• Show Date: 10/03/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Carol Smith Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023


Breed: Dobermann

It is an honour to judge Crufts and, I was honoured. I thank you all, the exhibitors and spectators, for braving the very bad weather and accepting my decisions with such sportsmanship.

The quality on the day lay with the females, who excelled. My open bitch class was full of quality.

 I am a tad concerned with the rear angulation in some males, needing that width in second thigh and lack of muscle.

I found very few bad mouths and thought the overall condition of the dogs to be excellent.

I also think heads have improved considerably.

Handling leaves a lot to be desired and I can only say more training is needed. Watch the top handlers. They never stop working.

I need to apologise for the late start in judging, I was stuck on a bus provided for the judges and the driver could not turn round.

Judging Crufts, has to be the pinnacle of anyone’s career, and I was delighted when my BOB went on to win the working group. Such a classic example of the Dobermann. Congratulations.


 Veteran Dog 5 (2)

1st Stansbury Woodbriar Fix up Look Sharp JW 7yrs BL/R

Standard size. Short coupled and in excellent muscular condition. Darkest of eye, level head planes, deep muzzle and well filled.

Long neck into well placed shoulders. Plenty of spring in the ribcage and well let down. Dense bone, strong topline and correct quarters. Moved so soundly.

2nd Bishop Ch Repertoire Simply Red ShCM BR/ R 7yrs.

One I have admired previously. Showing his age today. Masculine head, dark eye colour. Long lean neck, tad throaty, with a front assembly of correct angles. Longer in loin. Width in the stifle and plenty of bone. Not as sound on the rear as my 1st.

3rd. Kuhl Newfords Jabbawocky.

 MPD 2

1st Hart Supeta’s Scorchio BR/R 8mths.

Well-presented and handled. Long wedge head of correct proportions, medium eye colour, level planes, deep muzzle and filled under the eye. Well set ears. Muscled neck. Lay of shoulder and upper arm meeting at correct angle. Plenty of bone, sloping topline into a well set tail.

Lots of bone and tight feet. Strong quarters with width in the second thigh. Will tighten in front with maturity.

2nd Capell. Llepac Against all the Odds. 9mths BL/R

More immature than my 1st. elegant, lighter in bone, attractive head very dark eye, level head planes of equal length, long nose bone. Deep muzzle and enough underjaw. Clean shoulder and equal length of upper arm. Needs to drop in brisket, balanced quarters. Promising youngster who has potential. Moved soundly.

Puppy Dog 2 entries (0)

1st Wilson Pursang Shimmy Shimmy BR/R 10mths

Stylish and well boned. Long head deep stop. medium eye colour. Correct dentition.

 Well arched crest of neck.

A little tied in in front, but will develop with age. Plenty of fore chest, short coupled, deep brisket to elbow, well tucked up. Strong topline and spring of rib. Angulation on the rear balanced with drop of hip and width of stifle. Strong hock. Moved well.

 2nd Merchant Cockneyoka Get Over It at Mandareus BR/R 10mths

Immature and finer than my 1st. very unsettled and fidgety. Obviously, a mind of his own.

Very dark eye for a brown. Level head planes of equal length. Needs to use his ears more to create desired expression. Long nose bone and well filled under the eye. Strong neck with a lay back of shoulder and length in upper arm. Needs to muscle up on the rear but a baby.

Junior Dog 6 (0)

1st Fletcher. Sacaria Whisper of Hope. 13 mths BR/R

Very short coupled and compact. Plenty of bone and substance. Dark eye, alert ear set, a tad throaty but a well arched crest of neck set on very well laid back shoulder and return of upper arm, of equal length. Brisket well developed, down to elbow and fore chest well filled. Spring of rib which is well let down to a short loin. Sloping topline and balanced rear quarters with width in the second thigh. His movement won him the class, so sound.

2nd Massey & Mcgeoch. Manzart Zebedee JW14 mths BR/R

Close decision, pity to meet my 1st in this class. Quality dog who could easily change places.

 Lighter in bone and elegant. Long level head planes, deep muzzle, and very dark eye. Needs to use his ears more. Super muscled long neck into well placed shoulder and front assembly. Needs to tighten in front movement. Deep brisket and well sprung rib to a short loin. Could muscle up on the rear a tad. Handled well and has potential.

3rd Webb Shalissa Ambassador Choice.

S Yearling Dog 10 (2)

1st Young Kreuger’s Hunky Dory at Malbray JW 20mths BR/R

This boy shouts look at me a real show off. So well presented and handled.

Upstanding, alert expression with attitude. deep muzzle and underjaw, dark almond eye, and used his ears well. Long lean muscled neck, well filled front and parallel legs, deep brisket with plenty spring of ribcage. Strong topline, and well set tail. Balanced rear angulation, well muscled and correct drop of hip bone, strong hock. A busy boy, moved so well.

2nd Henderson Tuwos Mr Bombastic.BL/R 17mths

This boy sparkled with attitude with such an alert expression, on his toes.. Made full use of his well set ears, very dark eye, long nose bone, level planes, correct stop well filled under the eye. Different in style to my 1st, lots of substance, short coupled and compact. Very deep to elbow, short level back. Tad lacking in rear angulation moved and handled well.

3rd Thompson Kitado Ever So Funky.

PGDog 6

1st Hunt & Flitcroft Tuwos Mr Majestik Vonsallate BR/R 17mths.

So well shown and handled to his advantage. Not over done in anyway.

level head planes, deep muzzle, alert expression and ear set. Correct dentition. Well arched crest of neck. Balanced well angulated front assembly.

Short coupled, length of rib, short loin and compact, deep to brisket, well filled front with round bone and straight parallel front legs. Short hard topline, strong hock. Would prefer harder muscle on the rear and tad more width in the thigh.

2nd Bromwich Rafthouse Kickback 2yrs Bl/R

Another who is not over exaggerated. Very dark eye, long nose and level planes. Well laid shoulder, deep brisket to elbow. Needs to tighten in front. Strong topline and well set on tail. Short coupled.

3rd Randall Ares God of War.

LDog 14 (3)

Robertson Cockneyoka Dire Straits BL/R 2.5 yrs

Tall handsome male. Level planes, deep stop, deep underjaw and muzzle. Black almond eye,

 Could use his ears more. Arched crest of neck

Well Filled chest and pronounced sternum. Deep to elbow. Laid back shoulder with equal length in upper arm.

Long rib cage into short loin, slopping topline. Has that correct drop of the hip bone with width in stifle and second thigh. Strong hocks. Moved well.

2nd Santoriello Rafthouse Amulets Child BL/R 2.8 mths

Similar attributes to my 1st. heavier boned with substance. Alert expression blackest of eye colour.

Long neck well angulated shoulders. Deep brisket.

Straight front close in at elbow. Strong topline.

Deep to brisket.

Close decision with 1st. preferred the rear angulation of 1st. moved soundly.

3rd.Wedgbury Manzart War Emblem

Open Dog 9 (1)

1st Everley & Hughess Manzart Wise Guy BL/R 3.11 mths.

When it all comes together this is it. Quality, balanced, clean lines, never putting a foot wrong. Super alert and on his toes, rippled with muscle tone and at his peak.

Classic head piece, level head planes with equal length from stop to back skull. neat ear set, darkest eye colour of almond shape, deep muzzle and underjaw. Correct dentition. Muscled long neck well arched flowed into perfectly well laid shoulder and length of upper arm meeting at the 90-degree angle. Front assembly laid close to the chest. Filled in front and pronounced sternum. Rib cage long with short loin. Topline strong and held on the move with a well set on tail. Plenty of dog behind the tail. Hip bone comes off at the correct 3o degree angle balancing the front and rear angulation. Width in second thigh and strong hocks. What a picture, fits the standard, poetry in motion. Moved so well placing his feet and single tracking. So proud to award the CC and BOB and later to go on to win the Working Group.

2nd Jones & Ushakova Korifey Vanquish BL/R 2.11 mths

Different type but stylish, elegant, balanced of standard size showman. An example of such quality clean lines and handled to perfection. Strong masculine head, long nose bone, level planes, deep muzzle, alert and used his small ears well. Muscled neck with length. Balanced angulation front and rear. Well filled front, parallel legs. Deep brisket, hard topline. Tail well set on and muscled quarters. Strong hock. Flowed in movement so soundly. RCC

3rd Robinson Korifey Ivan ShCEx

Special Working Trial 1 (1)

Good Citizens Dog Scheme 4 (1)

1st Kuhl’s Lux Ch Holyhell’s Blue Steel JW IR Ch.6 yrs Bl/R

Tall handsome. Classy head with depth and defined stop. Dark eye. Tad showing his age here but really like his shape. Long muscular neck. Well laid shoulder and good return in upper arm, of length.

Very short coupling, sloped topline, wide in the stifle and second thigh. Strong hock. Moved out well.

2nd Lawrence Rantowish the Silver Bullet 2 yrs Br/R

 Standard height. Soft expression on a lovely head piece. Excels in length of neck. Decent front assembly. Very sloped topline, could have been handled a little more steadily. Promising youngster.

Sound mover.

3rd Brocklehurst Arenite Break the Rules.


Veteran Bitch 7 (1)

1st Lainchbury Ch Ashlain Trypiti JW 7.75 yrs BL/R

Such a lovely example of the breed, and now carrying the autumn of her years so well. Alert expression, dark eye, depth of jaw and well filled cheek.

Sound on the move. Lovely outline and well set shoulders with length of upper arm. Deep to elbow and balanced rear angulation. Enjoyed her day. Well done.

2nd Tant Granadey Aosta JW 7yrs BL/R

Another excellent example of the breed carrying her years well. Similar in type to my first. Classic head, dark eye lovely neck, preferred the front assembly of my 1st

Enough bone, well filled front with pronounced sternum. Strong sloping topline. Strong rear quarters and width of second thigh. Strong firm hock. Moved out well.

3rd Thorn Ch Teavas Black Velvet at Grafmax

MPBitch 2 (1)

1st Evans. Amazon Just Let me Adore You BL/R 8mths

Stood alone, but if she had been in a class of 40 she would have stood out.

It did my heart good to stand back and enjoy this girl. With this quality of puppy the future of the breed looks bright.

Standard size, balanced, with no exaggeration. Feminine with ample bone and substance to carry her through. Strength in head, deep muzzle and under jaw, level planes of equal length, defined stop, well filled cheek, dark almond eye. Could use her ears more to finish off expression. Long muscled neck into a well placed front assembly with decent length in upper arm. Filled chest and deep to elbow. Tucked up, with length and spring of rib. Sloping topline and tail set on correct quarters and drop of hip. Width of stifle sweeping to a strong hock. Moved well for a youngster. I predict a sparkling future. BPIB

Puppy Bitch 5 (1)

1st Evans Amazon She is Adored Br/R 8mths

Litter sister to MPB. Different in type. Standard size and compact.

A head piece not quite as level as her sister. Planes of equal length, well filled under the eye medium eye colour. Strong neck not over exaggerated. Deep front set on parallel legs, front a tad tied in but will develop with age. Plenty of substance. level topline. Short coupled. Front and rear angles balanced, strong hock moved well.

2nd Brown & Arundell Skelfide Cersei BL/R 11mths

Quality girl, carrying a tad too much weight. Unsettled, Strong head, level planes, deep muzzle, and well filled. Darkest of eye. Long lean neck. Angulation balanced fore and aft. Deep brisket and strong topline.

 Could have won the class if she had settled more. One to watch.

3rd Balshaw Cockneyoka Over the Line

Junior B 11 (1)

1st Ingram, Ingram & Lack Jojavik Belladonic Fame 13mths BL/R


Excellent dark rust markings, Feminine wedge head, equal planes, defined stop, well filled. Very dark eye. Muscled neck of length into a well placed shoulder lay and length in upper arm. Filled front with depth set on straight parallel legs. Deep brisket and a well set back rib cage with enough spring of rib, short loin. Quarters well angled and balanced with the front. Quality bitch who covered the ground so well.

2nd Taylor & Stracey Kreiger’s in Style BL/R13 mths

More of the European type than I usually prefer. But qualities not to be overlooked. Standing taller and not over done in bone. Very dark rust markings. Alert expression from a really dark well shaped eye. Attitude says look at me with good use of ears. Long muscled neck into shoulder and upper arm assembly which balanced with a strong rear quarters. Deep to elbow, well tucked up. Handled and presented so well. Needed to settle on the move. One to watch.

3rd Marlow Teuschons Mirror Force

SYB 8 (2)

1st Mycroft Supetas Pocketful of Love for Sharhyste BL/R 2 yrs

Overall shape of this girl and her sound movement won her the class. Quality head piece of strength and depth of jaw under a well filled cheek and muzzle. Medium eye colour, defined stop, between level head planes of equal length.

Muscled crest of neck into well laid shoulder and return of upper arm of equal length and well filled chest. On straight legs, deep to elbow. Well let down rib cage, strong sloping topline, and balanced rear quarters. Hip angles comes off at the correct degree into a well bent stifle. And strong hock. A finished picture of balance. Moved soundly coming and going. Well handled.

2nd Jones, Jones, Ingram and Ingram Jojavik Unforgettable Bl/R 13 mths

Different type to my 1st, more European, heavier in bone and stood taller.

Strong head, long nose bone, defined stop, dark eye, could use ears more for expression. Muscled neck not overdone. Leading to a shoulder I prefer more laid back. Deep to elbow. Steep sloping topline, down to a strong rear hock. Width of thigh. Moved soundly and handled well.

3rd Thompson, Shaw and Evans Kitado Ever So Special

PGB 11 (2)

1st Wedgbury Xtra Special JW BL/R 21mths

Quality feminine girl of classic shape and sound. Level head planes, and well filled under a slightly rounder eye, deep stop and alert expression.

Sound front assembly, with a well laid shoulder meeting upper arm at correct angle, deep well filled chest. Strong topline held on the move and balanced quarters. Width of second thigh, well let down hock. Moved soundly. Her day will come.

2nd Nicol Sharhyste Lady Winterfell at Evnjays.

Feminine, slightly finer in substance and needs to mature on. Black eye of correct shape set in a long wedge shaped head, well filled. Could use her ears more. Very long elongated neck and a deep front with well placed shoulders and upper arm. Needs to drop in brisket slightly. Longer cast in the loin and moved well. Handler needs to get more spark out of her.

3rd Hallows Kitado Ever So Tipsy

Limit B 12 (2)

1st. Morrison Aritaur Noisette 20 mths Br/R

A strong girl with substance, bone and style.

I liked her balance and proportions and strength of head.

With decent shoulder and return of upper arm. Well filled front set on straight parallel legs and deep brisket. Hard topline, short coupling and balanced rear quarters. Strong hock.

Handled and presented well.

2nd King Nerak Rewrite the Stars 3yrs 9 mths Bl/ R

Close decision. Not overdone in anyway. Balanced throughout. Not as boned up as my 1st of medium size. Feminine head, dark eye, defined stop and alert expression. Well placed front assembly and depth of brisket, rear balanced with front angles. Moved well.

3rd Thorn Grafmax Lucy in the Sky.

OB 16 (5)

1st Kershaw Aritaur Vespers. 17 mths Bl/R

This open bitch class was something to behold, full of quality and some hard decisions.

It is so evident, the rapport between this girl and handler. Never stopped working and showing with such ease.

My notes say style on a lead, so well put together.

On her toes, alert, athletic and muscular.

Her head, balanced level planes, deep muzzle and jaw. Well filled under the darkest of eyes. correct ear set used constantly with such an alert expression, set on an elegant crest of neck which moves seamlessly into 90-degree angled shoulder blade with equal length of upper arm. Her balance was unmistakable, as her weight was distributed behind her shoulder assembly.

Well filled front sat in the palm of my hand with pronounced sternum. Her brisket is deep and she has substance with ample bone and tightest of feet. Topline sloped slightly to a well filled correct croup. Ribs are well set with length into a short loin. The hip bone comes off at an angle of 30 degrees leading to a well bent stifle and width of 2nd thigh. Presented a fabulous picture and covered the ground so well moving soundly. So pleased to award her 1st CC I predict a glittering career.

2nd Luther Ch Supetas Echoes of Love for Langlore 22 mths Br/R

Another stylish quality girl. Admired from afar previously. She did not disappoint. Shame to meet my 1st today. just preferred the clean lines of my 1st. Alert and on her toes.

Classic wedge head piece well-proportioned with alert expression. Planes of equal length and deep in underjaw and muzzle. Flat skull and correct shaped dark eye. excels in crest of neck, long and lean.

Balanced angulation front and rear. Ample bone and lovely tight feet. Rib well let down to a short loin and correct quarters. Moved so very well. RCC

3rd Bishop Ch Korifey Oksana


1st Goodhall Maighread’s Bonnie Rosheen to Mianna 18mths B/R

Placed 4th in a strong YB class.

Feminine, lighter in bone, alert expression, dark eye, level planes head needs to mature. Length of neck into a well placed shoulder. Clean lines. Well filled in front and deep to elbow. Classic shape strong topline and rear angulation balanced with front. Moved and handled well.


Carol Smith

March 2023