• Show Date: 05/01/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Colin Woodward Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Boston & District Canine Society

Breed: Hungarian Vizsla

PD 7 (1) 

1 Miles Glenbrows Carbon Copy

8 Months good head shape with correct eye shape & expression, liked his size & substance all through, strong neck leading to good shoulder angulation, body developing well, good bone & feet, clean outline, moved at the correct speed to show off his sound movement, one to watch BPD.

2 Green, Martin, Martin & Ryan Goviz Spring Rains By Viszaset

11 months Quality male maturing nicely masculine head with good skull & ear shape, strong clean neck flows into his firm topline, well ribbed body of good length and depth, hocks well let down,  moved with purpose carrying his tail well.

3 Bergin Oakswarren Firecracker With Roughshoot made up a trio of lovely pups

JD 6

1 Curzin-Price Kentwone Dreamer

shapely head with moderate stop and strong jaw, short muscular body, good legs and feet, shown in good coat & condition, strong hindquarters, sound on the move.

2 Savage Roughshoot Quantum Theory At Silvestre 14 months, good head and eye, ears well set, arched neck to shoulders well laid back, firm topline, ribs well developed, well muscled loin, moved well fore and aft

3 Reakes & Challis Viszlanya Varur

PGD 1 (1)

OD 7 super Class 

1 Miles Sh Ch Layways Van Winkle JW This dog certainly looked the part he has that desired noble appearance, a well balanced dog without exaggeration, super head good eye shape & eyelids fitting tightly, good strong scissor bite, ample neck to well laid shoulders and firm topline, tail set and carried well, good depth of body which is well ribbed, straight well boned limbs on good feet with strong pasterns, muscular thighs, hocks well let down, very sound mover covering the ground well with confidence, BD, BOB lovely to see him take G3 in a strong group

2 Watson Oakswarren Inferno

Has matured nicely since I last saw him & looked really well, lean noble head with good eye shape and colour, good dentition, neck of good length into well placed shoulders, deep brisket, strong loin, quarters well muscled which showed in his sound easy action RBD,

3 Bradley Marghele Smooth As Stratham 

SBD 2 (1)

1 Kentwone Dreamer 

PB 13 (2) a super class, 

1 Watson Oakswarren Light My Fire

Lovely feminine head has correct balance of skull, nostrils well developed, good neck which flows into a clean front assembly, ribs developing well, firm in topline & a well set tail, good coat, lovely legs and feet, strong hindquarters, lovely sound mover Well Handled. BPIB.

2 Thomas Glenbrows Cameo

Just 8 months, pleasing head which is well proportioned and good strength to muzzle, lovely eye shape well set ears, well placed shoulders, moderate hindquarters, firm topline, which she holds well on the move

JB 8 (1) super class. 

1 Bradley Ambravittorya Art Of Love 

For Marghele (Imp Rus) feminine head with good eye shape, moderate length of neck to good topline, clean in outline, strong backend with plenty of substance all through with good tail action on the move 

2 Challis Vizslanya Praxis

Like her clean feminine head  & expression, good length of neck to good front assembly, good substance throughout, shown in good coat & condition quarters well muscled, sound free flowing movement.

3 Elliott Vizslanya Pafrany For Zniinaviz

PGB 6 (1)

1 Winkworth & Woodcock Oxanaember Thai Pumpkin

Really liked this girl feminine head with lovely eye shape and colour, good scissors bite, ears well set, has substance through the body with good ribs, Lovely legs and rounded feet, moderate turn of stifle, good coat & condition strong quarters, sound on the move covering the ground with effortless strides

2 Harrison Glenbrows Desire 

quality bitch of ideal size, lovely head & eye, tight eyelids,  clean outline, well conditioned body with decent depth and ribs, lovely legs and compact feet, moderate turn of stifle, sound confident mover pushed one all the way.

3 Cracknell, Cracknell & Rutherford Kincsem For Your Eyes Only

OB 6 (1) Super Class quality 

1 Layton Sh Ch Layways Lana del Ray quality bitch and a worthy champion, beautiful head good skull, moderate stop, good ear shape set close to cheeks, clean strong neck into good shoulders, deep brisket, firm topline, well boned boned legs & neat feet, strong well coupled, good tail set which she used well on the move and belies her years BB. 

2 Bradley Sh Ch Vizslanya Vivmany By Highforce JW, ShCM, ShCEx, VW

Another quality exhibit of 8 years with lots to like, lovely feminine head with good shape skull and correct moderate stop, strong neck leads to good front assembly, well balanced all through with good body condition, muscular hindquarters, sound never covers the ground with ease RBB.

3 Shooter Sh Ch Nevedith Nyari Gail