• Show Date: 02/06/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Darren Clarke Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Southern Bernese Mountain Dog Club

Breed: Bernese Mountain Dog

Southern Bernese Mountain Dog Club


Huge thanks to the Officers and Committee of the SBMDC for the opportunity to judge their Club Ch show.

The atmosphere around the ring was excellent and I would like to thank the exhibitors for the very good entry. I would also like to thank my 2 stewards, James and Adrian that kept things ticking along so efficiently.

Overall, the quality was very good. I thought both the dog and bitch line-ups were excellent with a number that could have taken a green card on another day. Open bitch class was a joy to judge with many excellent examples of the breed.

Generally, type and size were fairly even. Nearly all bites were good as was eye shape and colour. Perhaps a few could have a touch more reach of neck, but it was by no means an issue.

Heads were good, mostly well balanced and all showing strength to both skull and muzzle.

Conformation was very good as was movement and despite the rising heat on the day, they all performed well.

Thanks again to everyone involved, I really enjoyed my day.

VD. 1st Kernow Something Perfect. 7 year old dog in great form and condition. Excellent head showing strength, balance and correct stop. Moderate neck. Deep, roomy chest. Good height to length proportions. Excellent bone. Great body. Rich markings. Moved out well. BVIS.

2nd Flintas Kalnu Suo At Bernaroso. 10 year old dog. Masculine and strong dog, slightly longer in back than 1st. Pleasing enough in head but a touch deep in stop. Excellent neck, angles and sound on the move with an excellent depth of stride.

MPD. 1st Norburylou Karias Star. Well bodied youngster of 9 months. Pleasing for overall type. Head developing well, good shape and masculine. Good reach of neck. Excellent chest for his age. Strong bone. Needs to drop in the rear which will balance his outline further. Still to firm-up on the move but sound in all directions.

JD. 1st Fortonpark Tonyone. Super young dog. Excellent proportions. Medium sized and not overdone in anyway. Lovely head and eye, dark and expressive. Medium neck. Good angles front and back. Strong body. Excellent coat and colours. Strong, sound mover showing reach and drive from well let down hocks.

2nd Jaybiem Noah Fence. Close-up. Another excellent youngster. Liked his masculinity, type and strength all through. Shapely head with good strength to skull and muzzle. Almond eye shape and well set ears. Muscular neck but could have a bit more length here. Good front and rear. Well set tail. Moved with reach and drive. Excellent coat.

3rd Nelstephbern Me And My Boy With Shirdees.

GD. 1st Bernolli Dragon Heart At Bernannan. Very good dog of sound type. Super head with correct proportions and a well defined stop. Plenty of strength and power all through. Good neck and depth of chest. Excellent bone and tight feet. Good length and lay of shoulder and upper arm. Firm topline. Well angled rear. Tail set ok, but could be carried lower. Moved freely.

PGD. 1st Kernow Blue Mist. Smaller built dog but has plenty of bone and is well bodied. Excellent head. Expressive, almond eye. Strong neck. Good depth all through. Balanced angles. Good tail set and carried at an acceptable level. Moved very well. Thick, double coat with rich colours.

MLD. 1st Bobb Vom Durrbachler Wald. Strong, masculine dog that pleases for his type and general outlook. Excellent, well proportioned head. Eye could be a bit tighter but is dark and gives a soft expression. Plenty of strength all through but not coarse in anyway. Good reach of neck. Excellent front and rear angles. Thick, weatherproof coat. Rich, clear markings. Sound, free mover. Close-up in the challenge.

LD. 1st Jaybiem Only Making Plans. A really excellent dog from any angle. Medium sized, balanced and gives off a super outline, not overdone in any department. Strong head, muzzle and correct amount of stop. Dark eye. Muscular, reachy neck. Good bone. Excellent conformation that comes together on the move showing reach and drive and a moderate stride. Lovely coat, clear markings and rich colours. Pleased to award him Res CC in a quality entry.

2nd Tickbern Yardhand. Slightly larger than 1st and appeals for his strength and masculinity. Very good head and reach of neck. Excellent front. Topline a touch soft at times. Excellent body. Moderate rear angulation. Well set tail. Free mover. Good coat.

3rd Parwizz Vom Durrbachler Wald At Arvella.

OD. 1st Ch. Tjofselinas Chirac. Outstanding dog for type, balance and masculinity. Medium sized with no exaggeration. Excellent head shape showing strength to both skull and muzzle. Well set-on ears. Good eye. Strong, reachy neck. Deep chest. Excellent lay of shoulder and return of upperarm. Firm body and strong topline. Well angled quarters. A really super mover, covers the ground well with a good depth of stride, driving soundly from the rear and a nicely carried tail. Good coat, colours and condition. Just loved him and delighted to award him CC & BIS.

2nd Ch. Cullumbern Milano. Another worthy Ch. Excellent dog for type and strength. Super head. Moderate neck. Excellent bone and strong body. Good angulation front and back. In excellent coat. Moved well from profile and another that uses his rear to best advantage.

3rd Ch. Valentinn Vom Durrbachler Wald. Completed a trio of excellent, mature males.

Breeders D. 1st Jaybiem Modus Operandi. Another excellent example from this kennel. A strong dog of great type. Appeals in head proportions. Excellent neck. Deep, roomy chest. Excellent bone and tight feet. Well bodied. Muscular loins. Soundly made. Moved well in all directions but can tighten a touch coming towards. Good coat and condition.

PB. 1st Fortonpark Valentallina. An excellent puppy that must have a great future. Well grown with quality bone and good body. Head of good shape and developing well. Medium neck. Excellent chest for age. Firm topline. Short loins. Well angled rear. Sound, low hocks. Fabulous temperament. Moved with reach, drive and a moderate stride. BPB & BPIS. Best of luck with her.

2nd Rodiveco Siempre Regina. Fairly mature pup for her age. Very good head with excellent eye shape and expression. Moderate neck. Already has good depth of chest. Quality bone. Holds her outline well. Balanced angles. Easy mover, sound in all directions. Excellent coat and condition. Think she too will have a bright future.

3rd Rodiveco Dulce Mijenta Avec Bernbienaime.

JB. 1st Nelstephbern Dior By Design. Super youngster that appeals greatly in outline for her overall balance and excellent type. Excellent head, feminine but has strength and quality. Excellent reach of neck. Super chest with plenty of heartroom. Excellent topline. Strong loins. Good angulation. Excellent coat, colour and condition. Moved well enough out and back and covers the ground well from profile.

2nd Jaybiem Indi Fence. Another promising young bitch that also pleases for type, overall outline and excellent head. Slightly larger built than 1st and needs time to tighten further all round but she has much potential, is well made with good bone. Excellent markings with rich colours.

3rd Bernaroso Real Javelin.

NB. 1st Hastaa Vom Durrbachler Wald At Arvella. Smaller built bitch. Beautifully balanced all through. Appealing head and eye. Still to drop fully in chest but has plenty of time to do this. Good neck and shoulder but maybe a touch steep in upperarm. Excellent body, strength of loins and rear quarters. Lovely coat and condition. Sound mover in all directions. Carries her tail well.

2nd Bernarks Déjà vu. Slightly rangier built than 1st and not quite the balance of outline on the stack. Very good head and eye. Could have a bit more neck and angulation in front. Chest coming along well. Excellent body and coat. Good rear angulation. Lovely coat and condition. Moves out well and absolutely sound.

PGB. 1st Waldershelf Leading Lady. Medium sized and pleases for overall strength and body. Excellent head shape, strong and good strength to muzzle. Good overall conformation with excellent bone and stands on tight feet. Could perhaps have a touch more length of leg to balance her outline but she is of good type and moves very well in all directions. In full, double coat that was well presented.

2nd Tickbern Zonly One Of Me. Better height to length proportions than 1st but not and mature in chest or body. Super head, excellent shape and strength. Good neck. Balanced angles front and back. Holds her topline well at all times. Moved out well. Tail carriage ok. Good coat.

3rd Khaleesi Z Deikowej Doliny.

MLB. 1st Tjofselinas I Vana Tallin. Excellent bitch from the same kennel as the BIS winner today, so the type appealed greatly. Good head, strong with correct amount of stop. Good eye shape and colour. Strong reachy neck. Good depth all through. Excellent bone and feet. Topline a bit soft. Good front and rear. Excellent coat and condition. Good mover.

LB. 1st Waldershelf Gin And Tonic. Substantial bitch that gives off a well balanced outline. Pleasing head and expression. Medium neck. Very good shoulder and upperarm. Firm topline. Strong, short loins. Moderately angled rear. Firm hocks. Moved feely with a moderate stride from profile. Lovely coat, markings and rich colours.

2nd Kernow Goin Back To My Roots At Glamrock. Bigger bitch of excellent type. Good head with strength and quality. Correct stop. Good eye shape and colour. Strong, muscular neck. Deep chest. Good bone. Excellent topline and well bodied. Very good angles. Free mover. Lovely coat. Close decision.

3rd Meadowpark Dancin On My Own.

OB. Fabulous class, quality right down the line with good ones too going cardless.

1st Liskarn Love Of My Life. One of the youngest in the class at 2 years but absolute quality through and through. Feminine but with the right amount of body and bone. Head still to finish fully but is of excellent shape and balance. Expressive, almond eye and high ear set. Excellent reach of neck. Good depth of chest for her size. Well laid shoulder and return of upperarm. Firm topline. Short, muscular loins. Moderately angled rear. Correct tail set, length and carriage. Everything comes together on the move, sound out and back with an excellent side gait. In super coat, beautifully presented and looked a picture, gleaming with health in the sunshine. Pleased to award her the CC, her 1st. Good luck with her title.

2nd Ch. Nelstephbern Dior Foreva. Another excellent example of the breed. Mature and looks the part on the stack with her beautifully balanced outline. Plenty of substance and bone. Excellent head. Good neck, angulation and stands on tight feet. Lovely coat, markings and colours. Moved very well with a moderate stride and pleasing tail carriage. An absolutely worthy Ch. who fully deserved the Res CC in quality competition.

3rd Ch/Ir Ch Sennen Understandably Wicked At Senari.

Darren Clarke (Judge)