• Show Date: 25/03/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Chui Chee (Katherine) Li Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

United Kingdom Toydog Society

Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

My grateful thanks to the show committee for the opportunity to judge one of my favourite shows. This has been a long awaited postponed appointment since 2020, due to COVID-19. Thank you to the exhibitors for a lovely entry. Unfortunately, some of the exhibits may not have shown their best due to the echoes in the venue.

I was very pleased with the quality of my winners where breed type was in abundance and there are some exciting youngsters coming up the ranks. I would like to mention that we need to be mindful and continue to improve on eye size and pigment.

My co-judge and I were in total agreement for BOB, BP, BV and BSB. The BOB was a young Blenheim Dog in the Open class and was awarded G4.

Special Beginners Dog (4, 0a)

1. Taylor’s Luvtayl Rave About

This Blen stood out in the class. Well marked with the richest of tan and clarity. Head still needs to fill, round eyes, correct stop and good dentition. Nicely bodied for his 10 months of age, moved steadily. Hopefully his elbows will tighten with time. BSBD and in agreement with my co-judge, BSB

2. Mattock’s Pamedna Pacco At Leybourne

Tri of an ideal size. Although older than winner was less mature in body. Lovely head, muzzle well filled, large dark eyes and tan of good colour, albeit would like to see more on the required areas of the body. Moved well but lost out as he was a bit proud of his tail.

3. Lunt’s Oaktreepark Royal Austin

4. Hawkins’ Lexody Pendemonium

Veteran Dog (5, 0a)

1. McMurray’s Ch Harana Jack Jones At Merryoth VW

A neat blen presenting a clean outline. Handsome, appealing with endearing eyes, well cushioned foreface. Still maintaining his long silky, richly coloured coat. Moved and showed like the seasoned pro and champion that he is. BVD, BV

2. Whitman & Tarabad’s Khatibi Bark Obama JW ShCEx

This Black and Tan has always appealed to me in make and shape. Impressed with his dentition for his age. Judged him as a youngster and he is still as young at heart as he was then. Moved steadily and showed happily. Unlucky to meet winner who was in better condition today.

3. Kynaston’s Granasil Golden Nugget VW ShCEx

4. Hobbs’ Beaconsfylde Catch The Kiss JW ShCM VW

5. Lee’s Kelrick Flapjack JW ShCM

Minor Puppy Dog (6, 0a)

1. Inglis’ Verheyen Reacher At Craigowl

This 7 month old Blen stood out and headed a lovely class of puppies. Eye catching, well marked and sporting a good coat for his age. Correct head proportions with dark round eyes and ear set. Neat shape, good bone for size and very self assured on the stand. Positive moving forward and aft. Promising puppy which I am sure will have a rosy future.

2. Sedgbeer’s Harana Harry Styles With Russmic

Delightful Blen of just 6 months, very much a baby. Captivated by his clear expressive eyes and black pigment. At times, just needed to use his ears more. Lovely type with good proportions and balance. Moved happily round with correct tail carriage. Showed a lot of promise.

3. Owen’s Hansowens Star of India Narayden

4. Lewis’ Carleeto Cutie Pie

5. Rhodes’ Calonlan Jack Daniels

Puppy Dog (5, 0a)

1. Gibson’s Toraylac Harvard

Another promising and stylish puppy, more my type, striking a pleasing picture from all angles. Kind expression with correct stop. Great size, elegant neck leading to laid back shoulders. Well made quarters which he used effectively. Edged it to win BPD on his free flowing and fluid movement. I will watch this promising puppy’s career with interest. BP

2. Spall & Clark’s Llapsttam’s Sir Prize

A slightly larger, eye catching Black and Tan. Very pleasing head with expressive eyes. Good spring of rib, longer cast than winner. Shiny, silky coat in wonderful condition, well feathered all round. A bit distracted today and not performing as well on the move.

3. Koster-Tindall’s Harana Pinball Wizard

4. Taylor’s Luvtayl Rave About.

5. Lunt’s Oaktreepark Royal Austin.

Junior Dog (7, 3a)

1. Richardson’s Kringleholme Kraftwerk

A smart Blen boy with my notes saying ‘love his face’. Good pigment and large round eyes. Well bodied and a strong front. A little in between coat. Showed well but can be just a tad proud of his tail at times.

2. Taylor’s Lorankas Secret Charmer

A Black and Tan of a lovely type and gentle expression. A little lower to the ground for overall balance. Good length of neck and well laid shoulders. More effort needed for coat presentation. Level topline on the move.

3. Mattock’s Pamedna Pacco At Leybourne.

4. Lunt’s Oaktreepark Royal Austin.

Maiden Dog (3, 0a)

1. Gibson’s Toraylac Harvard

See 1st PD

2. Lewis’ Carleeto Cutie Pie

Ruby with a lovely outline, less mature than 1. Soundly made body, good neck and shoulders, clean outline, well angulated hind quarters. Stylish on the move with a secure topline, lost out on eye and face fill which hopefully will improve as he matures.

3. Hawkins’ Lexody Pandemonium.

Novice Dog (6, 0a)

1. Hughes’ Loranka’s Encanto

A typey Black and Tan with rich tan. Very pleasing head and expression, ears set well. Nice size and lovely to go over, with good turn of stifle. Well turned out profuse coat. Won this class on his solid topline and tail carriage on the move.

2. Richardson’s Kringleholme Kraftwerk

See 1st JD

3. Spall & Clark’s Llapsttam’s On Your Marks

4. Taylor’s Lorankas Secret Charmer.

5. Mattock’s Pamedna Pacco At Leybourne.

Graduate Dog (7, 2a)

1. Lovel’s Lovetrac Brandon

This young Blen boy will always demand a second look. He has clarity of coat and is richly coloured. Appealing head, good length of neck and lay of shoulders, correct bone for size with a neat, clean outline. Solid topline and tailset on the move. More width coming towards than away. Epitomises a toy spaniel. One with a bright future and shortlisted for CC.

2. Spall & Clark’s Llapsttam’s Heavenly Sent

One that will always be in the cards. Different type to one. Smart, nicely made Ruby with good width in body. Well cushioned, masculine attractive head. Moved well, turned out beautifully, did not have the shoulders of winner but I liked him a lot.

3. Lymer’s Castlewytch Valentino

4. Gibson’s Toraylac Grayson

5. Stanton’s Cassandy Bruce Banner

Post Graduate Dog (4, 2a)

1. Spall & Clark’s Llapsttam’s Secret Seven JW

Another richly coloured Ruby from this kennel, a nice size with jet black pigment throughout. Would prefer a fuller muzzle. Balanced in shape, carried substance with good depth of chest, moved happily, scored in hind action and keeping correct tail carriage.

2. Hedger’s Khatibi Royal Male At Alrewic

Heavily marked Tri with a fuller face, another one of good size but not the substance of winner. Coat was on the blow. Moved ok with a wonderful attitude.

Mid Limit Dog (6, 0a)

1. Koster-Tindall’s Ryanmil Rococo Harana

Smart looking Tri with a pleasing head, correct ear set with a gentle expression. Loved his size, nicely boned with a wide white collar accentuating his graceful neck and shoulders. Lavishly coated and won on his super topline on the move.

2. Bayliss’ Castlewytch Infatuation

A longer cast Blen which gave him freedom on the move. Larger and different type to winner but equally an eye catcher. Attractive and full headed without coarseness, well bodied with good angles. Preferred the balance of winner and would have benefited with a faster paced handler on the move.

3. Mynott’s Honeybet Tri Again

4. Lee’s Kelrick Flashback

5. Fox’s Lynmily Mister Blue Sky

Limit Dog (8, 0a)

1. Rees’ Embeth Rock The Boat

Neat and compact Blen exhibit, richly coloured coat presented with great care. Round dark eye, correct stop and ear set. Nothing exaggerated. Ideal size, rounded body, well muscled hind. Loved his type and shape. Moved well in all directions driving with short pasterns. At one with his handler, showed with confidence and some cavalier naughtiness. Shortlisted for CC.

2. Hazeltine’s Juzandia The Shaman

Another lovely typey exhibit, heavily marked Blen. Slighter in body, well made and a bit longer cast than winner with good length of neck. Kind and inquisitive face. Effortless mover with excellent tail set and carriage. Preferred overall balance of winner.

3. Maclaine’s Lochbuie Cartoon

4. Surman’s Cavaliegh Kennedy

5. Harrison’s Poitrus Pan Dobry Rok (Imp Pol)

Special Open Dog (confined to Black & Tan or Ruby) (8, 0a)

1. Kerr’s Can Ch Cempas Northwest Passage (Can Imp) (Taf)

A glamourous Ruby with a well proportioned headpiece, lovely round dark eyes, correctly set ears, falling forward to frame head. Well boned for his ideal size, he strikes a pleasing picture from all angles with his graceful neck, shoulders, straight front, exemplary silhouette and richly coloured coat. Moved positively with elegance but did give his handler a hard time. He has a bright future and the potential to reach the top in the UK. I was pleased to award him the RCC.

2. Kilcoyne’s Ch Granasil Bourbon

Another fine Ruby of quality with good eyes and pigment. More statuesque in shape, very well made, compact with ample bone. Moved with a level topline. Immaculately turned out. Just preferred the type, front assembly and movement of winner. With his quality, I can see why he has been winning top honours.

3. Mattock’s Pamedna George Harrison At Leybourne

Open Dog (11, 3a)

1. Chapman & Ireland’s Ch Ellemich American Express

An outstanding beautifully marked Blen with rich tan. This dog needs no introduction but I had only seen him once in the ring, from afar, as a youngster. He has matured into a stunning example of the breed. Correct head proportions with large dark eyes and pigment, well muscled and angulated contributing to his outstanding movement. I have not seen a cavalier have a tail set on and carried so well, as an extension of the topline. He simply coasted round. Always alert, stylish, charismatic in all manner of showmanship and presented to perfection. He was on such top form with a gleaming coat that I couldn’t deny him the CC and with agreement with my co-judge, BOB and delighted that he went on to win G4.

2. Wileman & Bott’s Ch Granasil Trick Or Treat For Narvidar JW

Loved the proportions and shape on this Black and Tan. Handsome with a soft expression, kind eyes with underlying mischief and lovely rich tan on a wealth of coat. He moved with ease, in all directions, albeit at times, giving his handler a hard time. A worthy champion.

3. Eckersley’s (handled by Cunningham) Am Can AKC Chadwick Pursuit Of Perfection JW

4. Godwin’s Cavaliegh Genova

5. Rhodes’ Calonlan Grand Royale

C C (Katherine) Li