• Show Date: 08/07/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Darren Clarke Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

East Of England Agricultural Society

Breed: Bearded Collie

East of England Championship Show


Bearded Collie

MPD. 1st Aratika Dust From A Distant Sun. Really promising 8 month old pup to start the day. Standing alone but all quality and could easily hold his own in stronger competition. Delightful head, eye and expression. Moderate neck. Well angled front and back and well balanced all through. Holds his outline very well. Still rather loose on the move, as one would expect at this stage, but sound in all directions. Good puppy coat.

PD. 1st Kiltondale Heat OF The Night. At 11 months more mature all through and appeals greatly in outline and general outlook. Pleasing head, good strength to muzzle with a strong underjaw. Good reach and arch of neck. Developing well in depth of chest. Good lay of shoulder, strong bone, Firm topline and muscular loins. Excellent rear and low tail set and carriage. Moved out well. BPD.

JD. 1st Farmarens Like A Circus For Kiltondale. Top quality dark slate young dog and a future star in the making! Beautifully balanced outline, with ideal height to length proportions. Super head, masculine, square skull and complimented by a strong muzzle and underjaw. Good eye colour giving a melting expression. Long, reachy neck leading to a well laid shoulder and return of upperarm. Deep, roomy chest. Excellent ribs, correct shape and length. Good topline and short, strong loins. Excellent rear angulation. Low set, firm hocks. Excellent tail set, length and carriage. Super coat and condition and immaculate presentation. Moved with reach, plenty of drive and a scopey side gait. Completely filled my eye on the day and had no hesitation in awarding him the CC, his second, on this form his title can’t be far away.

2nd Potterdale Platnum Jubilee. Another super young dog and rather unlucky to come up against 1st on the day. Great type. Medium sized and appeals greatly for his balanced outline. Excellent head, moderate neck. Good angles. Excellent topline. Sound mover, driving off well from low hocks. Excellent tail carriage. Quality, double coat. Another with a great future.

3rd Sylvabrae Newtons Law.

YD. 1st S. Newtons Law. Stood 3rd in a good Junior class. Pleasing for type and outline. Very good head for shape, balance and strength. Moderately angled front and back. Firm topline. Moves very well, just not quite the extension of those above him today. Coat typical for age and should harshen further with maturity.

GD. 1st Saint Laurent De Chester At Caldermist. A very honest, workmanlike male. Masculine in outlook but not coarse in anyway. Good head shape, but still needs to finish fully. Super reach and arch of neck. Good front angles. Chest ok for age. Quality bone. Excellent ribs. Strong topline. Well angled rear. Good angle to croup leading to a low tail set. Scopey mover. Coat coming along well and of pleasing texture and colour.

PGD. 1st Tamjenta Bendelacreme. Strong, masculine dog. Good height to length ratio. Masculine head, shapely skull and good underjaw. Medium neck. Good chest. Well angled front. Excellent body and holds his outline well. Good rear. Low tail. Moved with reach, drive and covers the ground well. Excellent double coat.

2nd Dychix Never Ending Story. Plainer marked dark slate dog. Loved his functional type. Good head, muzzle and eye colour. Super reach of neck. Good conformation. Well ribbed. Firm, muscular loins. Just losing his topline at times. Excellent mover. In full coat of excellent texture. Low carried tail.

3rd Ragellie Tale Of Gold For Marsby.

LD. 1st Potterdale Heritage. Most attractive slate. Lovely type and proportions. Strong head and muzzle with some strength to underjaw. Good eye colour and expression. Reachy, arched neck. Deep chest. Good bone and ribs. Holds his topline firm enough. Short loin. Well angled quarters Excellent croup with low tail set and carriage. Excellent double coat, beautifully prepared. Scopey mover, plenty of reach and drive. Deserves to carry his title. Close-up in the challenge.

2nd Potterdale Gorgeous George. Another excellent example from this kennel. So very similar to 1st in type, size, outline and overall conformation. Excellent coat and condition. Covers the ground easily from profile, just not as settled going away today. Excellent tail carriage.

3rd Pepperjay Bartholomew. Completed a trio of excellent examples of the breed.

OD. Super class, quality right down the line. 1st Ch. Potterdale Andante. Eye catching for his outstanding breed type and bang-on proportions. Medium sized, masculine outlook and not exaggerated in anyway. Good head and muzzle. Long, reachy neck. Good length and lay of shoulder. Well developed chest and body. Holds his topline firm enough. Well angled rear leading to set low set hocks. Excellent tail set, carried low on the move. Took time to settle fully but once he did, moved out with plenty of reach and drive. Ideal length of stride from profile. Immaculate presentation. Took the Res CC in excellent company.

2nd Ch. Snowmead Shades Of Gray. Liked this blue boy since first seeing him as a youngster and he took the Res CC last time I judged. Still rate him very highly as he appeals greatly in outline, conformation and, as always from this kennel, beautifully turned out. Just preferred croup and tail set of 1st. Moved with reach, drive and an effortless gait. No disgrace being second today in this high quality class.

3rd Ch. Snikkles Swashbuckler.

VD. 1st Braemoray Loch Ranza At Clanwillow. 8 year old dark slate in excellent coat and condition. Medium sized, good strength all through and pleasing in head, eye and expression. Balanced angles front and rear. Tail set and carriage a bit high. Easy, free mover.

MPB. 4 promising youngsters here. 1st Sengalas Indiana Charm. Charm by name, charm by nature! Gorgeous pup of 8 months. Beautiful head, good eye with soft expression. Excellent reach of neck, front and rear angles. Well bodied and coated for her tender age. Excels on the move, particularly from side gait. Delightful cheeky temperament. Must have a cracking future. BPIB.

2nd Irisaddition Victorious With Ellishar. Another quality youngster. Loved her head and expression. Long neck into an excellent front assembly. Sound quarters. Moved very freely, just a bit proud of her tail. Lovely coat and presentation.

3rd Malandex Xpression Of Love.

PB. 1st There’s Something About De Chester At Snowmead. Very mature, feminine slate pup. Good head shape with some strength to muzzle. Excellent overall conformation and has good bone and correct ribs. Just needs to come up on her leg a touch to balance her outline. Very sound in all directions and has a good depth of stride. Quality junior coat and well handled.

2nd Kiltondale Hot Favourite For Marsby. Feminine pup. Pleases for size and function. Very good outline. Not as forward in body or depth of chest as 1st but shows equal promise. Good coat for age. Moved well, if a bit unsettled at times.

3rd Debbeacol Devoted To You.

JB. 1st Another Posh Frock At Sammara. Appeals instantly on the stack for her typical outlook and excellent breed type. Feminine but strong, shapely head. Good eye and soft expression. So well put together all through. Rather unsettled on the move at first, but did enough to show an easy, free stride. Excellent tail set and carriage. Carrying a heavy junior coat that is harsh, evening out in colour and beautifully presented. Must have a good future head.

2ND Winaria Winter Solstice For Mobuff. Plainer, workmanlike female. Excellent conformation and appeals in head. Not quite the maturity in body yet but she is well balanced, sound on the move, showing a good depth of stride and in pleasing coat of correct texture.

3rd Potterdale Royal Sapphire Of Atherleigh.

YB. 1st W. Winter Soltice For M.

2nd Beabeardies Treacle Toffee At Beardora. Very good example of the breed, pleasing for overall proportions. Strong skull, but could be stronger in muzzle. Moderate angles. Easy mover, coat changing at present but a harsh texture coming through. Steady showgirl.

NB. 1st K. Hot Favourite For M.

2nd I. Victorious With E.

GB. 1st Irisaddition Love Actually. This dark slate female appealed for her functional, workmanlike outlook. No mistaking her gender but has good bone, body and correct ribs. Good head shape. Medium neck leading to a nicely angled front. Holds her topline well. Muscular rear. Excellent mover and beautifully handled to bring out her best. Harsh, double coat, still to finish fully, well presented.

2nd Talraz Song Of Summer. Close-up. Well proportioned and very feminine but not compromising bone or strength of body. Lovely head and expression. Super angles. A bit soft in topline at times. Coat of good length and texture. Moved out freely with sufficient reach and drive.

3rd Heather Mist Miss Tillietudlem At Quothquan.

PGB. 1st Clovabrae Villanelle. Beautiful slate female. Liked her size and excellent outline. Strong head and muzzle. Good reach of neck. Excellent shoulder and upperarm. Just enough chest. Needs to body-up a bit. Muscular rear end. Good tail set. Really comes into her own on the move. Sound out and back and an excellent long, effortless stride. Quality double coat. Deserves to carry her title.

2nd Irisaddition She’s All That With Bridus. Another excellent female. Ideally combines strength and workmanlike outlook with a touch of glamour. Strong head and muzzle. Good eye colour. Medium neck. Moderate angulation. Short, muscular loin. Good angle to croup. Sound in all directions, just not quite the length of stride of 1st. Coat coming along well, excellent texture and presentation.

3rd Potterdale Eleanor Rose Of Tykesway.

LB. Cracking class. 1st Pipadene Xtra Hint Of Chili. Appealing greatly for type and size. Still looking relatively young for this class with regards to finish of coat, but she cannot be denied on her overall quality, sound conformation and true, economical movement. Beautiful head, eye and melting expression. Superbly handled and immaculate presentation. She will have a great future.

2nd Tybury’s Song Of Ice And Fire. More mature than 1st and looks the part on the stack. Excellent for type, size and strength all through. Excellent head shape. Very good neck. Balanced angulation. Moved well out and back. Impressive side gait. Quality, double coat.

3rd Memorylane More Than Words For Sengalas.

OB. 1st Ch Potterdale Precious Rose. Superb female that looked a picture on the day. Impressive outline with ideal height to length ratio. Beautiful head, strong skull and muzzle. Excellent reach and arch of neck. Well laid shoulder and return of upperam. Correctly shaped ribs. Holds her topline well enough. Short, muscular loins. Excellent rear angulation. Good angle of croup leading to a low set tail of good length. Short, firm hocks. An outstanding mover on the day, plenty of reach and drive without any exaggeration. Just floated around the ring. Beautiful coat, put down to the minute. Loved her. CC & BOB. On this form, I am sure there are many more to come.

2nd Roxilyn Take A Bow. Slightly smaller all through than 1st. Very feminine in head and expression. Excellent conformation, good front and rear quarters. In good double coat, not excessive and fits her outline well. Moved very well in all directions. Low tail carriage.

3rd Willowmead One Last Thyme With Ribbondale.

VB. Great class of veteran ladies. 1st Ch Subessen Blaze Of Fire. Gorgeous female at full maturity and looking super. Typical outline with an excellent coat. Good overall conformation. In excellent body and muscle tone. Kept her outline at all times. Covers the ground with the minimum of effort. No hesitation in awarding her the Res CC in excellent company. BVIB. Pleased to see her top the Pastoral Veteran Group and finish RBVIS, well done!

2nd Ch Luna De Chester At Kingswud. Close-up and full of quality and breed type. Liked her outline and matches 1st evenly for size, conformation and function. In excellent coat and condition. Moves out with plenty of reach and drive.

3rd Irisaddition Effie Trinket.

Special Beginners

1st I. Victorious With E.

2nd Ramsgrove Sunshine At Beabeardies. Fully mature and smaller built. Super coat and gives off a pleasing outline. Strong head, lovely eye, good neck. Moderate angles. Moved well once settled.

3rd B. Treacle Toffee At B.

Darren Clarke (Judge)