• Show Date: 07/12/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Cath Moffat Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/02/2024

Ladies Kennel Association


Many thanks to the Secretary and her committee for inviting me to judge at this lovely show being a replacement judge 3 days for AVNSC classes and AV Imported Register Breeds, I wish the original judge all the very best and I hope to see him in the New Year, I thoroughly enjoyed doing something a bit different!


My two stewards Jean and Joyce kept the ring running so smoothly and they were excellent company, thank you.


PD/B 1(0)

1. Mault’s Limartine Red Inferno. Australian Silky Terrier. Just 7 months old and full of character, he just loved life which is always nice to see, good head with nice eye, straight, clean front with good feet, nicely angulated front and rear with good top-line, liked his body proportions, when he settled into his job, he showed some steady, true movement, coat developing well, BD.

OD/B 1(0)

1. Mault’s Limartine Red Letter. Australian Silky Terrier. 3½ year old bitch who went so much better when her handlers changed later, feminine head and expression with a keen eye, nicely angulated, she moved out well carrying a sound top-line and was dressed in a quality coat, in the challenge for BOB she moved out so much better, BB & BOB.


All breeds were Russian Toys and they captivated me, thank you for such a lovely entry full of quality.

PD/B 3(1)

1. Tate’s Diva Russian Toy Slovenia (imp SLO). 8 month old bitch (LH) who just needs more confidence in the ring, feminine head and expression, small head and large eyes, good ears which she could use more, straight legs of fine bone, she was finding it hard to co-operate but once she relaxed and got into her stride she showed some brisk profile movement, presented in good coat, BP.

2. King/Berrington’s Villanelle Wonderful Toy Joreth (imp LVA). Pretty bitch of 7 months (LH) with very feminine head and expression, when she relaxed she showed a good outline but was very tense and reluctant to co-operate, nicely angulated with good top-line and presented in lovely coat, I have no doubt when she builds on her confidence we will see a happier exhibit.

JD/B 10(1)

1. Orchard’s Lionize Nearly Midnight. Loved this young lady of 16 months (SH), so sassy and full of confidence, good ears, large eyes and pretty head, straight front with correct fine bone, lovely proportions and sound in top-line, moved out briskly and with purpose, presented and handled beautifully, I am sure she has a very promising future ahead, BB.

2. Holyland’s Ollarena Wizadora. Another nice example of this beautiful toy breed, bitch of 19 months (LH) in such beautiful condition, small head with the most beautiful fringed ears, large eyes, lovely attitude to life and moved with a brisk, purposeful stride, another presented to perfection.

3. Harrison’s Russiandream Floki Cannoli.

PGD/B 7(1)

1. Harrison’s Russiandream Emily Poppins. 2 year old bitch (LH) of lovely proportions, balanced and free on the move, pretty feminine head and eye, good ears, nicely angulated throughout with good top-line, she moved with purpose and was full of confidence, presented in beautiful coat and condition, RBB.

2. Orchard’s Manatek Cushti Rye. Male of 2½ years (LH), alert and expressive masculine head with large eyes looking straight back at you, beautifully fringed ears, lovely proportions and balanced angulation throughout, he moved out with a brisk, purposeful stride and was presented in excellent order.

3. Holyland’s Ollarena Velikaya.

OD/B 7(1)

1. Orchard/Holyland’s Multi Ch. Fiesta Show Russian Pride (imp BLR). What a super little dog of 5 years (LH), he oozed both quality and confidence and showed it in all departments, handsome but correct head with lovely large eyes, excellent ears, good neck leading into a pleasing front assembly, sound in top-line and rear angulation, he moved around the ring as if he owned it and certainly had that ‘look at me’ attitude, couldn’t fault his presentation and was delighted to award him BD & BOB. After judging I was told this was retirement day, I think he has certainly earned it!

2. Harrison’s Elema Iz Beloi Rusi at Russiandream. 4½ year old bitch (LH) of lovely quality, small head with large eyes, good neck, straight fine bone, excellent body proportions and nicely angulated front and rear, she was presented in immaculate condition with a beautiful coat, she moved out with a brisk, purposeful stride, RBD.

3. Casey’s Russiandream Cody Fleming for Shamal.