• Show Date: 20/05/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Darren Clarke Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Scottish Kennel Club

Breed: Australian Shepherd

The Scottish Kennel Club


Australian Shepherd

PD. 1st Chalksville Strike A Deal With Kashaella. 8 month old black tri. Mature in body and well grown for his age. Pleasing head and almond eye. A bit short in neck. Moderate angles front and back. Holds his outline well on the move. Sound in all directions holding a firm toline. Well handled and in good double coat.

2nd Lamintone For The Drive At Applecreek. Another pleasing black tri. Slightly smaller than 1st but balanced all through with a pleasing head and sound conformation. Needs a touch more confidence and can tighten further out and back, at 8 months has plenty of time. Good profile action with a medium stride. Good coat and condition.

3rd. Louiston Never Ending Story.

JD. Norcis Slippery Jack. A really super dog of great appeal. Red merle of striking rich colours and well broken markings. Very balanced all through. Lovely head with strength to skull, muzzle and a moderate stop. Good eye shape and ear set and carriage. Moderate neck. Good angles front and back. Excellent ribs. Moved very well out, back and from profile. Excellent coat and presentation. Close-up in the challenge. Must have a good future.

2nd Northbay Xsells Can’t B’LeafMy I’s. Medium sized young blue merle. Pleasing outline on the stack. Good head, shapely skull, moderate stop. A bit long in muzzle. Muscular neck of medium length. Well developed chest. Firm topline. Strong, short loins. Well angled rear. Moved around the ring soundly and with drive. Good coat for texture, density and colour. Superbly handled.

3rd Winstead Brave New World.

PGD. 1st Chalksville Azrael At Kashaella. Masculine dog of moderate proportions. Excellent head, shows strength and balance and the right amount of stop. Strong neck. Excellent deep chest. Quality bone and oval, tight feet. Holds a good topline at all times. Scopey mover, very sound and uses his hocks well. Good coat.

2nd Caronlea Celtic Fire Starter For Takhisis. Medium sized dog. Liked his masculine outlook and sound type. Pleasing enough head properties. Strong neck of medium length. Excellent depth of chest and in good body and coat condition. A bit long in loin and consequently needs to firm up a bit in topline. Good angulation both ends that allows him to really move out with a sound, easy stride. Well presented.

3rd Louiston Whispered A Storm At Norcis.

LD. 1st Birkcross You Blu Me Away. Lovely blue merle that takes the eye for his excellent breed type and masculinity. Well balanced head, with shapely skull and correct stop. Almond eye shape. Excellent ear set, size and carriage. Excellent reach of neck with some arch. Good lay of shoulder and return of upperarm. Strong, but not too heavy bone. Tight oval feet. Superb topline, which he holds firm both on the stack and on the move. A touch long in loin but firm and muscular here. Strong rear. Super mover, covering the ground with a medium stride and plenty of drive. In excellent coat, well presented and worked well with his handler. Overall, a very pleasing young dog and worthy winner of the Res CC.

2nd AussiePride Veni Vedi Vici At Shloyan. Close-up for type, make and shape. Slightly smaller all through. Good head, masculine with quality and no hint of coarsness. Moderate neck. Good angles and well balanced in outline. Excellent body condition and in good coat of good colour and well presented. Excellent profile gait and sound coming towards, just a touch close going away. Excellent handling.

3rd Shulune Never Say Never.

OD. 1st Ch. Brighttouch Drift The Line Through Dialynne. A real quality Blue merle Aussie that stands away for his excellent balanced outline. Beautiful head, correct stop with strength to muzzle and skull. Correct almond eye shape. Excellent ear set, size and used to full advantage. Medium reach of neck. Deep, functional chest. Quality bone and stands on tight, oval feet. Firm topline, short, strong loins. Excellent rear angles and strong, low set hocks. Covers the ground as his conformation dictates, absolutely sound and true in all directions. Excellent coat for texture, colours and presentation. Handler gets every inch out of him and was pleased to award him CC and BOB. Delighted to see him top a quality Pastoral Group. Congratulations!

2nd Allmark One For The Road With Alfsden. Very good black tri in excellent coat, mature and on form. Liked his height to length proportions and pleases for type and function. Good head, masculine and balanced. Strong neck. Good depth and substance all through. Moderate angles. Moves out true and soundly.

3rd Damani Dream Give Me Five At Milwyr.

VD. 1st Jack To A King Des Terres De Khairyaca. Standing alone but what a super moving veteran this tri boy is. Up to size, strong, masculine and quite workmanlike in outlook. Good head proportions. Excellent reach and arch of neck. Mature body. Topline a bit soft at times. Moderate rear. Super coat and condition.

SBD. 1st L. For The Drive At A.

2nd Glamour Aussie’s Easy Rider Jicarilla. Strong, masculine dog. Very good overall outline and has plenty of substance and bone for his frame. Pleasing head. Strong neck. Good deep chest. Topline ok. Good front angles and well muscled rear but could have a touch more bend of stifle. Good double coat of excellent colour. Moved very freely in all directions.

GCD. 1st G. Aussie’s Easy Rider J.

2nd Glamour Aussie’s Addicted To You. Red tri. Similar to 1st for size, substance and outline. Strong head, perhaps a bit deep in stop. Excellent neck. Good depth all through. Pleasing front angles. Firm body. Moderate rear. Moved well from profile. Functional double coat of good colour.

PB. Good class of promising babies. Nothing wrong with any of them, placings dictated by their stage in development. 1st Dialynne Heist Society. Quite a special black tri approaching a year old. Loved her size and excellent balance all through. Good head shape with moderate stop. Good eye shape with keen expression. Medium neck. Excellent angles front and back. Excellent body for her age. Super mover, really uses her hocks to drive around the ring. In lovely coat and condition. BP. Think she will have a great future.

2nd Trust In You Baby Of Blue Rimrock With Donurie Be. Just 6 months. Another promising black tri. Loved her femininity and balanced outline. Excellent head shape with moderate neck and good overall conformation. Not the maturity of 1st, still needing to drop in chest and generally tighten on the move but she has time, very sound and gave an accomplished performance for one so young. Lovely puppy coat, well presented and sympathetically handled.

3rd Louiston Defying Gravity with Karensbrae.

JB. 1st Norcis Summer Truffle. Ultra feminine red merle. So well balanced with good height to length body proportions. Excellent head, muzzle and moderate stop. Good eye shape and ear set. Excellent neck leading to a nicely laid shoulder. Strong bone for her size. Good body. Short loins. Moderately angled rear. Sound, low hocks. Good double coat of rich, well broken colour. Moves out with reach and drive.

2nd L. Defying Gravity With K. Stood 3rd in a good Puppy class. Keen showgirl that gives 100% for her handler. Lovely head and eye. Ear set a touch high. Excellent neck and angles. Good body for her age. Still to firm-up a bit in topline. Excellent mover, covering the ground well. With a bit more time and maturity has all the essentials to have a great future. Good coat.

PGB. Two super bitches here. Slightly different for type but both absolutely correct and could easily change places on another day. 1st Norcis Dusky Disco. Won here for her femininity and well balanced head and outline. Pleases for type with good substance and bone for her size. Medium neck. Moderate angles front and back. Soundeast of hocks and excellent feet. Firm topline. Easy, free mover.

2nd Talard She’s Got The Look. Beautiful blue merle. Has a great outline on the stack. Excellent head. Muscular neck leading to a well angled front. Excellent bone and oval feet. Strong body. Powerful rear but could have a touch more angulation to balance with front. Excellent coat for colour and presentation. Moved out very well and handled to give her best. Close call.

LB. 1st Rosschell Maid Of Crystal. Bigger built bitch of good type. Workmanlike in outlook. Good head shape and properties. Excellent neck. Good lay of shoulder but a bit steep in upperarm. Holds her topline ok. Strong body. Well angled rear. A touch unsettled but did enough to show her sound, easy movement, particularly pleasing from profile. Good coat for texture and colours. Sympathetically handled.

2nd Allmark On One Hand With Alfsden. Appeals greatly for type and outline. Excellent head, muzzle and moderate stop. Good eye. Medium neck. Very well made all through with deep chest, strong bone and good feet. Carrying a bit too much weight but she is a honest bitch that has a sound, moderate stride and presented in immaculate coat.

OB. A hotly contested class. 1st Caronlea Tequila Sunrise. Loved this red merle bitch for her feminine size and well balanced outline. Excellent head. Good reach of neck. Well laid shoulder and return of upperarm. Good bone for her size. Enough chest but at 2 years should develop further. Excellent body. Short, muscular loins. Excellent rear angulation. Super mover from profile, covers the ground with a medium stride and sound in all directions. Lovely coat. Well broken markings and rich colours. In the challenge for BOB, thought they looked a super pair of Aussies that pleased me greatly. CC, her 2nd, good luck with her title.

2nd Stonepine Written In The Stars For Dialynne. Lovely black tri. Similar in size and femininity to 1st. Shapely, feminine head. Good neck. Moderate angles. Functional chest for her size. Super body and coat. Moved soundly and true coming and going. Correct side gait. Nothing exaggerated, just a functional, sound Aussie of excellent type. Excellent handling and presentation.

3rd Wispafete Belongs To Music.

VB. 1st Rannaleroch Chilaca At Applecreek. Substantial blue/m of 8 years. Strong skull and muzzle but could be a touch shorter. Nicely set ears, used well to enhance her expression. Medium neck. Excellent depth of chest. Well laid shoulder and upperarm. Still holding her topline well. Excellent body. Good rear. Sound mover. Good coat.

SBB. 1st R. Chilaca At A.

Darren Clarke (Judge)