• Show Date: 08/04/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: charlotte dalgarno Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Hound Association Of Scotland

Breed: Basset Griffon Vendeen (Petit)

Hound Association Of Scotland Championship Show 2023

Judge: Charlotte Dalgarno (Vencharno)

Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen

Firstly I would like to the thank the officers and committee for inviting me to judge this wonderful breed. The show was well ran and the day went smoothly. I would also like to thank all the exhibitors for their entries today.


1) Wyllie, Mr S A & Mrs L M, Callydena Rachello. 7 Month Orange and white bitch. Beautifully put together young puppy. Lovely petit expression, good dentition, enough under jaw, dark oval eye, low set ears. Lovely length of neck leading into nicely placed shoulders. Straight front. Good length of ribbing with short loin. Short tail set well. Presented well with a lovely harsh jacket. Nice turn of stifle and hocks well let down standing parallel. Moved freely around the ring showing a cheeky petit attitude. Very true coming and going. Best Bitch, BOB & BPIB



Post Graduate

1) Allen & Gilluley, Mrs S & Mrs C. Ballencrieff Figgy Pudding. 3 year old tri dog. Compact little dog, with correct length to height ratio. Good head shape, skull slightly domed. Ears set low. Nice depth of chest. Strong neck which flowed into well laid shoulders. Good length of ribbing with nice short loin. Well muscled throughout. Good harsh coat. Short tail carried well on the move. Moved out well with good rear action, a little narrow on the move in front. But excelled in profile. Best Dog.

2) Wyllie, Mr S A & Mrs L M. Callydena Michael Mc Entire. 3 year old tri dog. Another dog I quite liked for shape and type. Masculine all through. Head of good proportions, skull slightly domed, ears set low. A little lighter in eye than I’d prefer. Strong neck, shoulders well laid back. Well sprung ribs, ribbed well back. Short loin. Good rear angulation used well on the move. Unfortunately was unsettled on the move and was a little messy in front action. Reserve Best Dog.


1) Gilluley, Mr M & Mrs C, Caldewriver Legally Blonde Of Ballencrieff. 6 year old, orange and white bitch. Lovely overall balance and proportions. Lovely famine head, enough under jaw, dome to skull. Ears set low. Lovely dark oval eye. Good length of neck, enough chest. Straight strong front assemble. Good length of ribbing and a short loin. Tail short and set well. Nice turn of stifle. Hocks standing parallel. Moved true coming and going. The young pup just had the edge today in the challenge. Reserve Best Bitch.

2) Foote & McAuley, Mr R, Mrs G & Miss E, Ch/Ir Ch Erylan Hera La Reine. 3 year old grizzle bitch. Very nice to look at, but very over presented with too much product in her coat which unfortunately took your eye away from the rustic look the breed should have. Good head, dark eye and low set ears. Good neck into well laid shoulder. A little short in upper arm. Well ribbed back and short loin. Tail short and set well. Moved ok in profile, a little close going away. 


1) Foote & McAuley, Mr R, Mrs G & Miss E. Ir Ch Clonallen Just Beginning Avec Erylan ShCM. 10 year old grizzle. Looking well for her age. Although well up for size. Has a good overall shape. Enough underjaw and proportions to head. Dark oval eye. Ears set low. Enough neck, shoulder well laid back. A little narrow in chest. Ribbed well, short loin. Good hocks well let down. Moved well with good reach and drive in profile. Best Veteran.

2) Wyllie, Mr S A & Mrs L M. Callydena Toffee Bon Bon. 9 year old orange and white bitch. A more compact bitch, head of good proportions, a little flat on skull. Ears set low. A little short in neck. Shoulders well laid back. Short in ribbing, good strong loin. Tail well set carried well. Moved with enthusiasm.

Special Beginners