands on best feet. Good croup leading to a low set tail. In excellent coat, jet black coat with rich markings. Moved out well with enough reach and drive and completely sound. CC and BOB, thrilled to see him take BIS under Breed Specialist, Mrs Bev White. Congratulations!

2nd Coneypark Black Sabbath. Much larger dog overall than 1st, but is well balanced both in head and body proportions. Excellent eye and ears. A strong dog that is very well made all through which is reflected on the move, sound and true in all directions. Excellent showman who uses his ears to best advantage.

3rd Ch. Breckamore Peaky Blinder At Lyndaryn.

VD. 1st Ch/Multi Ch. Winter Is Coming To Tentola. Strong, masculine blue merle. A well marked dog that I have judged previously and his colour has improved over time to a clear silvery blue. Pleasing enough in head shape. Good eye. Well set ears. Muscular, reachy neck. Well angled front and back. Excellent depth of chest. Well bodied. Moved out well once settled. BVIB.

PB. 1st Celeste Uta Anyaru Of Lizoni. 11 month old blue. Well grown with typical outline. Pleasing enough in head. Good almond eye. Ears well set, just tipped. Good reach of neck. Moderate front. Good body and rear quarters. Moved very well.

JB. 1st Breckamore Believe It Or Not. Super young tri. Very feminine and of lovely size. Excellent head, correct shape with a well placed stop. Good eye shape, dark and expressive. Excellent ear set. Good conformation. Just needed a bit more body and coat on the day but is an excellent mover, covering the ground with a smooth, easy stride. Told after judging she is sitting on 2 CCs, I am sure her title isn’t far off.

2nd Coldelee Eternal Sunshine. Another promising youngster. Similar to 1st for size and conformation. Lovely head and eye. Sound enough on the move, just not the fluidity of 1st. Good double coat and well bodied.

PG. 1st Nuuk Saarskali Bila Kaifa Juniperwood. Mature tri. Liked her general substance all through and has good bone. Long, blunt wedge-shaped head. Very good eye. Strong neck. Deep chest. Good bone and sound conformation. Free mover.

2nd C. Eternal Sunshine.

LB. 1st Brackenhaye Queen Of Hearts Of Oakestelle. Loved this pretty tri for her feminine size combined with right amount of substance and bone for her frame. Beautiful head, eye and expression. Excellent high set, tipped ears used well. Very good neck leading to a moderately angled shoulder and return of upperam. Excellent topline. Well ribbed. Excellent rear angles. Low set tail of good length. In full, double coat of solid black colour and rich defined markings. Moved soundly in all directions, a medium stride and drives well from the rear. Excellent angle of croup leading to a low tail set and carriage. Pleased to award her the CC which completed her title. Congratulations!

2nd Oakestelle Asteria. Very good tri. Combines her femininity and substance very well. Appealing head shape. Not quite the pleasing eye of 1st. Excellent reach and arch of neck. Good conformation. Free mover with a correctly carried tail.

OB. 1st Ch. Brackenhaye Heart And Soul. Litter sister to CC winner and very similar in many ways. Equally good in head shape and ears. Not quite the eye shape but dark enough and expressive. Good reach and arch of neck. Just enough chest. Balanced angles front and back. Very free mover, plenty of scope and with reach and drive. Topped an excellent class and pushed hard in the challenge. Res CC.

2nd Ch. Breckamore Butterfingers. Another good tri. Liked her balanced outline and feminine size. Excellent head. Very good eye shape. Moderate neck. Good depth of chest for her size. Good front and rear angulation and stands on excellent feet. Moved soundly with a moderate depth of stride. Good croup and low carried tail.

3rd Brackenhaye Heartbreaker At Shandlmain.

VB. An Excellent class of quality veterans, liked all 4 here and close decisions.

1st Willowhurst Vanity. Excellent tri. Loved her substance and bone. Super head shape with an excellent well placed stop. Excellent eye shape and dark in colour. Good ears. So well put together which was reflected on her easy, free movement. Covers the ground well from profile, just a bit loose out and back. Lovely condition. Close-up for BV.

2nd Brackenhaye When We Dance. Loved her head and expression. Great type with balance all through. Excellent conformation and a pleasing mover. Very attentive to handler and looked the part. Good coat and condition.

3rd Seanna Serendipity.

Darren Clarke (Judge)