• Show Date: 31/08/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Colin Woodward Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 25/09/2023

City Of Birmingham Canine Association

Breed: Gordon Setter

SBD 6 (2)

1 HENDERSON When I Was Your Man Black Lofty (SHCEX) (imp pol)

Attractive Head with shape, dark bright, good tan marking, neck of good length, deep brisket, shown in good coat & condition, muscular quarters giving strong sound movement 

2 HOGG & HOGG Gailiech   

Close up to one, good size, masculine head with good eye colour and expression, firm topline, well balanced in outline, good legs & feet, moved well. 3 MCCARTHY Hernwood Wizard of Oz 

VD 5 (1) a lovely class 

1 BOXALL & SALAMON Sh Ch Ludstar Frederick Frankenstein (Imp) It

11 years, a balanced boy with rich tan markings, super head & eye, strong neck flowing to good topline and well angulated shoulders, as would expect fully mature deep well, ribbed body, well boned limbs & good feet, shown in excellent condition, moved very well indeed using his well angulated rear to drive him around the ring covering the ground well, a credit to his owner

2 FORD Sh Ch Liric Fusilier With Shillay JW Sh.CM ShCEx 8 years & another quality dog of good overall make and shape, pleasing head and expression, ample length of neck, firm topline to good tail set, deep well ribbed body and good width in loin, stifles well rounded, moved well soundly with good footfall fore and aft. 3 ELLINGTON Benbuie Thornbird of Finnsfolk


1 DONALD Lourdace Last Hurrah to Lochansvue raw youngster at just 6 months who was playing up a little on the day, head developing well with slightly rounded skull & good stop, ears low set, coat in good order, ok for bone, needs to settle in movement 

PD No Entries

JD 5 (1)

1 MCCARTHY Hernwood Wizard of Oz attractive head with a good eye shape & expression, good length of muzzle and open nostrils, clean neck of good length leading to good lay of shoulders, elbows well let down, flat bone standing on good oval shaped feet, deep in brisket and well coupled in loin, firm topline, tail well set & thick at the root strong muscular hindquarters, steady free mover with plenty of drive 


Another Attractive head with good eye colour & intelligent expression, well balanced throughout the body with good depth and ribs, well developed stifles, straight hocks, moved soundly. 3 COVE-PRINT Colourbox Wild Oats

GD 8 (2)

1 Morgan CARADILiS SKY ROCKET JW pleasing masculine head of good proportions, dark expressive eyes, ears set low, good tan marking, strong in front with good depth of brisket and well ribbed, clean outline & firm topline, shown in good coat & condition, sound in movement with good tail,action. 

2 TAYLOR Graylacier Blue Marlin

Close up to one a lovely type, masculine head, good skull & length of muzzle, correct scissor bite, clean arched neck into good lay of shoulders, body well developed with deep back ribs, good legs and feet, coat in good order, strong hindquarters & sound mover.

3 INGLIS Louise Caradilis Jumping Jack

PGD 5 

1 JOHNSTON Ludstar Maccabee at Glenquin (Imp It) lovely type with well proportioned head, dark eyes giving a lovely expression, good tan markings, clean neck into well made front assembly, good depth to brisket, stands on well boned legs & close knit feet, firm topline to good tail set, strong muscular quarters, sound free mover.

2 HENDERSON When I Was Your Man Black Lofty (SHCEX) (imp pol)

Another quality dog lovely masculine deep head, dark bright eyes well set under his brows, good tan marking, clean neck to good front assembly, mature body with deep ribs, shown in good coat & condition, muscular hindquarters sound on the move.

3 DONALD Clos Erasmus Black Business of Lochansvue (Imp Rus)

LD 8 Super quality class.

1 BELL, MILLAR & BELL, Balnakeil Beinn Corradail of Blair belle’s

Lovely quality dog with a super head and eye colour, skull slightly rounded, good length of muzzle, lovely large nose and open nostrils good length of neck flows into good shoulder placement, deep well ribbed body, elbows well let down, good legs & feet, clean outline kept on the move, moved soundly driving well from his quarters 

2 ASHLEY-TURNER Hernwood The Botanist, JW another quality dog who was unlucky to meet one on such good form, he too had a very good head shape & expression, lean arched neck, shoulders slope well back, moderate length of body with deep brisket & well ribbed, shown in good coat & condition, firm topline, strong hindquarters very sound on the move. 

3 BAIN Palangor Moonlight Echo At Pangarak

OD 7 Super quality class.

1 SANDIFORD, SANDIFORD, & LEWIS Sh Ch Hernwood Neptune Sea What a lovely class this was, I felt that any of the first 3 could have won the class, this dog did it all for me today, very stylish & symmetrically built, super head properties, good shape to skull, eyes and ears well set, lovely tan markings, strong scissor bite, good shape skull with an appealing expression, strong jaws, good scissor bite, lean arched neck flowing nicely into his firm topline and lovely front assembly, deep in brisket and well sprung ribs, correct bone & good feet with well arched toes, firm level topline which was kept on the move, good tail set, strong well rounded muscular hindquarters, coat in beautiful condition, his moved with a powerful driving action with good footfall fore & aft to win this super class the CC & BOB

2 NEWTON, CORNUM, & TIMMERMAN, Carnoustie Let The Game Begin (ai) (Imp) Aus, top quality male who was a pleasure to judge pleasing deep masculine head with lovely eye colour and expression, stop clearly defined, good length of muzzle & defined lips, clean shoulders sloping well back, body well balanced of good depth and well sprung ribs, straight well boned front limbs & lovely feet, strong over the loin, tail well set, clean outline, well presented coat, muscular hindquarters, very sound on the move with a powerful driving action RCC

3 HARKER Sh Ch Hernwood Achilles at Ettrick JW


SBB 1 (1)

VB 2 

1 TONG Benbuie Rose Quartz with Kellizlot, good head shape, feminine with lovely expression, slightly rounded skull, defined lips, clean neck into firm topline, shoulders slope well back, mature in body with good depth & ribs, coat & good condition, strong hindquarters, moved well

2 OSBORN Ch Amscot Siena Spice

belies her 10 years lovely headpiece dark expressive eyes, ears low set, balanced through the body with good depth and ribs, clean in outline shown in good coat & condition & moved well 

MPB 3 (1) 

1 CUTHBERTSON Lainnireach A Star is Born 6 months raw baby, feminine head, good eye colour and expression, lean neck into decent front angles, clean outline, good topline & tail set, good coat condition, moved with good footfall keeping her topline and good tail action BP

2 TAIT Lainnireach Truly A Star

Litter sister to one and similar remarks apply, feminine head, defined stop & ears set low, good length of neck, ok for bone for age, clean outline, good coat condition, not quite as collected on the move as her sister at the moment.

PB 3 (1)

1 CUTHBERTSON Lainnireach A Star is Born

2 TAIT Lainnireach Truly A Star

JB (3 Entries) Abs: 0

1 OSBORN Amscot Air of Success lovely youngster, appealing feminine head, good shape to skull, lovely eye colour and expression, strong tan markings, long arched neck filling well into her well set sloping shoulders, good depth of brisket and enough width to chest, good spring of ribs and width in loin, well balanced muscular hindquarters, straight hocks, moved out well with a sound easy ground covering stride 

2 CUTHBERTSON Lainnireach Made in Heaven pleasing feminine head with an appealing expression, defined stop and good length of muzzle, deep in body and ribs well sprung, clean in outline & firm topline , good legs & feet, well angulated hind quarters, coat in good order moved soundly

3 WILLIAMS Longrow Love Is The Drug

GB 8 (2)

1 MAWBY BURROUGHTOF LILLY LOCH feminine head dark eye gives an intelligent expression, clean through neck & shoulders, deep brisket, good legs & feet, strong in loin, good tail set, strong quarters sound in movement.

2 O'KELLY & HANCOCK Caradilis Sparks Will Fly JW close to up to one feminine bitch of good make and shape, pleasing head & eyes, good ear set and defined stop, deep brisket & well sprung ribs, shown in good coat condition move well

3 ROBERTS Moonglade Lily Mae Magic. 

PGB 4 (1)

1 BOXALL Laurelhach Renaissance JW lovely headpiece, slightly rounded skull, eyes set under the brows, lovely expression, good tan markings, strong neck into good lay of shoulders, mature in body with good depth & ribs, strong loin & well angulated quarters, good topline & tailset, coat well presented, moved well with good tail action

2 GREEN Benbuie True Colours at Malocomi appealing head shape, dark expressive eyes, well set ears, long good neck & shoulders, clean outline, good tan marking, strong in hindquarters, sound on the move.


LB 11 (3) a quality class.

1 FORD Liric Just Remember Me 

One that catches your eye, super feminine head with good eye shape & colour, clean neck flows well into firm topline and well placed shoulders, well conditioned body which is deep with well sprung ribs, good width in loin, strong muscular hindquarters with good turn of stifle, shown in lovely coat and condition, very sound on the move with good forefall fore & aft 

2 MUNRO Panthera Bad Medicine Dulmaur ( IMP POL ) another quality Bitch who pushed one all the way, well balanced all through, owns a lovely feminine head with pleasing expression, good shape to skull & well set ears, good neck & shoulders, lovely legs & feet, good tan markings, clean outline, good depth and spring of ribs, moved with purpose and drive. 

3 WRIGLEY Kattandale Blac Highlander [AI]

OB 9 super quality class.

1 COLLINS-PITMAN Ch & Int Ch Ger VDH Ch Amscot Love Is In The Air J

super girl loved her feminine head which has lovely proportions & appealing expression, lean neck of good length, body deep strong & balanced with good front and rear angulation, deep brisket, elbows well let down, good bone & feet, strong in loin, shown in super coat & condition, movement was sound & true on a free easy stride a pleasure to judge

2 PHILLIPS & WATKINS Sh Ch Flaxheath Top Model At Glenmaurangi another Super girl from the top drawer and a worthy Ch who was very close up to the winner, lovely balanced feminine headpiece, good eye shape which gives that lovely intelligent expression, good skull shape, well set ears, long clean neck flows nicely into her shoulder which slope well back, mature well conditioned body with good depth and spring of ribs, good legs & feet, strong in loin well angled rear quarters, another super mover who just flows round the ring with ease lovely type. 

3 MAPPIN Bryerdale Qookaburra (ai)

 GCB No Entries