• Show Date: 07/05/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Carol Brooks Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Birmingham Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Hungarian Vizsla

  Birmingham National Dog Show 07.05.23

Hungarian Vizsla

Firstly I would like to say I was honoured to be asked to judge today , for this breed which I have great affection for, having first judged them in 1997, and eventually owning the breed much later on. I thoroughly enjoyed my day and was delighted with the entry . Exhibitors in the short time you have in the ring, please make the most of it to show your dog to advantage, your dogs movement is assessed as it goes away and back and in profile, not moving in a straight line or cutting short your run, is a wasted opportunity. Temperaments in the dogs were excellent and the atmosphere around the ring was pleasant to match. There were some promising youngsters whose future progress I will watch with interest. I did find more overshot mouths than I remember from previous appointments unfortunately. Thanks to my stewards for their assistance on the day.

SBD (4) 1 Murray & Parker True Magic of Skyrocket at Szelkiraly (Imp) Well made with good angulation front and rear, good head with moderate stop and correct leathers, strong arch of neck standing on tight feet complimented by short nails BSB.2 Stalker London Magyar-Tim for Kinharrachie (Imp Pol) Moderate dog, kind expression, brisket to elbow of correct depth, right amount of bone, just preferred front assembly of 1. 3 Smida Jazz Vema Estrella Feliz.MPD (2) 1 Smida Jazz Vema Estrella Feliz . Moved more settled in this class, well angled hindquarters, would like a bit more angulation on his front assembly, but lots of time yet, level topline and correct tailset, .2 Porter-Manning & Porter Wallaroo Duncan Disorderly. Nicely made balanced dog of good proportions, he is correct in forechest as he has a well layed shoulder and return of upper arm. Still loose in front as comes towards, which lost him the class but he this should tighten up as he matures.PD (4) 1 Miles Glenbrows Carbon Copy Liked him a lot , lovely outline, balanced angulation front and rear, correct shoulder placement , good second thigh, a little strong in muzzle , but overall he is a promising youngster. 2 Wall Perllanside Street Party compact medium sized dog ,well sprung ribs ,good bone, just preferred the return of upper arm on 1.3 Reakes Vizslanya Varur.JD (7) Quite often a difficult class to judge ,as they hit different stages of adolescence. 1 Murray & Parker True Magic of Skyrocket at Szelkiraly (Imp) 2 Green Martin & Ryan Goviz Spring Rains by Viszaset . Honest type, has a pleasing head, with wide nostrils , strong topline and hindquarters, stands on good tidy feet, good coat and colour.3 Wall Perllanside Street Party.YD (4) 1 Commins Temeraire Keepsake Won this class as he had lovely reach in front on the move ,has elegance with smooth arch of neck into shoulder, has spring and length of rib, short loin.2 Murray & Parker True Magic of Skyrocket at Szelkiraly (Imp) 3 Green Martin & Ryan Goviz Spring Rains by Viszaset.ND (5 ) (1) Reakes Vizlanya Varur Another who went better than in earlier class , correct for bone , strong well muscled hindquarters with moderate angulation , head of good proportions with dark eye.2 Porter-Manning & Porter Wallaroo Duncan Disorderly 3 Malin Kenzduo Deeply Dallas.PGD (7) 1 Racket Racket & Wilcox Roughshoot Heaven Sent of Solencia JW Elegant but masculine, has a pleasing head and expression with dark eye, pleasing size and substance ,moved well, preferred his front assembly over 2. 2 Harper & Harper Pitswarren So Nex Century good arch to neck , front angulation not matching rear at the moment, strong pasterns and short from hock to ground still looking a little immature on the move.3 Dear Aldom Douglas Fir.LD (8) 1 Bradley Highforce All or Nothing JW All male but still has elegance , has pleasing head proportions with kind expression, wide nostrils, liked him for overall balance and moderation throughout , moved on a reaching stride, still has some maturing to come I feel. RCC. 2 Watson Oakswarren Inferno, Lots to like, quality dog, balanced angles , has depth of brisket to elbows which are well fitted, good in rib with strong topline, stands on good feet with strength of pastern 3.Carters Facanvadasz Andris.OD (6) 1 Miles Sh Ch Layways Van Winkle JW Done him well previously and he’s matured nicely, has a clean smooth outline, solid topline stacked and on the move, good in rib with short loin, strong hindquarters with width of second thigh, well muscled, he moves with reach and drive, I would like more refinement in his head but other than that he ticks the boxes for me. CC 2. Bradley Marghele Smooth as Statham Moderate dog, lovely head with kind eye, moderate stop and correct proportions, good colour , arching elegant neck ,correct spring and length of rib.3 Challis Vizslanya Aragonia JW.VD (3) 1 Porter- Manning & Porter Wallaroo All That Jazz Sh.CM has good forechest and heartroom ,correct depth of brisket and moderate tuck up, moves with loads of drive from well muscled hindquarters.2 Kiely Gunfield Phantom Happy boy enjoying his time here today, he has a pleasing shape and make, moderate angulation and balanced , strong low hocks, moves with a smooth gait.3 Challis Highforce Future Legend For Vizslanya JW ShCex.SBB (7) 1 Senior Wallaroo Zendaya 7 mths , thought this youngster was stunning, put together so well with a smooth outline from nose to tail ,elegant and feminine, the best of heads, and her movement is just what it should be at this stage, very promising, wish she was mine! BP.2 Bradley Ambravittoriya Art of love for Marghele More mature bitch of good type ,moderate angulation ,straight front ,tight elbows to brisket , short strong hock.3 Parker & Gist Glenbrows Calamity.MPB (3)1 Senior Wallaroo Zendaya BPB and BPIB. 2 Hardcastle & Bradley Castledogley Firenze Feminine pretty bitch of good shape and type , has a level topline which ends with correct set on of tail liked her head and expression. 3 Davies Shelseivad Page Three Girl.PB (10) (1) 1 Parker & GIST Glenbrows Calamity Well put together and balanced, pretty elegant p ,has good angulation fore and aft, well laid shoulder and correct return of upper arm, has plenty of time to settle on the move, promising. 2 Challis & Challis Vizslanya Visszater. More mature in build than 1 and darker in colour, correct in skull and muzzle with dark eye, strong well muscled hindquarters, nicely balanced front and rear, close decision 3 Challis Vizslanya Vizi.JB (10) (3) 1 Gloudeman & Krupinska Monika Shilla Uma .Lovely Russet colour to her coat, still has a lot of maturing to do, she can drop her topline a little on the stack, beautiful head and eye, pleasing size and substance for her age. 2 Challis Vizslanya Praxis very feminine , needs time to fill her frame, would like a little forechest , hopefully that will come, moved on an even stride.3 Goviers Goviz Spring Bouquet (AI).YB (6) 1 Steedon Lindenwood Hocus Pocus Good head, eye and ear placement ,clean arched neck into a well laid shoulder , strong in back ,she has correct forechest and bone . 2 Adams & Ainsley Vizash Elenk. Good length of rib , can bunch herself up on the stack, has good width of second thigh , not as good in forechest as 1 today ,shown in good condition. 3 Bradley Ambravittoriya Art of Love for Marghele.NB (7) 1 Challis Vizslanya Praxis 2. Bradley Castledogley Firenze 3. Coombe Amarantos Bellaria at Castlefield.PG (10) (1) 1 Davies Shelseivad Hocus Pocus Well bodied, good proportions , can see her breeding in her, reachy clean neck, ribbed well back, still needs to drop in brisket a little, moderate in angulation.2 Harper & Harper Pitswarren Siyon. Strong in outline , short coupled with strong loin, can lean into her front a little on the stack, well muscled at the rear with good second thigh, could be bit tidier in front on the move. 3.Bailiff Oraoshaza Iren at Cazadorado.LB (12 (3) 1 Carter Facanvadasz Banu JW Thought she was a very nice moderate bitch with no exaggerations. elegant and feminine , good colour and coat, stands well with a pleasing outline, nothing overdone with her, moved on a reaching economical stride. preferred her front assembly. RCC. 2 Uptons Nagyalfoldi-vadasz Boris At Temeraire. Good head proportions , dark eye, well developed in brisket to elbow, strong in the rear with good muscle tone, low hocks. 3 Challis Vizslanya Csibe JW.OB (7) 1 Legg Scott & Watson Oakswarren Pure Magic (A1) Good make and shape to her, pleasing russet colour, she is balanced in angulation and stands over her ground well with strong pasterns and tidy feet, shown in fit condition.2 Shooter Sh Ch Nevedith Nyari Gail Lovely feminine elegant b, has a classic head with moderate stop, correct in all her proportions, good example of the breed, deserving of her title, just lacked that extra sparkle today, which cost her top spot . 3 Ward Danton Obsession with Tantaraviz.VB (1) Bradley Sh Ch Vizslanya Vivmany by Highforce JW Sh CM Sh Cex Vw Stood alone in the class, giving her all the ring to move and show off her flowing movement, at almost 9 yrs she has still has great front extension and drive from the rear and covers the ground effortlessly. Elegant, moderate and not overdone in any way , couldn’t deny her CC , BOB,BVIB

Carol Brooks Judge