• Show Date: 02/04/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: christine morgan Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

English Setter Society Of Wales

Breed: English Setter



Judge: Christine Morgan

What a wonderful time I had judging this beautiful breed. The show was held in an excellent venue and the secretary Kay Stephenson made me very welcome. My stewards, Andy and Anna, kept my ring running in good order and my co-judge and I agreed on all the major awards. On the whole I was impressed with the excellent front angulation in the breed; most had very good length of upper arm.


MPD (5)

A class full of promise for the future. The length of upper arm on all of them was impressive.

1. Darley’s Severnsett Gold Sovereign. A very promising puppy who is well balanced and has plenty of rounded bone. He has depth of brisket, a strong arched neck, good length and return of upper arm, round ribs and a well set on tail. His head is long and not too lean and he has expressive dark, oval eyes. Puppies of this age are often a bit flat footed and his will tighten. He carries a silky coat and moves well holding his head high and his tail on a level with his back. BPD & RBPIS.

2. Danks-Kemish’s Ravensett Untouchable among Alolfrana. He has an air of elegance about him and is very well constructed and carries a long and silky coat. He stands on strong limbs and tight feet, has moderate length to his body and is short in back with an excellent tail set. His head is pleasant but a bit too narrow for my preference. Moves happily with ease.

3. Seaman’s Mariglen Just George

PD (1)

1. Bromwich’s Ilexset Primary Colour. This one really fulfils the standard when it comes to temperament; he is clearly extremely friendly and good natured. He has some way to go in body development but his head is balanced with a good stop and moderately deep muzzle.

Vet (2)

1. Tompsett’s Radbrooks Sloop JohnB. He tends to stack with a slightly sloping topline but on the move he carries a strong level line and lashes his tail as he goes. He has great front and rear angulation. I loved his head with its kind eye and big nose. He clearly adores his owner/handler.

2. Brown’s Mariglen Top Gear at Yendorlech. Slightly broader in skull than the winner and couldn’t match his footfall but he is of very good type with the most gorgeous expression, excellent front angulation and powers round the ring using his wide well muscled quarters.


No entries

Nov (2)

1. Smith’s Bournehouse Secret Sunset of Meadowrush. Substantially made but carrying too much weight today and moving quite closely front and back. That said he has a very handsome head with a benign expression, has a strong well muscled neck, level topline and tight feet. Carries his tail well on the move.

2. I. Primary Colour

Grad (5, 1 abs)

1. Stewart’s Tattersett Golden Sunrise. I liked this youngster very much. He is impressive on the stack with his clean outline, short back and depth of chest. His skull is oval showing plenty of brain room and his moderately deep muzzle is fairly square and ends in a nice big nose with wide nostrils. He carries a beautifully silky coat and moves with precision and verve. A quality exhibit.

2. Fisher & Bennett’s Quensha Man in the Mirror. Another quality dog who was unlucky to come up against the winner. He is rangier than the winner and just a few months younger which can make all the difference in juveniles. He is elegant in outline, has plenty of bone, good depth, correct tail set and stands on neat feet. Long, lean head, low set ears and dark eyes.

3. Kelly’s Edge of Dreams at Archenset

Post Grad (4)

1. Szal’s Sharnyx River Flow. Terrific temperament expressed by his ever wagging tail. Liked his head and eye, round ribs, well muscled quarters. Moved well lashing his tail as he went.

2. Kelly’s Cornsett the Wise One. Very noble outlook, well balanced and well ribbed back. A bit wider in skull than the winner and not as good in front movement. Nicely muscled.

3. Carr’s Balvenie Blue Lagoon

Mid Limit (6, 2 abs)

1. Johnston’s Wansleydale Beguiled of Loonbrae. Presents a good outline with a rather long, muscular neck and good angulation. Balanced head with plenty of brain room and clear stop, low set ears. Moved well with good tail carriage.

2. Vallance’s Rowanmyle Was a Skellum. Doesn’t have the strength in neck of the winner but has width between his shoulder blades, a level back and decent quarters. He has a lovely eye and expression.

3. Cielecki’s Bramstorm Red Admiral at Annapurna

Limit (5, 1 abs)

1. Wood’s Juldeane Prime Suspect (AI). He is very well constructed and displays a typical outline. Excellent forehand with length and return of upper arm and well laid shoulders. I loved his head with its oval skull, depth of muzzle, dark eyes with lovely chiselling below and wide nostrils. He holds his shape on the move and has an excellent driving action. Considered for RCC.

2. Lawson’s Wansleydale Dorian Grey JW. Great ribbing on this dog and presented in fit condition. I preferred the shape of skull on the winner but this was nit picking. He is expertly handled and shows himself off a treat. Great tail action and covers plenty of ground on the move.

3. Watt’s Walshaw Brushstrokes

Open (5)

1. Poynter, Poynter and Lewis’ Quensha Cowboys and Angels. The last time I judged this breed he was best puppy dog and albeit with a different handler today he has certainly fulfilled the promise I saw in him then. He totally filled my eye with his muscular, fit body and high head carriage. He presents a superbly clean outline, has a short, level back, is a good size and has an air of nobility and elegance about him. He has well laid shoulders with good width between the blades and his brisket is well down to his elbows. He is straight in front with rounded and muscular bone and stands on tight feet with nicely arched toes. His ribs are well sprung and round and carried well back. He has wide, slightly arched loins and when viewed from behind has a strong muscular flare over his hips. He is very well muscled all through and has a good bend of stifle. His head is so very handsome, long and lean with plenty of brain room and low set ears. His ever wagging tail and mild, expressive eyes are testament to his friendly good nature. He powered round the ring lashing his tail whilst maintaining his excellent shape. He could have carried more feathering today which was my deciding factor in agreeing to the bitch being best in show. I was delighted to award him the CC and that my co-judge agreed to him being Reserve Best in Show.

2. Danks-Kemish’s Sh Ch Ravensett Work of Art at Alolfrana. A very good dog indeed. His head is long and lean with oval skull, clear stop and low set ears. He is well angulated with very good length and return of upper arm. He moves effortlessly on a long stride. RCC.

3. Wilson’s Ravensett Giovanni