• Show Date: 03/06/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Daniela Tranquada Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Southern Counties Canine Association

Breed: Retriever (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling)

Southern Counties, 3rd June 2023

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers

I was absolutely delighted with my entry of 37 Tollers and no absentees – thank you for your support. What a lovely welcoming crowd you all are; very supportive of your breed and each other which is lovely to see and hear.

PGD (8): 1 Dorrell’s Tollisty Moet En Chandon JW, stood out in this class for he is very together, balanced & sound. Nice to go over, alert expression, deep chest, masculine with good bone, holds his topline well & presents a nice outline standing with good angles fore & aft. Once he gets going, he moves with power & has good strength through his rear pasterns. His handler is very in tune with him & quite clearly has a good rapport with her charge. In very good condition. Son of BB; 2 Elkin’s Tollelkin Dream Harbour JW, eye-catching on the move going around in profile with a level topline & well feathered tail carried well. He shows well & is smart, with good balance & correct angles fore & aft, good muscle tone & well handled; 3 Head’s Spriterufus Tarantella.

LD (3): Very close decision between 1 & 2. 1 Nevers’ Tollelkin Dream Cove at Sheldrake JW, good outline with correct level topline, balanced angles fore & aft, nice forechest & ribbing, moved & handled well; 2 Strevens’ Tollisty You Can't Decline, very anatomically sound, good depth of brisket with good ribbing, tight elbows to the chest wall, correct turn of stifle, in good body & coat condition. Just a little more reserved & not as confident in performance as 1; 3 Hassan’s Cretshengan Sky Blu at Ferryfern.

OD (3): 1 BD & BOB Elkin’s Ch Tollelkin Caife Americano SGWC ShCEx, very smart boy, eye-catching standing & moving, very sound throughout. Handsome slight wedge shaped head with good open nostrils, tight round feet, strong through the neck into well laid shoulders, good return of upperarm, strong over the loin, well-muscled thighs, in good body & coat condition with well feathered tail held correctly. Moved out with great power. Son of RBD & BV; 2 Wakely’s Riverwatcher Kaviksuk, really good mover of 9 years with great power, good bone, level topline, good spring of rib, correct double coat, very sound & strong through the rear pasterns; 3 Ryder’s Arthundur Dream Come True.

SpBeginners Dog (4): 1 Best Special Beginner T Moet En Chandon JW; 2 S Tarantella, very smart male, lovely ribbing & good topline, good bone for size, lovely tight feet, moved well. Very soundly made, nothing overdone. Dog & handler make a great team; 3 Salmon’s Acadiabyrne Tibetan Coral.

V (6): 1 RBD & BV Strevens’ Sh Ch Erikachen Conaire at Tollisty JW ShCM ShCEx VW, 8 years, I thought him to be eye-catching & very well made. Appeals in head, handsome, slight wedge shape, well set triangular ears, open nostrils, strong neck into well laid shoulders, masculine with good strength through the forearms, taut through the loin, in good muscle & coat condition, moved parallel with good strength & tail held well. Very close decision between him & his son for BD – youth had it today; 2 Dee’s Melanitta Carelinus, 8 years, very soundly made & moves very well, good neck into shoulders, strong through the forearms, correct topline & with good angles. Not as well turned out as 1 but he is well made & that’s what’s important; 3 Elkin’s Tollelkin Water Dancer.

GCDS (5): 1 M Carelinus; 2 Rolf & Parker’s Tollpepper Echo’s Hope for Skysaria, bitch of nearly 3 years, level topline, taut through the loin, good turn of stifle with well-muscled thighs. Preferred rear movement & front of 1; 3 Phelps’ Redfoxtor Blystra Bay.

SpBeginners Bitch (2): 1 T Echo’s Hope for Skysaria; 2 Anstead Kindell’s Eusanit Pride And Joy, nice quality pup, a little un co-operative in this class with her playful nature which was endearing - at one point she showed me her moderate tuck up - belly side up & we had good belly rubs! Pretty head with good wedge shape head & open nostrils, good front, topline & moved well once she got going. Very promising.

PB (2): 1 BP E Pride And Joy; 2 Akehurst’s Oryxes Allure Of The Trees at Ripplerush (Imp Can), nice bitch, good rear angulation with strong rear pasterns. Needs to fill out through the front & not as good on the move as 1.

JB (2): 1 RBB &BJ Trickett’s Cfyre's High Tea at Tollpepper JW (Imp Can), this is an eye-catching bitch of only 18 months - her & her handler have a great rapport. Pretty head, flat cheeks with moderate stop & alert expression, good bone for size, lovely forechest, correct ribbing & rear angles, very sound. Looks lovely standing & going around the ring. In good body & coat condition with good feathered tail held well. Nothing exaggerated – just very sound. Fun times ahead & one to watch for sure; 2 E Pride And Joy.

PGB (7): Litter sisters in 1 & 2 & very close decision with similar attributes: 1 Elkin’s Tollelkin Dream Dancer JW, good bone for size, strong neck, well balanced in appearance with good angles front & back, moved out well & in good body & coat condition & definition to her thighs. It was very difficult to pick between them, just won on slightly better movement going away through the rear pasterns than 2 Andrews’ Tollelkin Dream Spring at Jemmatee, also very nice with good topline & ribbing, looks good standing & is very similar to 1 so same comments apply. Very well handled & good rapport; 3 Smith’s Tollisty Couldn't Careless.

LB (4): Litter sisters in 1 & 2. BB Smith’s Tivalake Anything Goes at Tollisty JW, nothing exaggerated, just very compact & soundly made, tidy feet, strong neck into well laid shoulders, good angulation fore & aft, taut over the loin with level topline. She is parallel on the move with good muscle tone & a good feathered tail carried well. Just very sound & nothing overdone, standing on tight feet. Well handled. Sired by the RBD; 2 Nevers’ Tivalake Easy To Love at Sheldrake, pretty head with moderate stop & open nostrils, very smart & well handled, lovely front assembly, good spring of rib. 1 slightly better through the rear pasterns on the move; 3 Watton’s Tasarla Moon River.

OB (6): 1 Anstead’s Sh Ch Riverwatcher Koda, stands out for quality, pretty head with moderate stop, correct ear set, lovely balanced outline with good level topline, strength through the forearms, brisket down to elbow & tight elbows, good turn of stifle & moved well. Just a little heavy over the shoulders today which was a great shame as I liked her a lot; 2 T Easy To Love at Sheldrake; 3 Hunt’s Wakaduze Wapa.