• Show Date: 01/04/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Carolyn Lambert Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

National Terrier Club

Breed: Bull Terrier (Miniature)

Bull Terrier (Miniature)

Saturday 1st April, 2023

I would like to thank the National Terrier Club Committee for inviting me to judge at their Championship Show; it’s a particular honour to judge this prestigious show. Thanks also to my most efficient ring stewards, Rachel and Sally for all their help.

Overall, the quality of animals was very good, especially in the bitch classes, the mini’s have come a long way in terms of make, shape and quality and mouths and movement have improved considerably. On the down side however, most were slightly over the measure and too many have a round eye instead of the correct “varminty” expression. Nevertheless, the breed is looking exactly as ‘described on the tin’, Bull Terrier. Miniature.

The entry was pretty good at 33 with only 3 absent on the day. The overall quality was excellent and I was really delighted with my CC and RCC winners which are outstanding examples.

Class 82 Special Beginners Dog or Bitch (1) (0 absent)

1st. Thompson’s Oakfayre’s Empress Eternal – Substantial brindle bitch with pleasing head profile and enough fill. Ears erect and well placed, a slightly round eye, Perfect mouth. Good bone and lovely straight front with neat feet. Well-shaped, compact body with well angulated hind quarters, moved well. Slightly over the measure. Best Special Beginner

Class 83 Minor Puppy Dog (No entries)

Class 84 Puppy Dog (No entries)

Class 85 Junior Dog (1) (0 absent)

1st. Harper’s Olympusbulys Cronus – Brindle dog with a strong, well filled head lacking a classical profile. Good, well-placed ears and a perfect mouth. Straight front with good firm topline, would like to see a bit more substance and more bend of stifle. Covered the ground well when moving. Slightly over the measure.

Class 86 Post Graduate Dog (3) (1 absent)

1st. White’s A Mini Rumpus Deejay By Design – Substantial red dog with a very nice profile and well placed ears. Real powerhouse of a dog with plenty of type and very good for size. Well-shaped body with nicely angulated rear hindquarters. A little round in eye and I would like to see a straighter front and tidier feet, he is a little short on the leg. Moved well viewed from the front but a little close behind.

2nd. Sinclair & Kiss’s Well-shaped Aran – White dog with a black ear mark. Head lacking a little in fill and profile. Mouth incorrect, good front and neat tight feet. Lovely small, well-placed ears. Compact, shapely body with nice angulation to quarters. Moved well both ways and was under the measure. Missing testicle.

Class 87 Limit Dog (3) (0 absent)

1st. Goodwin’s Spitewinter Agudath – Beautifully shaped red dog of quality with a short back and good, well angulated hindquarters. Nicely curved profile to head with enough fill and well-placed erect ears. Incorrect mouth. Would like to see a straighter front and more bone. Well-constructed he moved well both ways and was under the measure. RDCC

 2nd. Hull’s Risibly Anarchy in The UK – Brindle and white with a pleasing head, nice profile and correct bite. Ears could be better placed. Good front but was a little roached it topline and stifles could do with more angulation. Moved OK. Slightly over the measure.

3rd. Wilson’s Davisa Sheer Khan.

Class 88 Open Dog – (4) (1 absent)

1st. Hearne, Singleton & Catiline’s Ch Dofro Stormbreaker Warbonnet – Outstanding typy and substantial black/brindle boy with a lovely head, beautiful shape, profile and fill. Well placed ears and tiny eye giving him an excellent expression. Perfect mouth. Well placed, nicely shaped ears. Short, compact body lines and well angulated hindquarters. Straight front but feet are a little untidy. Moved well and under the measure. A very handsome boy. DCC

2nd. Harper’s Chattanooga Choo Choo Aedestaurum – Red smut dog with a pleasing head, good profile and well-placed ears. Incorrect mouth. Short backed, good rear angulation with neat, compact feet. Would like to see a bit more bone. Well-presented and showed his socks off.

3rd. De Carlo’s Ch Ragnarr Del Peperoncino D’oro.

Class 89 Veteran Dog (No entries)

Class 90 Minor Puppy Bitch (No entries)

Class 91 Puppy Bitch (5) (0 absent)

1st. Bownes’s Jenkir Hebe – Black/Brindle bitch with a pretty head, nicely turned with enough fill. Ears neat and correctly placed. A little round in eye, straight front, tidy feet and short backed. Well angulated hindquarters. Best Puppy

2nd. Wilson & Harrison’s Jenkir Artemis – Brindle puppy with a pleasing body shape, short backed with good hindquarters. Head could do with more profile and fill but ears are well shaped and set on top of head. Good mouth. Feet could be tidier. Moved close behind.

3rd. Tomkins’s Vataha Crazy Daisy.

Class 92 Junior Bitch (4) (0 absent)

1st. Thompson’s Oakfayre’s Empress Eternal – (see class 1)

2nd. Harper’s Olympusbulys Maia – White bitch with black eye patch. Head could do with more curve to profile and fill under the eyes. Ears nicely shaped and well set. Good mouth. Straight front and very neat, cat like feet. Short, compact body with good topline and well angulated quarters. Moved a bit close behind. Slightly over on the measure.

3rd. Carpenter’s Bellalu Luna Neoma.

Class 93 Post Graduate Bitch (6) (0 absent)

1st. Mercer & Jones’s Britannia Von Del Alten Veste – Brindle bitch with beautiful, well-placed ears, but a little round in eye, Perfect mouth and a nice straight front. Would like a bit more bone and better angulation to the quarters. Movement was good - just over the measure.

2nd. Peakin’s Byzantine Dadoit – White bitch with a pretty head and small eye giving a pleasing expression. Lovely erect ears with a good mouth. Straight front and nicely angulated quarters. Lovely elegant bodylines but rather immature and needs more substance. Moved close behind.

3rd. Malchanava & Vysotki’s Topsabully Rostislava.

Class 94 Limit Bitch (4) (1 absent)

1st. Stevens’s Byzantine Blaise – Quality white bitch with brindle eye patch. Beautiful head, lovely profile and enough fill. Super, well-placed ears and nicely shaped eye giving a good expression. Good mouth. Straight front and well-shaped, compact body with good angulation to hindquarters. Just over the measure and moved a touch close behind. Nevertheless, a super, very elegant, beautifully presented bitch with lots to like and quality and type stamped all over her. BCC & BOB

2nd. Wilson & Harper’s Olympusbulys Athena – Black brindle bitch with a well-shaped body and straight front. Would like to see a bit more profile to the head and more bone. Good mouth, lovely ear shape and set and moved well both ways. Just over the measure.

3rd. Woods’s Kiltonthorpe Midnight Sun.

Class 95 Open Bitch (3) (0 absent)

1st. Marshall say’s Risibully Girls On Film with Fergustaff – Typy and square Tri colour with a lovely head, well-shaped, short with plenty of fill under the eyes and beautiful profile. Small, neat and well-placed ears with a nice expression. Incorrect mouth. Good straight front with neat and tidy feet. Lovely short back, well-shaped and bent stifles. A little overdone in shoulder and a touch more bone would be better. Movement a touch close behind but overall, she presents as a very smart, small example of the breed who pushed hard for the CC, losing out only to a bit more quality and elegance. I am sure her day will come. RBCC

2nd. Helsing’s Glossy Black Frozen Eminance – White bitch with a pretty head, good expression and good mouth. Straight front but would prefer to see a better topline. Moved well with nicely shaped hindquarters. Slightly over the measure.

3rd. Harrison’s Jenkir Hera.

Class 96 Veteran Bitch (1) (0 absent)

1st. Peakin’s Byzantine Blanche – Eight-year-old white bitch still looking very good for her age. Very nice profile to head with enough fill. Lovely ear set. Incorrect mouth. Well made with short back, straight front and good hindquarters. Moved close behind and over the measure. Best Veteran

Carolyn Lambert (Judge)