• Show Date: 04/05/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Colin R Hill Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 09/08/2023

Birmingham Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Mastiff

National Dog Show 2023...Mastiffs. 

Thank you for the committee for once again inviting me to Judge at this wonderfully run show, “always a pleasure” once more thank you to the exhibitors, their exhibits, and my steward for helping me deal with the *horrendous weather conditions and consequential blowing of papers and awards all over the table and ring.

It was pleasing on a school day, to attain an entry of 23 dogs and not too many absentees. On the whole dogs (especially my limit dog class, making difficult decisions) were of better quality than the bitches. Some of the exhibits needing ringcraft sessions, this including some of the handlers. Fairly early in the season but I would have preferred to see dogs in harder physical condition, saying that on a positive note all dogs were sound and stood for their individual assessment.

MPD (1.1) 1st Hazelwood’s- Craiglestone Sir Wilfred, very raw, brindle puppy of just under 9mths. Clean, dry head with long muzzle to head ratio at present. Needs to generally mature and settle. Would prefer more body length to height. Good bite, pigment, and angles fore and aft. Moved well under very windy conditions on good feet.

JD (3.3) 1st Chambers- Elljayart The Great Master, Stylish fawn boy, well matured coming 14mth old. Pleasing head of size, shape, and ratios. Good bite and pigment on top of shapely crested neck. Body showing good depth, length, and width for age. Would prefer slightly tighter eye rim and stronger topline, which held well with good movement on good feet. 2nd Zadeh’s- Faynad Mykola, nearly 16mths old. Fawn with excellent pigment. Good clean and structured head, showing good eye and expression. Body of length, good topline with good hind development, bone, and substance, stood well and moved soundly.

YD (1.1)1st Mckevitt’s- Cwmtysswg Man Of Steel At Tyketarn, Apricot of substance and stature. Well headed, showing good eye, bite, pigment, and width of muzzle. Body of length with width and depth to match. Good underline held up with substantial bone. Good expression to head, look forward to seeing when matured to effect. Moved well.

PGD (2.1) 1st Hazelwood’s- Craiglestone Sir Ruckass, Dk Brindle boy with well-structured head piece, with complimenting strong head to muzzle ratios. Clean eye and good bite. Lovely topline, well angulated fore and aft with deep chest. Prefer more body length, in good body condition aiding good steady movement, albeit a little close behind.

LD (3.3) Strongest class of the day with difficult decisions made. 1st Baxter’s- Nobleheart Roaring Roy, Fawn boy with lovely classic head piece and muzzle. Showing good eye, pigment, and expression. Body and topline of great length, shape, and tailset on high. Good depth of body showing condition. Producing a typical shape and silhouette. Moved round with power and drive, best moving today, leaving the rest behind. RCC. 2nd Burgoine’s- Halberd Finbar, Lovely Dk brindle boy of substance. Clean, structured head of size, kind expression with complimentary dense pigment. Good clean eye. Solid, well boned quarters, well angled all-round. Body with depth of chest and underline, in lovely condition and coat. Moved soundly, would prefer higher tail set.

OD (2.2) 1st Andrews- Ch Cyberus Diesel, Well known Mastiff, what can I say that’s not already been said of him before. Archetypal brindle boy of substance, well boned and large bodied. Typical head piece, showing dark well shaped eye, good bite with size of muzzle. Deep, long body with moderate angulation’s that are well boned. Stood and owned the ground beneath him with that typical benevolent expression. Moved well round the ring DCC and BOB passing the obligatory vet check. 2nd Whelan’s- Toadhall Mr Bumble of Arleith, Very smart Dk brindle with clean structured head piece. Short muzzle of depth and width. Would prefer a smaller eye shape to compliment expression. Clean conditioned body with width of backend. Body showing length and depth on top of moderate bone and angles. Moved soundly.

MPB (1.1) 1st Hazelwood’s- Craiglestone Miss Jelly Tot, Dark brindle coming 9mths. Clean raw puppy, well pigmented head which is at present is dry with long muzzle to head ratio. Depth of body with good topline of length. Good hind angles. Moved well needs to strengthen in temperament. Today’s weather conditions didn’t help BP.

PB (1.1) 1st Hazelwood’s- Craiglestone Miz Damson Jam, Raw 9mth old Brindle girl. Very clean dry puppy, long muzzle to head ratio. Good topline and angulation front and back, showing depth of chest. Would prefer heavier bone and substance throughout. Moved soundly but tendency to pace at times.

JB (1.1) 1st Rowley’s- Wiggenhalls Isabella, Brindle youngster, clean dry head of width, balanced head to muzzle ratios. Balanced moderate body showing good depth of chest and strong rear with good width and angulation. Would like to see more substance of bone, but limbs propelled well round the ring. Should mature to good effect.

YB (1.1) 1st Harding’s- Cwmtysswg Camille Rose avec Mulaloo, Apricot of size and length. Clean head and eye complimented by good pigment and bite. Great depth of body and spring of rib. Impressive fore-chest held up by good angulation, would prefer a more level topline, Smartly handled and moved well around the ring.

LB (2.1) 1st Gitting’s- Jolene Of Seven Oaks at Cwmtysswg, Large apricot of substance. Head that’s balanced, showing good width, with clean eye, soft wrinkle, and pigment. Great depth of body throughout underline held by solid moderate angulation. Quality bitch who caught my eye as she entered the ring but let herself down today with her erratic behaviour. Pulling her handler around the ring, deserving of her RCC.

OB (4.1) 1st Bowdrey’s- Morganlefay’s Iron Maiden, Dk Brindle bitch of length head held high on shapely neck, neat head with small ear, good bite, and excellent dense pigmentation. In good gleaming coat and body condition. Depth of body held by strong bone, good angulation front and back. Maturity has improved general width and chest. Impressed on the move once her movement settled, holding a better topline, than when static, rising over the loin BCC.

(*foot note many of the exhibits today were affected by the noise and windy weather conditions).

Judge Colin R Hill