• Show Date: 28/07/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: christine morgan Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 09/08/2023

Leeds City & District Canine Association

Breed: German Shorthaired Pointer



Judge: Mrs Christine Morgan

BEST OF BREED : 1210 BOWLER, Miss Andrea Winterwell Iggy Inch JW

Dog CC : 1210 BOWLER, Miss Andrea Winterwell Iggy Inch JW

Res Dog CC : 1244 SMITH & REARDON, Messers D E & G Sh Ch Winterwell Maida Stone

Bitch CC : 1224 FILBY, Ms A BROWN & Mr C Winterwell Thatlldo for Desjiem JW

Res Bitch CC : 1227 JOWSEY, Mrs A & JOWSEY, Mr Stephen Winterwell Stoney Trail

Best Puppy : 1207 ANGUS, Mrs Laura Keigame Hearts Desire of Sparkenhoe (AI)

Best Veteran : 1247 THURM, Mr B & Mrs F Sh Ch Bryburn Bacchus JW Sh.CM ShCEx

Best Special Beginner : 1241 SHEPHERD, Mrs Joanne Alexandra Orchidstar Full Speed Ahead

My thanks to the Officers and Committee for the invitation to award my first set of tickets in GSPs. The entry was not large numerically but it was full of quality with many close decisions. I am very grateful to the exhibitors for presenting me with such a quality entry.

My stewards Bob and Kelly were excellent.

Not for the first time in my judging career I awarded top honours to the same kennel; this time they were all half siblings. Their dam has certainly made her mark on the breed.

Class 439 PD (2 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 1236 Pocock, Ms L Clannagael Henry. He has a balanced head with beautifully raised brows and a clean finish to his muzzle with a lovely big nose. His neck is strong and slightly arched, shoulders well laid, chest deep and wide quarters. Whilst he moves with a precise foot fall, he was very lethargic going round. Despite several calls going out for him he was missing when it came to the challenge for BPIB.

2nd: 1239 Rymer, Mrs G A Sarscottah Easy Ryder at Rollenwood. He needs to develop in front and lost his topline on the stack but he has a pleasant head and moves with verve. He has a better coat than the winner it being coarse to the touch but couldn’t match his construction.

Class 440 JD (2 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 1232 Mccafferty, Mr Frank & Mccafferty, Mrs Janet Thorscrag Hades. Well up to size with strong bone and substance but not coarse. He has a handsome, well balanced head, moderate length of neck, good angulation front and back and moves on a lengthy stride when settled. Harsh coat.

2nd: 1240 SHARPLES, Mrs Ann Orchidstar Central Link. Slightly strong in head for my preference but has a lovely eye shape and big nose. Not as close at the top of his shoulder blades as the winner and he was rather skinny but that said he presents a graceful outline on the stack. Moves well.

Class 441 PGD (2 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 1210 Bowler, Miss Andrea Winterwell Iggy Inch JW. What a fine example of the breed he his. He typifies the breed standard being short in back and standing over plenty of ground. He has such a noble and alert air about him and he is a picture of grace, power and substance. There is nothing coarse or heavy about him. His balance is apparent as he stands most comfortably to show off his many attributes. He has a classic clean cut head, slightly rounded skull, gradually rising nasal bone and beautifully raised brows. His eyes are dark with a soft, intelligent expression. His ears are broad and set on high to frame his very handsome head which fits so cleanly into his well muscled and slightly arched neck. His outline is so graceful and every part flows in to the next. There are no lumps, bumps or corners. His well muscled loins add to his strength of body and his hindquarters are moderate and broad. His movement is totally reflective of his construction; effortless and covering plenty of ground holding his topline at all times. His coat is short, flat and wonderfully harsh to the touch. He is only just turned 18 mths old and the best is yet to come but I was delighted to award him the CC, his second, and BOB.

2nd: 1226 Hill, Mrs Dianne & HILL, Mr Stephen Ceilloch Russian. He doesn’t have the angulation nor the depth of the winner and is a bit too square in outline but his head is pleasing and he is terrifically muscled all through with a taut, harsh coat.

Class 442 LD (3 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 1241 Shepherd, Mrs Joanne Alexandra Orchidstar Full Speed Ahead. He stands over plenty of ground, is good in front with depth of brisket, is well ribbed back and has a good turn of stifle. He has a well proportioned and sufficiently broad head with a gradual rise from nose to forehead and broad, high set ears. Strong mover with great tail carriage.

2nd: 1213 Brown, Miss Elanor & Brown, Mrs Victoria Montalba Mister Teatime. He is shorter overall than the winner and more steeply cut up. Masculine head, moderate length of neck, clean over the shoulder and his quarters are wide, powerful and well muscled. Loved his harsh coat.

3rd: 1222 Delaney, Mr K A & Thompson, Mrs L M Parsonsview Showboating at Redmires

Class 443 OD (6 Entries) Abs: 0.

A class full of quality dogs; I admired them all and was diligent in assessing their virtues.

1st: 1244 Smith & Reardon, Messers D E & G Sh Ch Winterwell Maida Stone. He is half brother to the CC winner having the same dam and has the same attributes as him. This one at 4 yrs old is the finished article, medium sized, masculine, short in back and stands over plenty of ground. He is noble in outlook and is clearly built for speed and endurance. His firm, fit body is taut and well muscled, there is plenty of dog in front and plenty of heart and lung room. His head is beautifully worked and I love his big, soft nose and wide nostrils. He has a coarse coat, is handled to perfection and moves like a train. It was a close decision for the ticket but I preferred the feet and pasterns of the Post Grad dog and so he had to settle for the RCC.

2nd: 1235 Pocock, Ms L Fayemm Sea The Stars. I found him very similar to the winner and I see now that they have the same sire. He is very sound and full of breed type, has a masculine head with a soft intelligent expression, strong neck, depth and well sprung ribs. Not as steady on the move as the winner.

3rd: 1242 Sielski, Mrs Z Sh Ch Orchidstar Bolts of Speed

Res: 1231 Mann, Mr & Mrs JR & V Sh Ch Elfrindew Endrick to Valger

VHC: 1212 Brown & Burns, Mr & Miss Robert & Anne Sh Ch Magregor Pop The Dom Over Pothouse

Class 444 VD (2 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 1247 Thurm, Mr B & Mrs F Sh Ch Bryburn Bacchus JW Sh.CM ShCEx. What a cracking dog he is! At 7 years old he is fit and so well muscled and moves with purpose and drive with a lovely open side gait. He has a lengthy forearm and well laid shoulders which place his legs well under his body, short back, big ribs, wide loins and is good over the croup. Best Veteran in Breed and Veteran Group 4.

2nd: 1243 Smith & Reardon, Messers D E & G Sh Ch Winterwell Fowl Play. A taller rangier dog who presents a graceful outline, has a reachy neck, strong topline and is well ribbed up. Excellent angulation front and back, great underline and terrific forward reach on the move.

Class 445 SBD/B (3 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: 1241 Shepherd, Mrs Joanne Alexandra Orchidstar Full Speed Ahead. Repeat from Limit.

2nd: 1225 Greenwood, Miss Stephanie Brevathos Tanna. This was the first championship show for both dog and handler and whilst at first a little overawed they both coped well in the end. She is just turned 18 mths old and still very raw. Needs to drop into her frame and develop in forechest. She is pretty and has good depth of muzzle, a kind eye and excellent ear set. She was carrying too much weight today but moved well with exuberance.

Class 446 PB (3 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: 1207 Angus, Mrs Laura Keigame Hearts Desire of Sparkenhoe (AI). I really liked this one. At 11 mths old she is really together and very well balanced. She has good angulation front and rear, strong bone and compact spoon shaped feet. Her head could break a bit but her raised eyebrows are super and her expression is soft and intelligent. I love the slight roman nose that she has. She held her shape so very well on the move and used her tail well. Her coat is short and harsh to the touch. Best Puppy in Breed.

2nd: 1246 Thomson, Ms S Sarscottah Enchanted. Rangier and longer in back than the winner and she moved close in front and wide behind but her head is beautiful. It has so much work in it; lovely skull shape, gradually rising nasal bone, chiselling and a protruding nose.

Class 447 JB (2 Entries) Abs: 0

I had great difficulty separating these two and now I find they are litter sisters. Both are of excellent type and present typical GSP outlines with short backs, strong bone, clean cut heads and excellent coats. Whilst I preferred the head on the second the winner had the better front and ribbing at this age. Both move well using their strong quarters to propel them round the ring and have fluid and open side gaits. Thank you for bringing them.

1st: 1219 Court, Mrs Jill Magregor Seventh Moon Over Ballyheige.

2nd: 1209 Barnett, Mrs Rhona Magregor Howl to the Moon

Class 448 PGB (8 Entries) Abs: 1

This was a good class and some close decisions were made.

1st: 1218 Staley, Ms Clare Jomeel Olivia's Choice. She looks so noble and elegant on the stack and has the frame and bone that will give her endurance and speed. She has a beautifully worked head, lengthy neck, well laid shoulders and elbows, depth of brisket and strong well muscled thighs. She moves effortlessly and shows a clean pair of heels going away.

2nd: 1220 Cox, Mrs P M Cushatlaw Athena JW. She is slightly finer in head than the winner but her overall shape and style is classic. Her ribs are very well sprung and she is strong in loin with a wide croup. Excellent balance throughout.

3rd: 1233 Mcilwaine, Mr & Mrs A & V Winterwell Steppin Stones To Benoveor

Res: 1238 Rutherford, Mrs J & Rutherford, Mr A Dappledele Aurelia Rose

VHC: 1209 Barnett, Mrs Rhona Magregor Howl to the Moon

Class 449 LB (5 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 1224 Filby, Ms A Brown & Mr C Winterwell Thatlldo for Desjiem JW. I love her for her size, shape and elegance. Her head is simply beautiful and fits so cleanly into her muscular and slightly arched neck which in turn flows into her well laid shoulders. She has length and return of upper arm placing her forelegs well under her body to show an excellent forechest. She has well sprung deep ribs, wide and slightly arched loins and broad hips. Her thighs are strong and well muscled and her stifles well bent. She has ample bone and tight spoon shaped feet. She is so smooth and lithe on the move maintaining her beautiful and elegant shape. It was my absolute pleasure to award her her 1st CC.

2nd: 1234 Pearson, Mrs W A Winterwell Lulu Moppet to Ladyhawke JW. She is a full sibling of the winner but 2 years younger and just as beautifully constructed. Her front is straight with slightly sloping pasterns and the top of her shoulder blades are close. She has bone, substance and is clearly built for a day’s work. I was nit picking between these two and in the end I just preferred the head of the winner. Both have short, harsh and taut coats.

3rd: 1221 Delaney, Mr K Archerpoint Sea The Stars At Redmires

Res: 1223 Ellis, Miss S & Ellis, Mrs Mandi Soellis Fancy Nancy

VHC: 1245 Stewart, Mrs Veronique & Currie, Mrs M & Boyles, M Magregor Amourette avec Levagrad

Class 450 OB (5 Entries) Abs: 0

Another very good class.

1st: 1227 Jowsey, Mrs A & Jowsey, Mr Stephen Winterwell Stoney Trail. She has the very best of heads and an expression to die for her; she looked right into my soul. The work in her head is beautiful with fine chiselling, raised brows and a slight Roman nose. Her construction is classic GSP with such a graceful and feminine outline yet she possesses the power and ability to work that a dual purpose gundog should have. She carries a strong topline with muscular loins and quarters and well turned stifles. Her feet are perfect. She moves with tremendous forward reach and covers plenty of ground. I found her carrying a tad too much weight which was my deciding factor in the challenge. RCC.

2nd: 1248 Thurm, Mr B & Mrs F Sh Ch Dappledele First Date at Bryburn. I found her slightly longer cast than the winner and she kept dropping her topline but nevertheless she appeals for breed type and functionality. There is plenty of dog in front and she has great reach and drive.

3rd: 1229 Lockett, Mr Ernest & Lockett, Mrs Linda Fayemm Forever Together

Res: 1217 Staley, Ms Clare Jomeel Naughtylicious

VHC: 1211 Braine, Miss J Grenetrest Tulip

Class 451 VB (1 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 1230 Lockett, Mr Ernest & Lockett, Mrs Linda Fayemm Remember Me. She is full of breed type and very impressive on the stack. I loved her head with its slightly protruding nose and how she held it on the move as if to scent the air. Another great coat.