• Show Date: 01/07/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Daniela Tranquada Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Windsor Dog Show Society

Breed: Weimaraner

Windsor Championship Dog Show

1 July 2023


Special Beginner D/B (3): 1 Dobbs’ Kalimor Summa Love, quality bitch with good height to length body ratios, nice to go over, lovely forechest, clean neck into shoulders, good bone & substance, excellent ribbing, good angulation, moved co-ordinately. She went very well in the Special Beginners Group; 2 Jennings’ Wallaroo Romeo, stacks up well, appeals in head, brisket down to elbow, correct length of body, fits tightly in his skin. Needs to fill out through the front & settle on the move but at only 13 months this will come; 3 Heuston’s Parhelis Corrino.

MPD (1): 1 CC & BP Charlish’s Gunalt The Hangover, what an absolutely beautiful dog & at just 6 months he is all there. He catches your eye straight away for he has the correct body proportions with a clean cut outline & balanced angles fore & aft. He holds a level topline – no deviations or humps or bumps – he flows. On examination, he has lovely strong bone through the forearms & is definitely a boy. His head properties are balanced with good depth of flew, clean through the neck with excellent front assembly, tight elbows close to the chest wall & good layback of shoulder, strong rear with correct bend of stifle through to vertical rear pasterns. He demonstrated good movement, even if at times it was a playful gallop. He is very anatomically sound throughout & is sheer quality. On top of this, he has a lovely friendly & confident disposition, which meant he held himself with great posture which in turn gave him presence & he is ably presented by his handler. I couldn’t take my eyes off him, I just loved him & I think many a judge will. I had no hesitation in awarding him the CC.

JD (3, 1a): 1 Suett’s Silberliss Peckham Pouncer, on first appearances he is all legs like a teenager but when his handler gets him into his stack, he has a good outline with correct length of body & clean topline. He has good depth of flew, strength of bone & correct rear angles. He needs time as he has to fill out through the front & have more width here; 2 W Romeo.

YD (1): 1 Hillen’s Britmans Auriol, medium size male, beautiful amber eyes & lovely pigment around the rims & nose, tight feet & in super fit condition. He is a little short in body & I would prefer more angulation in his rear.

PGD (3): 1 Martin’s Deifstock Déjà vu for Teufel JW, appeals standing with a level topline, he is quite thickly set & I would like more elegance, but he is sound with everything facing forward, good feet, ribbing & rear angles. He moved the best in the class; 2 B Auriol; 3 P Corrino.

LD (2): 1 Richardson’s Cheyenn Makeeta, this is a lovely quality longhaired male, he is so very sound & has good bone for his size – he definitely is all boy & on his toes. I love his head, very aristocratic with lovely depth of flew & good pigment, strong through the forearms, clean level topline, good bend of stifle, lovely defined muscles across the thighs. He takes two steps to get into his stride but when he does he is ground covering & true. His pedigree is very interesting & the lines should be utilised. He very much deserves this entry into the Stud Book; 2 Ward’s Akwamar Moonstruck, rangy male with good length of body & on side view has a good outline carrying a level topline. Lovely pigmentation across the nose & eyes, clean neck, good bend of stifle. He is a little straight in upperarm & needs a little more forechest.

OD (3, 1 a): 1 RCC Kerr’s Sh Ch Kalimor Hudson, upstanding stallion of a male, mature & appeals both standing & moving, good bone for size, clean neck into well laid shoulders, tight at the elbows, good spring of rib, correct turn of stifle. He looks great stacked & came alive on the move. He very much deserves his title & certainly looked the stately aristocrat here. He is in his prime now & I don’t think I have seen him look better standing or moving; 2 Mutlow’s Braefell Goshawk JW, medium sized male, good bone, correct length of body, brisket down to elbow, in lovely muscled condition & taut through the loin with well-muscled thighs. Moved co-ordinately but is not so streamlined as 1 through the topline.

GCD (1): 1 C Makeeta.

JB (5, 1a): 1 Caffrey’s Dianas Argentum Danika at Weidovan, won this class on her super outline with correct height to length proportions, level topline & balanced front & rear angles. Appeals in head with good depth of flew, clean neck, well laid shoulders, level topline, taut throughout her body with well-muscled thighs. She appears to be a headstrong bitch & shoots off on the move at great speed, ahead of her handler & at times this affected the carriage of her legs & even her tail. It is more about excitability than anatomical. She needs to steady & move alongside her handler in perfect harmony where everything just flows at a steady pace – get this right in time [she is just 15 months] & it will make all the difference; 2 Knight’s Wallaroo Sweet Caroline, I thought this was a lovely bitch, she has good body ratios with good bone & substance whilst retaining femininity. She also moved well. Handler needs a little more training with her charge to make the best of her; 3 Suett’s Silberliss Saucy Mare.

YB (3, 1a): 1 Morris’ Kalimor Dottie JW, lovely quality bitch & very like her sister who won Special Beginners. Appeals in outline, lovely to go over, nice bone & substance, beautiful feet, brisket down to elbow, ribs extend well back, correct bend of stifle with well-defined muscled thighs. Moved well; 2 Wood’s Stormdancer Plum Pudding, I really felt for the owner of this lovely bitch. She barely made her previous class & was flustered & unsettled as they ran hurriedly into the ring. She is very eye catching in outline, looks polished with clean flowing lines, good bone, ribbing & rear angles. In the Junior Class, she was moved by another handler & she moved with the force of 100 horses. In this class she paced. Handler & dog need someone to take them under their wing & help them get on the right track. She is very worth it.

PGB (4): Difficult choice between 1 & 2 for they were so very different in style but both full of breed qualities. 1 Rowbury’s Stormdancer Flash Point, elegant, balanced, clean & sleek – presents a lovely outline stacked up, she has beautiful neck into shoulders & a cut glass topline with correct angulation in the hindquarters. She appeals very much on the go around – with great drive & beautiful head carriage – carrying herself with great importance - I could watch her move around like that all day! She is built on smaller, finer lines than 2 but is in no way fine or weedy & still looks strong; 2 Pilatova’s Sabsky Svratka JW, another lovely bitch & it was hard to pick between them. Strong bone, with correct length of body, clean neck into well laid shoulders, moved well with drive but not quite as together on the go around as 1. Another day it might be different; 3 Reakes’ Trihyrne Love Letters.

LB (6, 1a): This was a lovely class. 1 RCC West’s Gunalt Wavelength, stylish, elegant & moderate – she stands out. Standing she appeals in outline – being clean over the topline with well-balanced quarters fore & aft. Moving she really revs it up a notch because she really has lovely neck extension whilst placing her legs correctly & co-ordinately in an easy effortless manner. Pretty head, clean neck, well laid shoulders & in super muscled condition. She is a very smart bitch & has it all going on. A beautiful girl; 2 Stafford’s Rivertone Under My Skin Farnfield, a lovely bitch, heavier in bone & substance than 1 but in no way coarse – she is absolutely elegant & within size requirements. She too appeals in outline with the correct body proportions, clean neck, well laid shoulders, good rear angles, in fit condition. Preferred the forechest of 1; 3 Suett’s Silberliss Solitaire.

OB (8): This was a very strong quality class - so many lovely bitches with some variation in style which made it hard to pick through them. Sadly, not all could be placed. 1 CC & BOB Ir Sh Ch Callanbrooks Dervlas Dream, I think this bitch really epitomises breed type. She is so balanced with the correct height to length ratios, she is moderate, not exaggerated in anyway & is so elegant but still has bone & substance & moves with a lovely ground covering stride & parallel movement fore & aft. You can see her forechest & you can feel it between your hands, it holds tight elbows close to the chest wall. She has a clean, strong neck into well laid shoulders & good strength of bone through her forearms but retains her femininity. Good spring of rib, muscled thighs & good turn of stifle. Her rear pasterns are vertical & strong. She is elegant on the move, holding her topline, & goes off with effortless power covering the ground in side profile. To look at her from afar, I loved the contrast between her coat colour & her beautiful dark pigment on her nose which extends with an ombre effect right along the topline of her muzzle; like an artist had spent hours working on her - even her nails carried a contrasting pigment which framed her extremities. All these little touches of old school quality made her appeal to me – that and the fact she reminded me very much of some of the Fanclub daughters of yesteryear. Beautiful. She very much deserves her new crown & I was delighted to see her shortlisted in a strong Gundog Group under breed specialist, Gil Simpson; 2 Phillips’ Rivertone Head Above Water, another lovely beautiful girl who has done well under me before. She too has the correct body proportions, good bone for size, clean neck into well laid shoulders, well extended ribs & correct bend of stifle. She is in extremely ripped & in taut muscle condition, so much so I think I would have preferred a little more body fat to add that layer of sleekness back to her topline. It is a fine balance but get it right & I think the 3rd CC cannot be far away as she is a lovely quality bitch without doubt; 3 Rodgers’ Sh Ch Minstergate Carnival JW.

GCB (2): 1 Anderson’s Hollieseast Chanel Chic JW, nice head & pigment, good bone for size, clean in outline if a little compact in body, nice muscle tone, moved co-oridnately; 2 T Love Letters, pretty longhaired bitch, she presents a nice picture standing with level topline, correct bend of stifle. Not quite the neck into shoulder transition of 1.