• Show Date: 19/05/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Colin Woodward Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Scottish Kennel Club

Breed: Retriever (Chesapeake Bay)

PD No Entries

JD 2 

1 BOYLES & BOYLES Pixiesrock Mr Tumnus by Bleyos

Just 14 months liked his head shape, good eye shape and colour, strong jaws & good dentition, muscular neck, shoulders well laid back, body deep and ribs well sprung, strong topline, well muscled hindquarters with good stifles, good bone and feet, lovely thick dense oily coat, moved soundly on a free easy even stride. 

2 MURRAY Muireatai Teris love

No as forward as one at present, strong head with a medium stop, nostrils well developed, straight front limbs on good webbed feet, firm topline, moderate rear pasterns, could not match one in movement today 

PGD 3 

1 BOYLES & BOYLES Pixiesrock Mr Tumnus by Bleyos

2 PONT Oakmarsh Haunting Howl (A.I.) pleasing dog with good head proportions, strong neck of medium length, chest well developed, legs well under body, well coupled in loin, moved ok

3 RIGBY Chesepi Ulysses

LD 4 

1 BROOMFIELD & BROOMFIELD Glaneils Count On Me RCC, masculine head, broad in skull with balanced length of muzzle, eyes clear of good colour, ears well set and carried close, muscular neck tapering nicely to shoulders which were well angulated, deep broad brisket, clean in outline, tail well set, moderate muscular stifles, tidy hocks, good strong oily coat, sound on the move fore and aft. 

2 MURRAY Sea'nland Master of the Sea for  

Pleasing head eye & expression, he was bit longer in body than one, deep body and well sprung ribs, firm topline, strong hindquarters, steady mover 

3 RIGBY Chesepi Waco

OD 3 (2)

1 MAHON-HUNNS, HUNNS & NEWTON Sh Ch Arnac Bay Huron at Bergelle JW

The star of the day a top quality dog a credit to the breeder, stood out here for his overall well balanced outlook, certainly looked fit for function, super head eye and expression, good ears set, text book front assembly, deep broad chest, ribs well sprung, well coupled in loin, hindquarters moderate and strong, firm in topline and tail well set, well boned limbs and stands on super feet, lovely thick dense oily coat, movement was a joy to watch he is sound fore and aft with good footfall and hold his shape well no hesitation awarding him the CC & BOB

VD No Entries

SBD No Entries

GCD 1 

1 DUNCANSON Arnac Bay Invincible for Dunakitts

Shown in good condition, Head & expression good, neat ears, firm in topline well bodied with good ribbing, muscular quarters

PB No Entries

JB 2 Abs: (1)

1MURRAY, Miss Lorna Muireatai Miracle of dreams feminine head with pleasing eye colour and expression, good width to skull, strong neck into good shoulders, deep chest & firm topline, good strong dense coat well balanced body, clean outline, strong quarters sound on the move

PGB 3 (2)

1 BROOMFIELD & BROOMFIELD & MAH Glaneils Don't Worry Be Happy

A well balanced Bitch with a pleasing head, good broad skull nostrils well developed, straight well boned front limbs , stands on good sized webbed feet, good turn of stifle on muscular hindquarters, deep ribs, confident mover

LB 2 (1)

1 MURRAYLuisaidh eva

Upstanding girl with pleasing head shape, lovely eye & expression, correct dentition, muscular well toned body with good depth and ribs, strong bone, tail set well, tidy hocks, sound free mover

OB 4 (1)

1 THOMPSON MILLICENT & THOMPSON ARNAC BAY HARVEST, CC, a quality bitch who has lovely overall balance and substance, broad in skull, medium stop, thin lips, good eye colour and expression, strong jaw & good scissor bite, strong muscular neck, well made forequarters with shoulders well laid back, well, developed in chest with plenty of heart room, good legs & feet, hindquarters strong and well muscled, coat thick dense & oily with good undercoat, clean in outline, strong tailset very sound on the move goes round freely on a good stride. 

2 PONT Sh Ch Oakmarsh Dancing Diva RCC feminine headpiece, good shape to skull, correct eye shape and pleasing expression, strong neck leading to firm topline and good shoulder placement, strong in bone, legs place well under body, mature in body with good ribs and well coupled in loin, good turn of stifles, coat in good order, moved with a sound easy action and covers the ground well 


VB 2 

1 BROOMFIELD & BROOMFIELD Petsalls Pride Beech At Glaneils

Feminine head of good proportion & good ear set, lovely outline, good strong neck & depth of chest, well laid shoulders, firm topline well made muscular hindquarters, good tailset, good dense oily coat, moved well 

2 WATTS, OAKMARSH ACORN SGWC VW close up feminine headpiece, skull broad, strong neck and well placed shoulders, good legs and feet, deep brisket, coat in good order, moved out well. 

SBB No Entries

GCB 1 (1)