• Show Date: 28/08/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Daniela Tranquada Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 19/09/2023

Driffield Championship Dog Show

Breed: Lagotto Romagnolo

Driffield Championship Dog Show

28th August 2023

Lagotto Romagnolo

I was delighted with my well supported entry. Thank you.

PD (4, 1a): 1 RBD Willy’s All I Wanted Labando (Imp), brown roan of 8 months & the most together at this stage even though still a baby. Lovely nature, attentive to handler with appealing expression. Presents a nice outline when stood – compact, correct through the front with oval bone through the forearms, correct ribbing, turn of stifle & tailset, moved co-ordinately, bristly visible guard hairs on coat; 2 Blunden’s Mikette Aye Aye Captain, orange & white of 11 months, more mature, masculine & liked his type, moved well off strong rear pasterns, woolly texture to coat. Not as self-assured as 1 but very well handled; 3 Bell’s Granaio Dei Malatesta Dick Dastardly of Pendlebriar (Imp).

JD (1): 1 Willott’s Arcticbreeze On Vacation, brown roan of just 6 months, appeals in head with open nostrils & correct head proportions. Relatively short neck into shoulders, strong topline, in good muscular condition & woolly coat.

OD (3, 1a): 1 BD Whittick’s Arcticbreeze Turbulence at Allsong, brown & white of 3 years, creates a compact appearance when standing, appealing head with lips forming a wide semi-circle, short powerful neck, correct topline, well-muscled quarters, bristly visible guard hairs on coat. The gentle slope/angle of his croup could be a little better which would improve his tail carriage; 2 Benelli’s Il Granaio dei Malatesta Rublo, rangier & not as compact as 1 in body, however, he had the correct leg to body depth ratios & was balanced & in proportion. Lovely temperament, intelligent expression with moderately broad skull, he moved well & looks muscular & powerful. Preferred the curl of coat on 1.

VB (1): 1 RBB, BV & BVG3 Gilder & Blunden’s Fullforge Free Horizons con Mikette ShCM, alone, but what a lovely brown & white girl of 8 years, correct leg to depth of body ratio & topline, attractive head & kindness in the eyes which are not too close together, moved with verve.

PB (3, 1a): 1 BP Blunden’s Mikette Autumnal Equinox, brown roan of 11 months, correct leg to body proportions, good rear angulation, correct topline, bristly visible guard hairs on coat, correct ribbing, lovely quality & well handled; 2 Tanner & Kirkham’s Arcticbreeze Smile And Wave, sweet brown roan bitch of 6 months, smaller set, correct topline & rear angulation, little more slope/angle to croup would be better as tail carriage can be a little distracting.

JB (2): 1 Mort’s Arcticbreeze Keep It Legal, brown & white, won this class on movement, very raw & still only 6 months. Relatively short neck & rather narrow through the front. Lovely shape, compact with good underline. Even still very much a baby, she certainly rocked her performance. She moved off with precision & the confidence of a much wiser dog – made me smile; 2 Whittick’s Allsong Nuova Luna, white bitch, much more mature at nearly 18 months, open nostrils, brisket down to elbow, correct texture to coat. Her rear movement could be better with more strength through the rear pasterns.

PGB (2, 1a): 1 Mort’s Arcticbreeze Truth Or Dare, compact in appearance, lovely open nostrils, correct head proportions & topline, good rear angulation & good coat. Drove around the ring well. Tailset is a little low.

OB (4, 2a): 1 BB & BOB Mort’s Arcticbreeze One And Only, brown & white bitch of not quite 2 years, stand out winner, lovely head properties with lips forming a wide semi-circle, endearing eye, correct leg to body proportions, rather narrow through the front, woolly coat rough to the touch, correct topline, good angulation, moved really well. I thought her just so very sound & balanced. Nothing exaggerated, most typical for type & looks fit for purpose. A real sweetie also; 2 Whittick’s Moonreed Warbler at Allsong, orange & white of 5 ½ years, lovely dense coat with good curls, brisket down to elbow, correct rear angulation. Slightly longer cast than 1.