• Show Date: 26/05/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Darren Clarke Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Bath Canine Society

Breed: Briard

Bath Ch Show



VD. 1stCh. Jandade L’Butler. Lovely 10 year old black. Still looks the part with a typical, rugged outlook, strong and masculine. Superb head, excellent strength to skull and muzzle. Medium eye colour. Excellent reach and arch of neck. Nicely angled shoulder and return of upperarm. Good width and depth of chest. Topline ok. Excellent body condition. Moderate rear. Low tail set. Full, double coat of pleasing texture. Moved out well, reaches well in front and enough drive from the rear. Credit to his owner.

2nd Jandade Baloo L’Bear. Fairly similar to 1st for type and shape. Slightly smaller overall but has good bone and substance for his frame. Excellent outline. Super head, muzzle and good eye. Reachy neck. Pleasing angles and low tail set. Good depth of stride from profile. Moved ok out and back. Excellent coat and condition.

PGD. Three young dogs here, all quite different. 1st Stormfield Rufus Thomas For Charson. The most balanced in the class. Strong and masculine fawn. Appeals greatly in head and muzzle strength. Good eye. Large, typical nose. Moderate neck. A bit forward in shoulder but had a good length and lay of upperam. Chest developing well. Firm topline. Strong, short loins. Moderate rear angles. Tail set and carriage a bit high. In between coats but harsh texture. Excellent mover, sound out and back with a good length of stride from profile.

2nd Zweet Chilli Song Moravia Campanella At Stormymoon. Much to like with this young fawn. He has a very good outline on the stack. Excellent head proportions, masculine and developing well. Good reach and arch of neck. Good lay of shoulder but a bit short and upright in upperarm. Hold his topline strong and firm at all times. Well ribbed. Muscular loins. Excellent rear angulation leading to low set hocks. Good tail set and carriage. Moved very well with a pleasing depth of stride. Good coat.

3rd Fostebrie Just Exquisite Of Crakebrie.

LD. 1st Fostebrie Just Unique. Well balanced young fawn of medium size. Presents a pleasing outline on the stack and on the move. Good strength to skull and muzzle but could be a bit longer here. Good eye and expression. Medium neck. Moderate angles front and rear. Excellent topline. Firm, muscular loins. Excellent low set hocks. Good tail set and carriage. Coat at that ‘in-between’ stage but colour coming through and is of good texture. Moved very true out and back and moderate side gait.

2nd Jandade Reach For The Stars With Hartswelin. Black dog of medium size. Masculine and of pleasing type. Excellent head, strong and balanced with a strong, broad muzzle. Good reach and arch of neck. Good front angles and depth of chest for his size. Firm, level topline. Well bodied and good musctle tone. Moderate rear. Moved well in all directions but not the fluidity of 1st. Good coat, harsh and well presented.

3rd Arundall Mithra.

OD. Good class of mature, typical males. 1st Ch. Gilcoru Wolfblass D’Brie. Thought this strong, masculine fawn quite outstanding on the day. Excellent type, imposing but not overdone or coarse in any way. Excellent head, strong, square muzzle. Dark eye and typical large nose. Excellent reach and arch of neck. Good length and lay of shoulder and return of upperarm. Deep chest. Good ribs. Firm topline that he retains at all times. Broad, short loins. Excellent rear end. Low set and carried tail. Absolutely true out and back with the most impressive depth of stride from profile, covering the ground with ease. In full, harsh double coat. Beautifully presented and handled. CC & BOB. Looked fabulous in the Group to attain a worthy G4.

2nd Ch. Stormfield Baktu Our Roots To Barbureve. Another outstanding fawn, also at full maturity and looking an absolute picture. Strong head and muzzle of good length, balanced and typical. Large nose. Strong, reachy neck. Excellent chest. Balanced, moderate angles. A touch longer in loin but holds his topline well both on the stack and on the move. Good bone, body and muscle tone. Excellent coat, immaculately presented. Moved well out and back. Excellent side gait with correctly carried tail. Liked him as ayoungster and pleased to see he has matured into an excellent representative of the breed. Res CC.

3rd Ch. Charson Worth The Wait.

Special Beg. 1st F. Just Exquisite Of C. Black dog of good size and proportions. Strong head and muzzle. Good reach of neck. A bit narrow all through and needs time to finish in body and coat. Moved ok out and back, very good stride from side gait.

2nd Kastobrie Magical Dreamer. Feminine bitch of medium size. Good bone and body for her size. Excellent height to length proportions. Just needs to body-up which maturity should bring. Moved well in all directions. Good coat for texture and nicely presented.

3rd Jandade Precious Chanel.

VB. 1st Ch. Touslefell Hopes And Dreams. In unbelievably super condition for her 10 years. A fawn of superb type, conformation and colour. At the top end of the height scale but is well balanced all through and certainly no mistaking her gender. Liked her rugged outlook. Easy mover, covering the ground effortlessly. BVIB.

2nd Charson Back To Black At Debsbrie. Another excellent veteran. Also in super condition. Typical outline, feminine and has good substance and bone. Good head, muzzle and well made all through. Moved very well in all directions. Good coat, rugged and well presented. Close-up.

3rd Salieri Heaven Knows At Arundall.

PB. 1st Vivienne De L’arene Noire At Rozimba.Standing alone today but a quality black, well grown and of sound breed type. Pleases in outline. Well proportioned head, dark eye and strong muzzle. Moderate neck. Developing well in chest. Good bone. Firm topline. Well ribbed. Strong loins. Well angled rear. Low tail set. Still to tighten fully out and back but has a reasonable depth of stride. Lovely coat and presentation. BP. Should have a good future.

JB. Three promising young bitches here, length of stride from profile being the deciding factor.

1st Gilcoru Intuition D’Brie. Excellent black that appeals greatly for type, outline and feminine size. Head coming along well and nicely balanced with muzzle. Good reach of neck. Balanced angles. Excellent topline. Sound in all directions with a super tail carriage and excellent double coat. With a touch more confidence, will go straight to the top. Sympathetically handled.

2nd Chavell Bonjour Maisie, Rugged fawn that I have admired from ringside since seeing her as a puppy. Excellent breed type. Good head. Medium neck. Good body condition for her age. Moderate angles. Low set and carried tail. Moved with reach and drives off well from low set hocks. Another with a good future assured.

3rd Fostebrie Special Edition.

PGB. 1st Gilcoru Interlude D’Brie. Another lovely black from this kennel. Fitted to the type, size and outline that appeals. Excellent head and muzzle, Good eye colour. Moderate neck. Well developed chest. Good lay of shoulder and return of upperarm. Excellent topline. Short, muscular loins. Strong rear and low set hocks. In good coat and has a typical ‘rugged appearance’. Moved very soundly, covering the ground well. Her young handler did an excellent job. Close-up in the challenge.

2nd K. Magical Dreamer.

3rd J. Precious Chanel.

LB. An interesting but enjoyable class to sort. 1st Beaugency Bellini. Medium sized, feminine fawn. Very balanced in both head and outline being slightly longer than high. Medium neck. Good bone for her size. Excellent topline. Good angle to croup with low set tail and carriage with the desired ‘J’ Moved very well out and back. Good profile movement. Needs just a bit more maturity to fully finish. Good coat.

2nd Jandade Precious Blossom. Looks great on the stack. In fact, at first glance, thought she would be my winner. At full maturity with very good proportions. Good strength to skull and muzzle and large nose. Excellent reach and arch of neck. Well laid shoulder and corresponding upperarm. Deep chest. Holds her topline well enough. Moderate rear angles. Correct croup. Low tail set. Just carrying a bit too much weight which reflected in her performance on the day. Very sound mover, effortless stride.

3rd Stormfield Roisin.

OB. 1st Ch. Fostebrie Precious Hope. Excellent black that I have admired since judging her as a youngster. She is of an ideal size with bone and body to compliment her frame. Very good head and muzzle. Excellent eye and dark pigment. Good reach of neck leading to a well angled front. Functional, deep chest. Holds a firm topline. Short, strong loins. Excellent rear angulation and low hocks. Correct tail set, length and has a good ‘J’. Moved very well out and back but it is her profile movement that really takes the eye, she covers the ground with minimum effort and typical of the breed. Excellent coat. Delighted to award her the CC.

2nd Ch. Stormymoon Summer. Medium sized fawn of ideal balance. Feminine in outlook but has good depth all through. Good head shape with muzzle to compliment. Medium neck. Excellent topline. Balanced angulation both ends. Good coat and tail. Very sound in all directions, but could possibly put a bit more into it. Looked a picture on the stack and carries a worthy title. Res CC.

Darren Clarke (Judge)