• Show Date: 15/04/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Cynthia Griffiths Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Gordon Setter Association

Breed: Gordon Setter

                                                The Gordon Setter Association Breed Championship Show

                                                                                    Stoneleigh Park

                                                                                 Saturday 15 April 2023


I’ll begin my critique with a few points I feel necessary to mention. Coats, I was delighted to see are improving, it was very pleasing to see so many bitches with the shiny coal black flat coats stated in the Breed Standard. Tan has also improved on face & legs, but sadly still way too much on the feet. Prevailing faults are the perennial ones, light eyes, straight shoulders, poor fronts, and lack of drive. Many exhibits had slack/splayed feet; this can be helped by plenty of hard road exercise.

Thank you all for the lovely entry. I was delighted to see so many quality bitches under me. My CC and reserve CC winners, two very promising stylish young ladies.

SVB (2 0) 1 Collingbourn Graylacier Princess Sophia at Pollyspark RL2, A 12 year-old of lovely type. Pleasing outline, good head, neck & shoulders, with a nice short body and good quarters. She moved very well for her age. Well deserved her place in this class. 2 Sandiford, Lewis ShCh Hernwood Calypso Goddess JW ShCM, another lovely 12 year old, just a shade too long in the body for me. She moved well. VB (7 0) 1 Smith Flores-Lilla Ojcowskiej Doliny Kewstoke (Imp Pol) This bitch appealed to me very much. Lovely head and neck flowing into well placed shoulders. Nice length of body, level topline which she held on the move. Good hindquarters and was the best mover in this class. 2 Harrison Paradise Final Fantasy. Another quality bitch, lovely head, neck and shoulders. Pleasing topline and spring of ribs. Well put together. Sadly, her movement let her down on the day. 3 Sandiford, Jarvis Sh Ch Hernwood Luna Eclipse JW. MBP (2 0) 1 Gray Kattandale Blac Hawke’s Bay at Birniehill (AI) I loved this little one, she shows a lot of promise. Compact and attractive. Lovely head and expression, good tan. Well placed shoulders, level topline, stifles good. Moved well for one who is still very much a baby. Delighted she went on to Best Minor Puppy. 2.Sandiford Hernwood Love Potion. This one just a tad too big for her age for my liking. Good head and expression, shoulders well placed. Movement not as good as 1st. PB (7 0) 1 Cuthbertson Lainnireach Made in Heaven one who caught my eye as soon as she entered ring. Lovely head, tan, dark eye with a pleasing expression, beautifully constructed with a good bend of stifle. Moved exceptionally well. Should have a promising future. BPB 2 Osborn Amscott Air of Success. Another excellent puppy, attractive head, good neck & shoulders. She appealed to me in overall balance, but her front movement let her down. 3 Kattandale Hawke’s Bay at Birniehill (AI). JB (6 1) 1 Crosbie Moonglade Magic Pearl at Heatherway, attractive head with good tan, neck & shoulders. Nice front and pleasing length of body and good hindquarters. Sound and moved well. 2 Roberts Moonglade Lili Mae Magic, another with a lovely head, good tan and close knit feet. Neck, shoulders & body very pleasing, good rear end. She was beaten by her sister on movement. Two very promising young ladies. 3 Ball Kilnrae Black Sapphire. YB (6 2) 1 Hall Clohass Diamond by Melview, Lovely head and eye. Shoulders, topline, spring of ribs and bend of stifle were OK, She did take a while to settle down when moving and when she did she moved well. 2 Hardy Cafotaliena Hello My Love. Another nice bitch liked her head, neck and shoulders. Good spring of rib, stifle OK, nice strong hocks. Just missed out to winner on movement. 3 Garbett Langstrumpf Hochsummer. MB (4 0) 1 Clohass Diamond By Melview 2Cafotaliena Hello My Love 3 Lignum Lady Of The Lake. NB (4 1) 1 Clohass Diamond By Melview 2Hernwood Love Potion 3 Langstrumpf Hochsummer UGB (1) Whiting Locksheath Fallen Acorn attractive, good forehand. Well off for bone, nice hindquarters. Moved soundly. GB (5 1) 1 Jones Roydack The Duchess caught my eye as soon as she entered the ring outstanding, well put together, full of class, true setter style. So feminine, so sound, ideal size. Beautifully constructed from head to tail with correct shiny coat. Lovely head expression, good front, brisket, excellent hind quarters strong, short hocks, level topline which ended with straight tail which never stopped wagging when she moved which she did with drive and style. CC, her first. 2 Mawby Burroughtof Lilli Loch, Another very pleasing bitch, beautiful head and expression, good front, brisket and hindquarters. Lovely coal black, shiny coat. Level topline, well turned stifles. Her movement just let her down, but still a very worthy second. 3 Sandiford, Jarvis Hernwood Lunar’s Gin. PGB (9 3) 1 Burke Beechlake Hey Jude, another top quality stylish bitch full of Gordon character. Lovely head, dark eye and expression. So well balanced, good front, short coupled with well sprung ribs, stifles well bent, level topline which she held when moving with good tail action. When moved at a pace that suited her, she moved very well with drive. She pushed CC winner very hard, a very worthy Res CC winner. 2 Ackerley-Kemp Yennadon Highland Heidi, she came a close second to winner. Excells in type, well balanced, compact with lovely head and expression. Shoulders well laid back, good brisket and well bent stifles, straight hocks. She lost out on her movement. Two promising bitches. 3 Boxhall Laurelhach Renaissance JW. MLB (7 0) 1 Green Benbuie True Colours at Malocomi, nice shape, good reach of neck, good ribs and topline. Pleasing brisket and stifle, moved well with drive. 2 Sweryda Wasely Springtime, very close to winner but lost out on movement. Head, neck and shoulders good, pleasing outline, sound quarters, well off for bone. Plenty of coat and in good condition. 3 Mappin Bryerdale Qangeroo (AI) LB (9 4) 1 Upton-Lovett, Upton Roydack Portrait of a Lady. Love her head, neck & shoulders. Just a tad too long in body for my liking but her overall quality covered that. Brisket good, well made body, level topline, good quarters and bend of stifle, nice short, strong hocks. Her movement was best by far in this class, moved with drive and style. Same dam as CC winner. 2 Cuthbertson Lainnireach Angels Share. Another lovely headed bitch, good reach of neck falling into well placed shoulders. Well balanced body and good hindquarters. 3 Roberts Kyuna Dream of Magic at Moonglade. OB (6 1) This was a difficult class to judge as they were all of good quality. 1 Slaughter ShCh Cairacailie Night of Love with Ordett JW A quality bitch, well constructed. Lovely head, neck, shoulders and brisket. Nicely coupled very good quarters. She moved well with style. 2 Whiting Locksheath True Baloo, a well balanced stylish bitch, neck flowing nicely to well placed shoulders, Well made body, good quarters and bend of stifle. Her movement not as good as 1st. 3 Harrison Paradise Final Fling. FTB (3 1) 1 Thomas Chartan Maple Mayhem. A lovely sound bitch, pretty head with lovely tan. Good forehand, strong body and excellent hindquarters. Movement good, strong and free. Nice tight feet. Coat good. 2 Thomas Chartan Treacle Tart JW She lost out on shoulders to 1st, nevertheless she has a lot to like about her. Moved well with drive.

Cynthia Griffiths (Judge)