• Show Date: 08/12/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Cath Moffat Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 11/12/2023

Ladies Kennel Association

AVNSC HOUND Thanks to my two stewards Chris and Linda who had already had a long day before I got to the ring to judge, they were both a pleasure to work with and the ring ran very smoothly. JD/B 1(0) 1. Aabidah De Polvo Magico (imp AUS). Sloughi. 13 month old bitch, feminine head and enchanting expression, she was so elegant throughout, lovely endearing dark eye, balanced head planes with slight stop, good neck and shoulders, straight bone and good feet, sound in top-line and nicely angulated throughout, moved well in profile, a little unsettled going away but she was so light and free on the move, a lovely prospect, BB & BOB. PGD/B 2(0) 1. Henissy Farthing. Harrier. 4 year old bitch, broad skull, strong muzzle and eye of good colour and set, strong feet, good bone, nicely balanced throughout with good angulation, moved beautifully in profile but a little wide coming to, she was in excellent, well muscled condition. 2. Henissy Fanfare. Harrier. Another nicely balanced 4 year old male, handsome head. With lovely eye and good skull, well set ears, good feet, nicely angulated although would like a stronger top-line, moved out ok when settled, RBD. OD/B 2(0) 1. Henissy Fancy. Harrier. 4 year old, litter sister to previous class winner, another who was nicely balanced and stood well, broad feminine skull with slight stop, straight legs with good feet, well set and carried ears, nicely angulated with sound top-line, moved out well when settled and presented in well muscled fit condition, RBB. 2. Evforce Miss Havoc at Henissy. Harrier. 5 year old bitch of nice breed type with lovely feminine head and expression, good neck and shoulders with sound top-line, good layback of shoulder but felt she was a little wide in front and her long nails would benefit from some attention, moved well in profile. VD/B 2(1) 1. Dazzleby Chorister. Foxhound. 8 year old handsome male with strong masculine head and features, dark eye, strong muzzle and good skull, straight legs of strong bone with good feet, nicely angulated throughout with sound top-line and good depth of chest, he moved freely in profile and was presented in fit, well muscled condition, BD & BV. AV IMPORTED REGISTER BREEDS HOUND PD/B 1(0) 1. Porteous’ Rivus King Philip of Lizanthe (imp DNK). Basset Bleu De Gascogne. 8½ months, confident young man, long in foreface with good ears and nice eye, prominent sternum, strong feet, arched neck leading into sound angulation, he moved out well when settled with a purposeful stride with drive and was presented in excellent fit condition for such a young dog, RBD & BP. PGD/B 3(1) 1. Broadgate’s Scenterbay Constellation. Black and Tan Coonhound. 20 month old bitch, strongly made throughout, strong head with dark eye, good ears, straight legs and good feet, good depth of chest and nicely proportioned, sound top-line, moved out well in profile, a little untidy on the out and back, well conditioned with good muscle tone, RBB. 2. Wyer/Wyer-Marshall/Shannon’s Valabaude Soldat. Griffon Fauve De Bretagne. 2 year old male of pleasing breed type, appealing in skull with correct head planes, good eye colour and set, muscular neck and well angled shoulder with sound top-line, moved fluidly in profile but not very co-operative on the move out and back, presented in excellent coat and good muscle tone, BD. OD/B 6(4) 1. Gunn’s Stonemartin Ailbe with Katanga (IKC). Azawakh. 4 year old bitch, beautifully chiselled head with the most feminine of expression, dark eye, flat skull, straight legs, correct bone, lovely length of neck, sound top-line and correctly angulated, deep chest and good tuck up, she was so elegant standing and moving, evident pin bones, beautiful coat, she moved out well with elegance, in excellent coat, BB & BOB. 2. Wyer/Wyer-Marshall/Shannon’s Valabaude Soldat. Repeat. CATH MOFFAT