• Show Date: 07/05/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Colin Woodward Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Birmingham Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Spaniel (American Cocker)

SBD (0)


1 Harrison & Manser Master Hugo Nujax Run Your Own Race TAF

Just 6 months what a lovely baby lovely head shape with clearly defined stop, eyes correct shape giving a lovely expression, well constructed front assembly with deep chest and compact body with slight slope, shown in super well presented coat, moved so well on a good stride, one for the future. 

2 Stokes, Stokes & Stokes, Jaclee Ghost Writer At Twizeltree TAF NAFPleasing dog who has a good headpiece, ample neck & good overall body proportions, lovely legs and feet, muscular hindquarters, moved well.

PD 1 

1 Woolley Partisky Platinum Black At Challeymead 11months with a typical head & eye shape with good chiselling, good depth of muzzle and correct dentition, clean neck of good length flowing into firm topline, body maturing well with good depth, hind quarters well rounded and let down, well boned limbs, round feet, well balanced overall, moved out well a quality puppy 

JD 3

1 Jennings Afterglow Bambalam With Alibama 13 months, a lovely quality dog with pleasing head shape and expression, ears fine, well set & of good length, correct scissor bite, reachy slightly arched neck, deep chest & ribs well sprung, elbows tight to body, super bone & feet, muscular rear quarters, hocks well let down, shown in lovely coat & clean condition, movement was sound for and aft covering the ground well with an easy stride.

2 Harris Harrisburg Hakuna Matata a lovely dog who pushed one all the way, lovely overall make and shape, appealing head and eye, deep square muzzle, ample neck to clean sloping shoulders, good legs and feet, coat in good order sound steady mover


YD 1 

1 Bedding & Jennings, Sh Ch Alibama Now or Never JW RCC, lovely young dog who certainly deserves his title, super headpiece with good stop and brows, lovely expression, clean neck of good length flows cleanly into his topline and well constructed shoulders, strong well boned limbs standing on neat round feet, lovely profile picture which he keeps on the move, body deep and well ribbed, muscular hindquarters, coat in excellent clean well presented condition, very sound on the move just flowed around the ring


1 Sheppard Nasailleen On A Mission at Shadowview Good head & expression correct dentition, dark expressive eyes & well set ears, lengthy neck flows into good shoulder placement, deep brisket, well balanced deep body, strong hindquarters moved with drive covering the ground well, coat in good order.

2 Birch Zhemchuzhnaya Rossip Shape of My Heart Dyrin (Imp) would prefer a bit more masculinity in his head, clean neck of ample length, body deep and rib well sprung, correct topline & tail set not as positive on the move as one

LD 5 

1 Palmer & Palmer Arrowbien Frankie Goes To Combleywood, 

Headed a super class here he stood out on first look around as a lovely balanced dog so clean in profile & was in super coat & condition, correct head shape with the desired defined stop and brows, deep square muzzle, ears well set, long neck into firm topline kept on the move good rear angles, well set tail, lovely legs and feet, moved with purpose with good tail action, well handled and presented, a lovely type

2 Morris Churchill Moser Dog At Mycalleys close up to one another quality dog, pleasing head proportion with dark eyes with good expression, good to muzzle & good scissor bite, shoulders well laid back & muscular straight through the front deep chest with well sprung ribs well muscled quarter, moved well.

3 Birch Finndain Frappe for Dyrin

OD 7 Wow what a super class full of quality I enjoyed judging this class very much.

1 Nelson, Morris & Bryant Am Ch Ir Ch Sh Ch Silhouette Troubling Nasailleen CC & BOB VG 1 BVIS,

Top quality black male a worthy Champion who is a real showman and belies his years, as always shown in immaculate coat & super headpiece all male without any coarseness & appealing expression, ample length of neck to firm top line and front angular ion, body mature and well ribbed, strong muscular quarters, hocks well let down, really commands attention on the move with his fluid sound action he just flows around the ring with great style, told later this win gave him the DCC record congratulations. He was pushed all the way by the lovely quality bitch.

2 Kingsley Bigtop’s Equalizer 

quality male who was on good form and shown in super coat & condition, presents a lovely balanced overall picture both standing and on the move, super head proportions with well set ears, good length of neck & lay of shoulders, topline firm Nc slightly sloping, chest of good width & depth, strong well coupled loin, lovely rear angulation, a very sound mover. 

3 Harris Zarcrest Hot Chocolate Holland Cup Winner 23.

VD No Entries

SBB 3 

1 Clay Belmilla Nothing On You feminine head with a soft kindly expression good dentition, ears well set, well sprung in ribs, kept a good outline in the move 

2 Glover AlmondsburyIn The Night At Mickcals pleasing overall picture, lovely bone & feet, deep well sprung ribs, good coat condition, strong over the loin moderate turn of stifle, not as positive on the move as one.

3 Collier Sabisabi Apache Tadita  

MPB 3 

1 Ward Jaclee Nobody's Business Between Mischtikals pleasing puppy with a lovely feminine head, good brows and stop, strong neck leading into well placed shoulders, ribs developing well, strong over the loin, hocks well let down, sound happy mover 

2 Collier Sabisabi Apache Tadita 

very much a baby, has a pleasing head and eye, straight front limbs on nicely rounded feet, coat presented well, clean outline steady mover

3 Palmer & Palmer, TricaJon's Parti Politics at Combleywood,

PB 5 (1)

1 Harris Zarcrest The Italian Job (Ai) BPIB 11 months beautiful feminine head with a lovely eye shape and expression with the desired brow and stop, good dentition, clean muscular neck flows well into her firm topline and well constructed shoulders, body maturing nicely with good depth and ribs, strong in loin, well sprung in ribs, muscular in hindquarters & hocks well let down, coat clean & presented to perfection very sound on the move a joy to watch she holds herself so well

2 Morris Norrayshays Madam Cholet at Mycalley another quality puppy baby with sweet head and expression, good eye shape, good length of neck, well angulated front and rear quarters, elbows close to body, well muscled quarters and tidy hicks, well presented, good tail carriage on the move

3 Clay Belmilla Nothing on You

YB 5 (1)

1 Jennings K Sh Ch Alibama Wishlist top quality Bitch with lovely head proportions and correct dentition, deep square muzzle, clean neck of good length, so well balanced front to rear, holds a lovely shape both standing & on the move, deep chest with good heart room, compact body and strong in loin, muscular hindquarters with string hocks, firm topline to good tailset which is carried well, good tail set, moved with great style and confidence .

2 Sunter, & Pinchen Kenoula Riff Ruff quality girl with excellent shape of head good eye colour and expression, lovely legs & feet, compact body with good depth and ribs, shoulders well angulated, coat in clean well presented condition, moved soundly.

3 Dummett Almondsbury The Pop Kids JW

PGB 1 

1 Franklin Nadezhda Natsii Iz Mazhornogo Lada at Dreamcast 

Lovely quality bitch with lots to like, owns a lovely head, dark expressive eyes, clean neck into good lay of shoulders, good forechest, slight slope to topline, strong muscular hindquarters, well presented, sound confident mover.

LB 3 

1 CAUNCE-PARTRIDGE Yankeetank Slave To Love pleasing feminine Bitch with good head shape and eye colour, broad muzzle & well developed nostrils, good dentition, clean well angulated front assembly, strong in body & loin, has a good overall balance throughout and kept her shape on the move with good tail action, well presented.

2 Langton & Morris Sabisabi Iroquois Tiva at Close up to one was just pipped on movement, feminine head with good brows and stop, mature in body with good depth and ribbing, lovely bone & feet, well off for body with good ribs, shown in good coat & condition, muscular hindquarters & good tail set 

3 Morris Mycalleys China Doll

OB 5 

1 Boyle Zarcrest Panda Monium, Holland Cup Winner 23, caught my eye from the first go round, & did not disappoint on closer inspection, definitely one from the top drawer, feminine headpiece which is so well balance with lovely expression, chiselling, brows and stop, good reach of neck with slight arched and just flows into her lovely topline and well constructed front angulation, lovely forechest, body deep compact and well ribbed, strong in loin, well boned limbs on super feet, hindquarters muscular & well angulated with strong hocks excellent coat and condition, movement was sound up & back & she pushed the dog all the way, thank you for the opportunity of judging her, I was informed later that this was her 3rd CC Congratulations 

2 Nelson & Bryant Nasailleen Bye Felicia, RCC, another out of the top drawer and very close up to the CC winner, please in all departments, she too has a beautiful head soft sweet expression, strong clean neck, super overall conformation, body deep compact & well ribbed up, super legs and feet, well muscled throughout, as always from this kennel she was presented to perfection a credit to her owner, very sound on the move.

3 Kingsley Bigtop’s Adorable Secret 

VB No Entries