• Show Date: 09/12/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Cath Moffat Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 13/12/2023

Ladies Kennel Association




Many thanks to my two hard working stewards Sue and Julie who kept the ring running so smoothly for me, really appreciated your help.

PD/B 2(1)

1. Withdrawn. I was unable to touch this young exhibit and he was clearly very scared and becoming increasingly distressed, the owner agreed that she would like to withdraw.

PGD/B 2(0)

1. Robson’s Sandytrail Seraphin Meslabrit. Pyrenean Sheepdog (LH). Lively young black male of 18 months, appealing head with excellent pigment, masculine expression and good eye shape, good ear set, just a little long in proportions, good feet and correct bone, very free on the move, just a little unsure about being assessed, BD.

2. Lucas’ Sandytrail Sirene at Shiningtor. Pyrenean Sheepdog (LH). Black bitch of 18 months who I now see is the litter sister to 1st, very similar in appearance and structure, a little short in leg and again a little long in body, feminine head and expression with dark eye, sound in top-line with good angulation, moved out ok when she settled, RBB.

OD/B 2(0)

1. Robson’s Sandytrail Scheherazade Meslabrit. Pyrenean Sheepdog (LH). Really loved this 7 year old fawn bitch, she was so confident and didn’t put a paw wrong all the time she was in the ring, lovely feminine head and expression, excellent pigment, correct neck and shoulders, lovely body proportions, correct bone and feet, loved her confident movement, she owned that ring and she knew it! Presented in excellent coat and condition, a true showgirl, BB & BOB.

2. Lucas’ Sandytrail Stargazer at Shiningtor. Pyrenean Sheepdog (LH). 6 year old black male, masculine head and expression, straight legs with correct bone and good feet, sound in top-line and nicely angulated all through, in good coat and condition but not the movement of 1st, RBD.


PD/B 3(1)

1. Smith’s Reina Lord Of North for Sandlyun. A very promising White Swiss Shepherd bitch of 9 months, full of confidence, lovely feminine head and expression, dark eye and well set ears of correct size, good layback of shoulder, straight legs and correct oval feet, nice body proportions, sound top-line, she moved freely around the ring with excellent reach and drive, presented in a beautiful coat, I’m sure this bitch has a promising future ahead, BB, BP & BOB.

2. Symonds’ Adonis-Ares Del Montevergine for Morrioghain (imp). Bergamasco male of 11½ months, broad masculine head with dark eye, good angles throughout and sound in top-line, good bone and feet, well muscled and presented in lovely condition, not quite as clean on the move as 1st, RBD.

JD/B 3(0)

1. Henshaw’s Whitehemi’s Brabham. Young White Swiss Shepherd male of 15 months, well made, masculine head and expression, would like a cleaner front but he had good body proportions and a sound top-line, angulation good enough and he moved out well when settled into his stride.

2. Ridgewell’s Whitehemi’s Brooklands. White Swiss Shepherd bitch of 15 months, another where the front could be cleaner and pasterns could be slightly stronger, feminine head and expression, good neck, strong shoulders and sound top-line, moved out ok when she focused on the task in hand.

3. Strange’s White Dream Team Simply The Best (imp CRO). White Swiss Shepherd.

PGD/B 7(3)

A really lovely class where I was spoilt for choice.

1. Leadbeater’s Jackson The Winter Souls in Shadowshack (imp ESP). Upstanding male White Swiss Shepherd of 19 months who appealed for his masculinity and balance, lovely expressive head with well set ears and good strength in skull, strong neck leading into a well set shoulder, sound in top-line, good bone and feet, he was nicely angulated and moved out well with free and purposeful movement, was a little fond of his tail, BD, pushed hard in the challenge but just preferred the overall outline of the bitch on the final go round.

2. Smith’s Gwen White Elf Lord of North for Sandlyun (imp). 2½ year old White Swiss Shepherd bitch, very feminine with expressive head and dark eye, good depth of chest and pleasing body proportions, she was nicely angulated all through, she had good bone and feet although pasterns could be slightly stronger, she moved out with purpose and was presented in well muscled condition, RBB.

3. Milham’s Ariel Of The Lowlands Whites in Shadowshack (imp). White Swiss Shepherd.

OD/B 7(2)

1. Atkin’s Brigham Snow Tempest to Ellupo. White Swiss Shepherd male of 2½ years, masculine head and expression, strong neck leading into good shoulders, straight legs with good feet and bone, sound body proportions and well muscled top-line, he moved out well with an effortless gait.

2. Brown’s Kontrastas Hector The Noble with Tamalden. White Swiss Shepherd 4 year old male in excellent coat and condition, masculine head, strong muzzle and dark eye, well set ears, nicely angulated front and strong rear, good body proportions, he moved out well with a purposeful gait, very well handled and presented.

3. Jeavons’ Int Ch. Pic D’Arlee Nelson avec Bergerpicard (imp FRA). Picardy Sheepdog.