• Show Date: 05/01/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Colin Woodward Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Boston & District Canine Society

Breed: Varieties

AV NSC Gundog.  

Post Graduate D,1 

1 Latheron Fynder Reacher, IWS, RBD Dog of good size has a good head with pleasing expression strong neck of good length, lovely bone & feet, clean outline, tail well set and used well on the move

Open D,1 

1 Bennett SH CH Jesham Baronet Field Spaniel, BD BOB one out of the top drawer, quality all through lovely head shape with super eye colour and expression ample length of neck which flows cleanly into topline and lovely front assembly, has substance all through, good length to height ratio, good depth of chest, stands on super well boned limbs with good feet, muscular rear quarters with neat hocks, shown in super coat and condition, moved soundly and well handled. 

Puppy Bitch 3 

1 Yarrow Bonapartist Truffle. Brittany, RBB. BP promising puppy, head is well proportioned, good eye colour, correct dentition, good muzzle, shoulders well placed and firm topline, clean in profile she moved well with a good stride

2 Mcnaught Malanis Bettina at Risalpur, IWS another quality puppy and pushed one hard, lovely feminine head without being too fine, good eye colour, strong neck which flows into clean front assembly firm in topline, well set tail good quarter & a good tail action lovely type.

3 Williamson Finchsmill Secret Surprise IWS

Post Graduate Bitch 2. 

1 Slack Buonapartist Snow Goose, Brittany. Pleasing head & expression, not over done in any way, strong clean neck sets well into shoulders, good legs and feet, moderate bend of stifle, held her topline well on the move

2 Bowen Clandrift Destiny Field Spaniel head of good proportion with good bite and open nostrils, good bone & feet, clean outline with good tailset, well presented, firm muscular quarters put to good use on the move giving a good stride

Open Bitch 2  

1 Cocking & Barnaby SH CH Bonapartist Odette at Ruskinte. Brittany BB, another super Brittany from this breeder, a feminine well constructed bitch who deserves her title, good to go over, super head and eye colour giving a lovely expression, muzzle nicely tapered, clean neck of appropriate length, well balanced body with firm topline deep well developed ribs, muscular loin, good angles front & rear, lovely legs and feet, sound brisk mover

2 Butler SH CH Toberworry Breaking Dawn at Jendell’s Large Munsterlander certainly looks the part a well balanced girl with feminine head & kind intelligent expression, strong muzzle, muscular neck into well laid shoulders, mature in body with good depth and well sprung ribs, firm topline which she held on the move, good tail action.

Special Beginners Bitch 1 

1 Williamson Finchsmill Secret Surprise, IWS 9 months promising puppy with a lovely head & expression muscular neck which leads into decent shoulders, straight well boned front limbs & good feet, clean outline, good width to hindquarters, needs to tighten up in movement


AV Imported Register Gundog 

Post Graduate Dog 2. 

1 Stilgoe Teisgol Henrique Portuguese Pointer RBD, 

Head of good proportions with broad skull & square muzzle, well defined stop, good Scissor bite, ears well set, muscular forequarters, with goo return of upper arm, elbows close to body lovely legs and feet, pleasing outline with good strong quarters, moved soundly on an easy stride 

2 Bixby Rodenrose one step beyond, Korthals Griffon SBG 4.  

pleasing head and eye colour, not too broad, moderate stop, good length of muzzle, ample length of neck into decent shoulders, good body proportions, tail well set, muscular quarters and hocks straight, sound on the move 

Open 1 

1 Adams Achouffe Philanderer SHCEx Slovakian Rough Haired BD,BOB stood alone here but he is a quality eye catching dog who has matured really well, lovely to go over, super balanced head shape, prominent occiput and moderate stop, lips fit closely, good intelligent expression, clean well muscled neck leading to good topline, shoulders slope nicely, strong harsh coat, strong forelegs with good pasterns & feet, good depth of ribs, well sprung and carried well back, firm hindquarters and hocks well let down, very sound on the move with good footfall fore and aft

Special Begininers Dog 1 

1 Bixby Rodenrose one step beyond Korthals Griffon SBG4.  

Puppy 1 

1 Taylor- handling for Fortuna, Fabpoint Pagan Portuguese Pointer, promising puppy with a feminine  

Head & lovely expression, well defined stop, slightly arch neck leading cleanly into firm topline and well angulated shoulders, straight well boned front limbs on good feet, lovely substance all through, sound tardy mover BP. 

Junior 1 

1 Johnson Ambionhill Amour Ava Barbet shapely head, broad skull & well defined stop, beard well furnished, medium size well set ears, muscular shoulders, with good slope to upper arm. deep broad chest reaching the elbows, deep well ribbed body, tail lowset, she moved with ease keeping a level topline 

Post Graduate 3 

1 Clayton-Smith 

S’Willa Des Hauts De Rouillac at Cairparavel (Imp FRA) Braque D’Auvergne 2Y 

Just 20Months like the size & substance pleasing head with good shape skull & eye good length of muzzle, good neck which flows into a clean front assembly, firm topline, good glossy & short coat, well muscled thighs with good stifle, movement not so positive today, would benefit from more ring training

2 Sladden 

Khyannes Villette at Canemamans (Imp Hun) Braque D’Auvergne, 3y  

Another who would benefit from more ring training, feminine head with good eye shape, well developed chest, good length of neck, deep brisket, body of good length, strong tail well set on 

3 Reekie Khyannes Avalanche Braque D’Auvergne 3y 

Open 2 

1 Taylor PT CH Pointoak Thief of Hearts EW22LW22 Portuguese Pointer quality exhibit, liked her size & overall balance and substance super head and eye colour with lovely alert expression, muscular neck which flows into a clean front assembly and firm topline, body short deep and well conditioned with good ribs, strong muscular hindquarters, good leg and feet, movement was sound and true with good tail action BB. 

2 Stilgoe IR SH CH Perdizcyo Beatriz With Teisgol BJW18 JWW18 Portuguese Pointer quality girl with a lovely head, round eyes of good colour, alert expression, well set ears, neck of good length firm topline, well off for bone & good feet, deep brisket, muscular loin, sound happy mover RBB. 

    AV Rare Breeds Gundogs 

Puppy D/B 1 

1 Whittick Allsong Nuova Luna B 11M LAGOTTO Rom, BB, BP, 

Pleasing head and eye colour, slight stop, moderately broad, large open nostrils, lips tight with good whiskers good neck flows into good shoulder placement, ribs developing nicely, firm topline, loin short & well coupled, lovely legs and feet, shown in good coat and condition, a sound mover for one so young must have a bright future. 

Open Dog 2. 

1 Grantham Mizani Dorocco Raffaele LAGOTTO Rom 7y BD BOB 

Strong well made dog of good type. masculine Head without coarseness, good eye colour with attentive expression, muscular neck which flows into a clean front assembly, compact body of good depth, good thick woolly coat, which was well presented, strong quarters with good bend of stifle, sound mover.

2 Whittick Arcticbreeze Turbulence at Allsong 3y RBD, close up to one, upstanding dog with good ring presence, masculine head of good proportions, strong neck flows into firm topline, compact body, held his topline well on move two lovely dogs 

Open Bitch 2 

1 Whittick Moonreed Warbler at Allsong RBB, Feminine in Head, slight stop, eye colour good giving a lovely expression! strong muzzle, good eye colour, body balanced all through, neck flows into good shoulders and topline, muscular well rounded quarters, sound positive mover

2 Grantham Mizani Diora Rose 5y 

Another quality exhibit with good overall balance, feminine head, good tight fitting eye rims,skull of good shape, shoulders well placed, firm topline, stands on good legs & feet, good strong hindquarters, clean outline, sound on the move