• Show Date: 13/08/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Carole Smedley Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 15/08/2023

Bournemouth Canine Association

Breed: Shetland Sheepdog


A small but quite interesting entry which I approached with some trepidation, wondering what would be present on the day. Overall, the quality and type in the bitches was far superior to that of the males and looking at my line up, I was pleased and even happier to see I had placed relatives in many classes.

Sadly, I found far too many with no depth of chest and very narrow front assembly with a lack of angulation in the shoulders, also lacking substance. Apart from a few, size was much more consistent and few with higher tail carriage than I prefer. It was noticeable that some were slightly longer in back and did not have a required outline but foreface and lack of lower jaw could be improved.

However, I was more than pleased with all my winners and would have gladly taken them home with me and to see my BOB short-listed in a strong Pastoral group was the icing on the cake.

To all my exhibitors, it is not an easy journey to this venue, and to my stewards, Mike Light and trainee steward, Michelle Willcock thank you for making my day very enjoyable.


1. Fagg: Valdosta Lionking at Lynscot, happy boy who really enjoyed his outing. Although very raw at this stage, has the potential to mature. Quite a pleasing head which needs more foreface which should come later. Well set ears, good eye. Just needs to drop in chest and grow his coat which was a lovely rich colour. Moved freely but could not compete against the maturity of the winner in his next class.


1 .STOCKDEN: Willowgarth Unlimited Love, very promising boy, presented well and his sable coat gleamed in the sun. lovely head with a well-placed stop, good foreface and he used his ears well. Good length of neck leading into well placed shoulders. Nice depth of chest with good bone, legs and feet. Good outline with strong hocks and correct tail carriage, and even with a change of handler, moved easily in both directions. One I really considered for higher honours but his day will come. BPD and BPIB

2 Valdosta Lionking at Lynscot


1. Robinson LAVIKA MOONLIGHT STORM, very attractive tricolour boy of correct size and lovely outline. Quite a pleasing eye and expression. Good foreface and lower jaw. Well set and used ears. Good neck and shoulders, lovely top line giving a good outline. Strong hindquarters, ample bone for his age, good feet and moved with purpose just needs time to mature.

2. Pierce: PHILHOPE IN GOOD TASTE, sable who has a slightly better expression and eye set than winner but just lacked in outline against the winner. No doubt these 2 will change places



4. Hirst: SUNDARK SCARAMOUCHE, alone here, rather heavily marked blue merle in good coat and body. Not quite the head and expression I was looking for but he has good bone and depth of chest. Moved quite well but not as freely with a change of handler.

POST GRADUATE - An interesting class of varied types

1. Barnett – DIPPERSMOOR DAQUIRI AT SANSPIRIT, well up to size boy of good construction and in good coat complete with featherings. Pleasing, balanced head, good stop and foreface. Good eye placing and he showed well. Reasonable neck and shoulders with adequate depth in chest. Good top line and outline, moved easily

2. Roberts – STANYDALE REWRITE THE STARS FOR MALAROC – well made blue, good body and substance but lacked the foreface and underjaw. Good eye and ears well used. I would have preferred more depth of chest and his front movement was not as positive as prefer.



1. Arnould SHADOWAY CHANCE ENCOUNTER, sable in good condition, nicely placed eye, good moulding on foreface. Ample neck and shoulders. Firm top line, good hindquarters and moved out well.

2. Creamer: LYNGARSO CAPTAIN TOM, tricolour who pushed winner hard although not in full coat. He has a lovely head piece with good expression from well placed eye and ears. However not as settled on the day


1 Robinson – CH LAVIKA DEEP BLUE OCEAN, as his name suggests a blue merle of good broken colour and carrying an excellent coat of good texture. Head is well balanced with a good under jaw and nicely rounded foreface. Well set eye of good shape. Neat and well used ears. Super neck leading into well placed shoulders with good angulation. Nice depth of chest. Good bone. Liked his spring of rib and length of body to tail. Ample bone and good feet. Presentation was excellent and on the move was easy and free both coming and on the return. Pleased to award him the CC, I understand his 8th and well deserved.

2 Hull – MOHNESEE’S DREAM DATE AT LIZMARK, who really has to be handled to appreciate all his virtues as he is not a glamour boy. Lovely size, good well moulded foreface, good underjaw. Well placed dark eye, good ears which he was reluctant to use but when he did, just enhanced a lovely expression. Good neck and shoulders, good depth of chest. Good top line and well-placed hind quarters with let-down hocks, and good feet. When moving he flows around the ring, well deserved RCC to a lovely winner.


1. Clough – EVAD LITE BREEZE, sable boy of good size, with a lovely expression coming from a well-placed eye. Good ear carriage. Just enough neck and pleasing in outline. In good coat and condition moved easily.

2. McShane – BLENMERROW RING OF ROSES, sable bitch of smaller type and size. I would prefer more fill in foreface and under jaw. Used her ears well not quite in her full outfit



1. Weller – EVAD HALLOWEEN SPICE, nicely made sable in full coat and presented well. Pleasing head with good foreface. Lovely expression from a well-placed eye and good ear carriage. Lovely bone and good feet. Nice shoulder placement and held her top line whilst moving freely to win the class and BPB easily but had to give way to the dog for BPIB and no doubt will be taking more such awards soon

2. Norris – FERNGROVE’S SKYLARK, young lady whose outfit needs to clear and she needs to settle and learn the job in hand.

3. Creamer – CLANAVON MY BLUE HEAVEN AT LYNGARSO, lovely bitch who appeared to be favouring a front leg and subsequently did not feature any further.


1. Cheal – VALOSTA GALADRIEL AT FAEMADRA, very promising sable in super condition. Very pleasing head, well balanced with a good foreface and expression coming from a good eye and ear set. Just needs to come into her new outfit to trouble the best

2. Pierce – PHILHOPE TASTE FOR FASHION, very nice little lady who was in good fitted coat but lost out, as for me, she is slightly fuller in eye than I prefer and I would like to see more bone and substance




2. Straw – DUKESON JUST ADMIRE, sable lady slightly longer in outline than I prefer. Pleasing head, noice expression. Good neck and shoulders and has lovely, ample bone.



1 Pierce – PHILHOPE TASTE FOR GLAMOUR, another lovely bitch from this small kennel who appealed for her type and style. In good well fitted jacket covering a well-made body. Loved her head and eye. Used her ears well and moved very easily

2 Moores – CHIBAYA BELLE OF THE BALL, very pretty lady of just 6 years young. She is of good size and has a good head and foreface. Showed easily and moved out well but for me perhaps too short in the leg



1. Arnould – SHADOWAY CHARLOTTE ROSE, pretty sable in super body and coat. Excellent head and expression. Good eye placement and shape. Good neck and shoulders and adequate depth of chest. Good top line and hind quarters, moved easily on a loose lead. Easy winner of this class and pleased to award her the RBCC

2. Straw DUKESON LACED WITH MAGIC – close decision between these two ladies as I felt the winner was a little more positive on the move. Another of good type and expression.



1 HATELEY – CH MOHNESEE ENCHANTED, well she certainly enchanted me, what a lovely example of the breed this little lady is. From the moment she stood on the table to the end of her movement, her ring presence was obvious for all to see. What a pleasure to handle such a well-balanced head, with a correct placed stop, good eye shape and placement. Lovely rounded foreface with good under jaw, no glaring cheek bones and excellently placed and well used ears. Ample neck with the required arch, which is missing in so many exhibits. Well placed shoulders and good rib cage with correct length to hind quarters. Good sweep to her well set and good tail length. Good strong hocks which she used to move so so easily around the ring. Good bone and feet, in superb condition and her owner should be congratulated on her presentation. Well-deserved class win, BCC and against the super blue boy, pulled out all the stops to take BOB and a short-list in a strong Pastoral Group. Thank you for making my day, I would take her home.

2 Robinson LAVIKA BLACK BEAUTY JW, lovely tricolour who just lacked the ring presence and overall qualities of the winner. However, she has good breed type with a good head and expression, nice size and shape. Perhaps a little finer in bone than winner.


 Three lovely ladies and well deserving of their day out, these ladies were headed by:

1 Arnould – SHADOWAY PERCHANCE TO DREAM JW, now just 12 years young but her movement belies this. She still retains a good head and eye. Lovely substance and in super condition. BVIB

2 Hirst – SUNDARK SIMPLY A STAR VW, lovely tri lady whose age is just beginning to show in her head colouring. Another whose age bis belied by her movement and condition