• Show Date: 06/07/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Cath Moffat Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

East Of England Agricultural Society

Breed: Briard

PGD 1(0)

1. Challis’ Kastobri Midnight Dreamer. 19 months old, masculine, strong head, dark eye, would have liked a little more length of neck, ok in shoulder and top-line, deep chest and well ribbed back, would like a more positive movement, especially in his rear going away, a little soft in coat but he was presented in well muscled condition.

OD 4(2)

1. Foster’s Fostebrie Just Unique JW Lux Jun Ch. Immaculately presented fawn of nearly 2 years, lovely masculine head and expression, strong muzzle, lovely eye, strong neck and shoulders with good depth of chest, liked his proportions, well ribbed back with short loin, in excellent, hard condition, moved around the ring easily in all directions with effortless reach and drive, good coat, BD.

2. Mease’s Im Idol Dalido. Another lovely male of 6 years, strong and masculine all through with lovely head, expression and eye, a real handful for his owner but he was handled well to bring out his best qualities, strong neck and good layback of shoulder, good body proportions and lovely depth of chest, well ribbed back, correct croup, moved out well with ease, well muscled, good texture to coat, RBD.

PB 1(0)

1. Wescott-Smith/Smith’s Vivienne De L’arene Noire at Rozimba (imp BEL). Lovely young lady of just a year old, such a feminine and expressive head, dark eye and lovely pigment, strong neck and good shoulders, nicely angulated throughout and looked a picture on the move, flowed around the ring, deep chest and correct body proportions, beautifully presented in good coat, RBB & BP.

JB 4(2)
1. Foster’s Fostebrie Special Edition. 14 months old, lovely feminine head and expression, dark eye, well constructed front with straight legs and good bone, deep chest and well ribbed, sound body proportions, she was balanced and effortless on the move, tended to lose her top-line slightly but a well presented bitch in excellent coat with good muscle tone.

2. Harris-Magri’s Jasmine Pink Bezy Bezy. 17 months old where I would like more substance all through, feminine head and expression, held her top-line well standing and on the move, strong neck, ok in angulation front and rear, deep chest and well ribbed, short loin, well muscled, quite erratic which made it hard to assess her on the move.

LB 2(0)

1. Hartwell’s Chavell Bonjour Maisie JW. Promising young fawn bitch of 19 months, full of quality, gorgeous expressive head with lovely eye, good jaw, strong neck and powerful shoulders, lovely body proportions, good depth of chest and well ribbed, in excellent well muscled condition, she moved around the ring with a powerful easy gait showing excellent extension and drive, I’m sure this bitch has a very promising future ahead of her, BB & BOB.

2. Snelling’s Beauency Bellini. 3 years old, nicely presented fawn bitch with feminine head and expression, good eye and pigment, strong neck and shoulders and nicely angulated all through, sound body proportions and top-line, she moved out well when settled, in good coat and condition.

OB 1(0)

1. Foster’s Ch/Nl/Lux/Int Ch. Fostebrie Precious Hope (AI) JW ShCM Cjw18 Ww18 Benelux18. Beautifully presented black bitch of 6 years who I remember judging as a youngster and consider her a worthy title holder, lovely feminine head with dark, expressive eye, beautifully angulated all through with ideal body proportions, deep chest, well ribbed with short loin, good tail carriage, well muscled and fit, today she was just carrying a little too much weight over her shoulders, she moved out with an easy, ground covering gait. 

SpBB 1(0)

1. Harris-Magri’s Jasmine Pink Bezy Bezy. Repeat. BSpB.