• Show Date: 04/05/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Darren Clarke Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Birmingham Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Hungarian Pumi (Imp)

Birmingham National Dog Show


Hungarian Pumi

I love this breed and was pleased with the entry, both in quantity and, more importantly, quality. Overall, everything is on the right track and the future looks good. All temperaments were sound and all had the desired squarish outline. Mouths were excellent with strong, large teeth. Size still needs to unify further but as the standard calls for a medium sized dog, this will always create a fair variation, after all, how do we define medium size! As long as they are balanced and capable of doing a days work, these are the most important aspects in my opinion. Coats were good as was presentation.

PD. 1st Samhaven Spectre At Uffspring. Delightful 6 month old male. Bang-on for type. Excellent square outline. Correct head shape and proportions. Good eye. Good ears set, correctly tipped. Good conformation. Tail set could be slightly higher but is carried well. Coat just right for age. Moved well once settled. Lovely character and shows great promise. BP.

LD. Interesting class. 1st Mykabel Elkurud Schnaubern. This young dog appeals greatly for his compact shape and overall type. Long head, well proportioned with slight stop and strength to muzzle. Good eye and pigment for his colour. Correctly set, tipped ears. Medium neck. Correct bone. Firm backline. Moderately angulated. High tail. Coat coming along well. Needs to get his act together on the move a bit but is sound and has a correct length of stride.

2nd Paijkos Fine ‘N’ Dandy. This dog appeals for type and the desired square outline. Very good head and excellent pigment. Ears could be slightly better set. Moderate neck and angles. Excellent low set firm hocks. Rugged, shaggy coat of good texture. Moved very well, carrying his tail correctly.

3rd Csulli Come On Teddy.

OD. 1st Schnaubern Draco Star. An excellent headed dog with super eye and ears. Strong pigment. Muscular neck of medium length. Nicely angled front. Has some depth of chest without being too deep. Firm topline. Excellent short, muscular loins. Moderate rear. Moved with reach, drive and a relatively short stride. Excellent coat, sensibly presented. Close-up in the challenge, just pipped to the post by his Sire. RBD.

2nd Cseresznyeskerti-Csalfa-Zajos. An excellent Pumi of great breed type. Slightly smaller built but masculine with everything to like. Excellent head piece with eye and ears to compliment. Good to go over on the table with sound conformation. Excellent coat, rustic and good texture. Moved with a medium stride, true in all directions.

3rd Breezelyn Ear Sumut Special.

VD. 1st Int. Ch. Balthazar Pumida Avec Schnaubern. Super white dog who has been a great ambassador having all the essential type and qualities of the breed. Long head, with some strength to skull, muzzle and minimal stop. Pigment and eye colour ok for coat colour. Very good ear set, correctly tipped. Muscular neck. Balanced angles. Excellent shape, firm topline and short, strong loins. Excellent low set hocks. Moved out well with a short stride. Good coat, excellent presentation. How pleasing to see he is passing on his virtues to his progeny. BD & BOB.

2nd C. Csalfa. Z.

3rd Cuidado Xtra Xplorer At Kanetia.

JB. 1st Mykabel Electra Star. Full of Pumi personality, an excellent youngster that must have a great future. Good head shape, dark eye giving a mischievous expression. Excellent ears. Strong pigment. Moderate neck. Good front and rear. Short body with correct outline. Excellent tail set and carriage. Coat just right for age. Excellent mover. Well handled. RBB. Could have taken her home!

2nd. Zaydah I Kissed The Teacher. Another excellent youngster and another that has the correct square outline on the stack. Feminine, pleasing head shape with dark eye and good ears. Correct amount of neck. Excellent, moderate angles front and back. Excellent low set hocks. Moved well when settled. Coat a bit soft at the moment and could carry her tail to better advantage on the move, both should improve with age and confidence. Another with an assured future I am sure.

YB. 1st Breezelyn Ears A Breakthrou. Really appealing young bitch. Excellent type and shape. Very feminine in outlook. Correctly shaped head with enough strength to both skull and muzzle. Dark eye. Strong pigment. Well set and used, tipped ears. Good conformation and well balanced all through. Excellent tail set. Free, easy mover.

2nd Schnaubern Delphinus Star. Close-up. Slightly larger bitch of equally good shape and conformation. Lovely type. Excellent coat for age. Moved well enough, just a bit close going away. Tail set ok, but carried well on the move. These two will probably change places many times over their careers. Promising couple of bitches that bode well for the future.

LB. 1st Csulli Winter Solstice Moon. Very good bitch that appeals for her feminine size and outlook but doesn’t compromise on body or bone. Very good head and muzzle, has some length and a moderate stop. Good pigment. A touch short in neck. Balanced angles. Well developed depth of chest. Firm back line and short loin. Coat a bit soft but presented well. Sound mover in all directions.

OB. A good class to sort. 1st Ceridwen Pumida Schnaubern. Excellent for type, outline and size. Has good substance and bone for her structure. Nothing exaggerated and very appealing. Excellent head, eye and pigment. Muscular neck of medium length. Nicely angled shoulder and return of upperarm. Firm topline. Moderate rear. Excellent tail set. Rugged coat of excellent texture, density and fits her outline. Moved very well from profile, sound out and back. BB.

2nd Napos Kuvik At Zaydah. Bigger built bitch but still within standard and is a pleasing shape. Excellent head, good length, strength and balance. Good eye shape and colour. Ears set well but could be used to better advantage. Excellent conformation. Very sound on the move. Functional coat, good texture and compliments her outline.

3rd Csulli Christmas Candy.

Darren Clarke (Judge).