• Show Date: 14/10/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Carol Moore Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 30/10/2023

South Wales Kennel Association

Breed: Gordon Setter

South Wales Kennel Association - Championship Show

Thursday, 12 October 2023 (4 day show)

Gordon Setter

Spaniel (Irish Water)

 Gordon Setter

I would like to express my thanks to the committee for their kind invitation and also to my efficient stewards who kept everything running smoothly.

I was delighted to see true clear tan on the majority of exhibits which is such an important breed feature especially as combined with a gleaming black coat it really sets the dogs off. Size was another area I have had concerns about but again today I was happy that this is also being addressed by breeders. I did have a few dogs who were carrying more weight than the ideal and unfortunately this did affect their placings

Veteran Dog

1ST Sh Ch Liric Fusilier with Shillay JW ShCM ShCEx (Mr I & Mr C Ford) Handsome 8 year old dog with a strong, classic head, good depth of muzzle and soft dark eye. He has lovely angulation front and rear and excellent flat bone. His firm topline was held well on the move with a deep well sprung rib. He showed lovely reach going around the ring and was very clean and true. BV

2ND Liric for Your Eyes Only by Yohenoak JW (Mr & Mrs S Robson) 10 year old in fabulous condition with lovely muscletone. He has a bright kind eye in a noble head, lovely reach of neck flowed to a well set shoulder. He kept his topline well on the move but just a little bit stiff in rear action today

  Minor Puppy Dog

1ST Glenmaurangi Apollo at Glenkinchie (Mrs C L Smith) 6 month baby at his first show and what a gorgeous lad he is too.He has a well made head of balanced proportions with depth of muzzle and a cheeky dark eye. Strong through the neck and front with a laid back shoulder and pleasing return of upperarm. He has a well developed rear for his age and once he settled he moved out well, his clear rich tan just finished the picture BP

  Puppy Dog

1ST Glenmaurangi Apollo at Glenkinchie (Mrs C L Smith) Repeat

  Junior Dog

1ST Pipruda Jubilarian (Mrs B & Mr K Wood) 16 month dog who has certainly gained his height. He needs a lot of time to mature and settle to the job in hand. Good head planes, well shaped eye and low set ear. For me he needs to develop width throughout especially in his rear quarters. I saw enough on the move to allow his placing but more practise will help.

 Yearling Dog

1ST Caradilis Sky Rocket JW (Ms M Morgan) 23 month dog with a strong head, he has a good depth of muzzle just a touch broad in skull. Firm neck leading to a well held topline, still needs to finish in front but has depth of rib and a broad rump. He showed a clean profile action with good drive.

2ND Kilnrae Black Hawk (Mrs K M Marsh) This 18 month boy has a classic head with a soft eye and expression. He is well made but today he seemed tense so wasn't showing the best of himself. Good bone and feet, shown in excellent condition he just needs to settle and relax

  Post Graduate Dog

1ST Lignum Money Talks at Bratticus (Miss C S & Mr J G Parker-Smith & Tuer) Lovely young dog who excelled in the move, very much in time with his handler. Masculine head with a bright eye and low set ear. Flowed nicely through the neck and shoulder with balanced angulation and good depth of chest. Pleasing flat bone and tight feet. Clear tan and a shiny black coat finished the picture.

  Limit Dog

1ST Yennadon Calvay JW (Mrs M & Mr N & Miss L & Mr D Millar & Millar & Millar & Scobie) I really liked this boys size and shape, nothing over exaggerated. He has a good length and depth of muzzle and a bright eye, firm through the neck leading smoothly to a strong topline. He has depth and spring of rib, lovely flat bone and a rich clear tan. Shown in fabulous condition with excellent 2nd thigh. He moved out beautifully with reach and drive.

 2ND Red Admiral by Rubymoon JW (Mr K D & Mrs C E Butler) Another correctly sized dog with a lovely masculine head and gentle expression. He is well angulated with a firm topline and plenty of rib underneath but was carrying a little extra weight which did sit on his shoulders. His well made rear gave a strong driving action. Put down in fabulous coat and condition.

3RD Longrow Bohemian Rhapsody at Robvale (Mr R & Mrs V Hudson)


1ST Yennadon Barra JW Sgwc (Ms M J Halliday) This boy is just the right size and build, he is so well muscled with a fabulous frame. His head is balanced with a lovely profile and depth of muzzle, soft eye and low set ear. Strong neck flows beautifully into a cracking forehand with deep well sprung ribs and a firm coupling. He has broad stifles which gave a cracking driving action. He doesn’t help his handler at times but he pulled it together and put on a great performance, Clear rich tan and in excellent coat to complete the picture. CC & BOB

 2ND Sh Ch Hernwood Achilles at Ettrick JW (Mr A J & Mrs D A Harker) A larger framed dog well balanced with a noble head, Laid back shoulder, strong topline and well sprung ribs flowed strongly to a broad rump. Put down in lovely coat with clear tan, he was strong and clean on the move which earned him the RCC

 3RD Sh Ch Cafotaliena Thief of Hearts by Brobruick JW (Mr C & Mrs S A Mitchell)

Good Citizen Dog Scheme Dog

1ST Yennadon Calvay JW (Mrs M & Mr N & Miss L & Mr D Millar & Millar & Millar & Scobie) Repeat of Limit

Veteran Bitch

Two quality bitches who were so sound

1ST Sh Ch Yennadon Reiver (Mrs N Ackerley-Kemp) 9 year old in great condition. Lovely, kind head with a balanced muzzle still showing a rich tan, soft well shaped eye and good width of skull. She has a lovely forechest and pleasing angulation throughout with plenty of rib. Clean and true on the move here and in the challenge

 2ND Tsruhnova Tarkheena JW (Mr D & Mrs G Melville Dainty 7 year old with a sweet expression and cheeky eye. She has a pleasing neck and shoulder, flat bone and clear tan just a little grey in places. She kept her topline well standing and moving just not as positive in front as 1st today

 Puppy Bitch

1ST Lainnireach A Star Is Born (Miss J Cuthbertson) Two litter sisters of which this girl is the more forward at this time. She has a lovely dark eye, good stop and width of skull. She held her topline well and has a good amount of rib for her age. Broad stifles gave plenty of rear drive.

2ND Lainnireach Born to Be A Star (Ms K & Mr I Frost & Andrews) A finer looking girl than her sister and will need longer to mature, she has a kind head with a bright eye, strong topline and well muscled rear. Lovely profile action.

 Junior Bitch

1ST Kattandale Blac Hawke's Bay at Birniehill (ai) (Ms P Gray) This girl needs to work with her handler rather than against her, I managed to see enough of her on the move to award her the class but she is of an age now where she needs to learn her taks. Moderate size with a classic outline and balanced feminine head with width of skull. She is mature enough in body for her age with a strong topline held well on the move. Rich clear tan and coal black coat finished the picture.

 2ND Hernwood Love Potion (Mr P & Mrs C A Sandiford) Taller bitch with good flat bone and clear tan. She has a good length of muzzle and a cheeky dark eye, just a touch narrow in skull at the moment. Lovely neck and shoulder balanced out by a broad well muscled thigh. Moved clean and true but was flying her tail today.

 Yearling Bitch

1ST Cottonstones River Sprite (Mrs C F Brandon-Lodge) Classic looking bitch with a lovely balanced head, good depth of muzzle, feminine expression and has width of skull. She still needs to finish in front but has all the essentials, lovely flat bone and well shaped feet, pleasing spring of rib and strong topline. She is well made in the rear and her foot placement was correct but I would like to see her move with a little more speed and enthusiasm.

Post Graduate Bitch

1ST Lignum Oro JW (Mr G I & Mrs A J Palliser) Oh this girl was out to have fun today so full of energy and animation making her handler really have to work hard to contain her. She has the most beautiful head with a bright eye and width of skull. She just flows through the neck and shoulder with plenty of forechest and rib. She held her topline well standing and moving, lots of power from her well muscled rear. Standing she was a picture with gleaming coat and rich tan, I’m sure when she does channel her energy properly she will challenge for top honours.

 2ND Yennadon Highland Heidi (Mrs N Ackerley-Kemp) Beautifully made bitch, so balanced throughout, very pretty head, well shaped brown eye and balanced planes. Strong topline with an excellent spring of rib and broad well muscled thighs which gave great propulsion. Lovely clear tan and shiny coat finished the picture I would just like a little more of her

 3RD Laurelhach Renaissance JW (Mrs F Boxall)

Limit Bitch

What a cracking class, any one of my top 5 could win on another day

1ST Ordett Love Me Do at Keaswood JW (Mr K & Mrs S L Horn) This girl got it all together on the right day at the right time, every time I looked at her she filled my eye. She has a lovely balanced head with the correct depth of muzzle, good chiselling and a dark well shaped eye. Firm through the neck with a laid back shoulder and complimentary return of upperarm, flat bone and well shaped feet. She has a lovely spring of rib and strong well muscled rear. On the move she showed great reach and drive to take the class and a well deserved CC

2ND Beechlake Hey Jude (Mr A J Burke) Such a pretty bitch with the sweetest of head and a gentle eye. She has the best of fronts with lovely angulation, a strong topline which she held well on the move which was clean and true with plenty of drive from the rear. She pushed my winner hard not quite as rugged but a beautiful bitch who I will follow with interest RCC

 3RD Lignum Luck Be A Lady (Mr G I & Mrs A J Palliser)

Open Bitch

1ST Laurelhach Ovation (Mrs F Boxall) Bold upstanding bitch with a tidy outline, She is a little stronger in head than my ideal but has a good length of muzzle and cheeky eye. She has lovely balanced angulation, excellent flat bone and nicely shaped feet. Broad well muscled thighs gave plenty of drive and she was a joy to watch on the move.

 2ND Diersett Irridium JW (Mr I & Mrs K Reid) Pretty head with a lovely expression and a soft dark eye. Correctly made in front with pleasing angulation, mature in body with depth and spring of rib, enough angulation behind with short strong rear pasterns. Moved out well showing lovely reach and rear propulsion.

 3RD Sh Ch Hernwood Aphrodite JW (Mr P & Mrs C A Sandiford)

Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bitch

1ST 3142 - Tsruhnova Tarkheena JW (Mr D & Mrs G Melville)