• Show Date: 11/06/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Carol Brooks Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Three Counties Agricultural Society

Breed: Weimaraner

Three Counties Ch Dog Show 11.06.23

I thank the committee for their hospitality and the invitation to judge my breed here today, although delayed by 3 years from 2020 due to covid, it was well worth waiting for. I had a lovely day and thank the exhibitors for entering their dogs under me, it was much appreciated. The Limit & Open bitch classes especially were a delight to judge with plenty of quality to pick from. My stewards were very efficient and made sure things ran smoothly so there wasn’t any unnecessary waiting around in the ring for handlers and dogs alike. I apologise for not moving exhibits in the ring as much as I would have liked, but I felt it unwise in the heat and I could assess movement individually without causing extra distress to the dogs. There was an option to move to the wet weather ring inside, but it would have been a shame not to use the large grassed ring outside as shade was available under the trees and in the bays for those waiting for their class.


PD (5) 1 Rayner & Maskells Ensager Access to Raystans . Has a pleasing front assembly with forechest and well layed shoulder , has depth of brisket to elbow and moderate tuck up, loose in his movement at this time which should come together as he fills his frame . 2 Goords Dartview Formula One. Nice type, good colour and coat, head of correct proportions with kind expression, a little straighter in front than 1 at this stage but he has a moderate length and bend of stifle with low set hocks. 3 Lister-Huckle Akwamar Zitara at Failtliath JD (5) 1 Brown & Filby Desjiem Billy Dont Be A Hero Took this class with his steady movement ,correct reach and arch of neck, has length of ribs and short loin, could carry a little more weight but he is at that juvenile stage. 2 Osborne-Fardons Silberliss Bombadier Has a pleasing aristocratic head with moderate stop, enough forechest and moderate tuck up, well sprung in ribs, balanced in angulation front and rear 3 Suetts Silberliss Peckham Pouncer YD (3) 1 Simpsons Ch Sireva Emeyefive JW Sgwc Fits the standard well,medium sized silver grey d, mature and finished for his 2yrs, impressive on the move showing reach and drive from well muscled hindquarters & low set hocks. Not overdone in any way he has a strong topline stacked and on the move, lovely in profile. Res CC. 2 Hillens Britmans Auriol Liked his head and expression, moderate stop & length of ear, strong neck ,has depth of chest with well fitted elbows, short loin ,moved well, a little longer in stifle than 1.3 Osborne-Fardons Silberliss Bombadier. ND (3) 1 Osborne-Fardons Silberliss Bombadier Liked his head and strong neck into shoulder still needs to drop a little in brisket, stands on good feet with strong pasterns, tidy all round.PGD (5.4) 1 Arnolds Gunalt Roku Loved him, maturing nicely at 2yrs,he is so balanced, quality d throughout, his angulation is spot on front & rear which shows in his movement which is smooth and sound with an excellent sidegait and precise footfall coming and going. Considered him for a green card today, his time will come soon I’m sure. 2 Martins Deifstock Deja Vu for Teufel JW. Has good head proportions, eye shape and ear set, has correct depth of brisket to elbow and strong topline, good width of second thigh, a little higher on hock than 1, but a nice sort.3 Longbottoms Gunalt McQueen.LD (7,1) 1 Hawkins Smilek Massachusettes Well made with strong reachy neck into his level topline, correct amount of bone , well muscled behind ,straight forelegs ,correct head proportions with lovely long leathers .2 Bennetts Cavalmist Cosworth Pleasing moderate male , elbows tucked in well with depth of brisket and moderate tuck up , moves on a balance stride holding a level topline.3 Razzell,Hazeltine & Crowthers Sh Ch Hundwith Checkmate of Corotine JW .OD (6,1)1 Alcorn & Ingram Sh Ch Gunalt Hendricks. All male but still has elegance, so soundly constructed he demands attention, super front assembly with well laid shoulder and correct return of upper arm, balanced moderate angulation fore and aft , shown in fit hard condition his movement is smooth and flowing and he never stopped showing despite the heat, CC, BOB & G1. 2 Mutlows Braefell Goshawk. Liked his head planes and expression, long leathers, elegant neck into shoulder ,strong topline with no weakness in loin, gleaming coat of good colour, has a good outline in profile , can lean into his front on the stack but moves on a balanced stride .3 Snaiths Skilaki Move On up to Bifonda VD (2,1) 1 Snaiths Skilaki Super Fly to Bifonda. 9 yrs veteran who still moves smartly , clean in neck ,has depth of body and spring of rib, masculine well shaped head with wide nostrils, has enough forechest with width for heartroom. PB (4) 1 Hills Weipowa Ida Feminine b, just as she should be for her age, has good shoulder placement and balanced front and rear , correct amount of bone, her head is still to finish as expected , she moves well for a puppy, was shortlisted in the puppy group later, well done BPIB. 2 Murrays Silberstein Rumour Has It Around Rachmor . Another who impressed me for such a youngster, well made with depth of body and strong short coupled loin, has width of second thigh and well developed hindquarters , lovely shape to her, promising .3 Longbottom & Milby Gunalt Curtain Call JB (4,1) 1 Hesford & Campbells Pipwell Penny Lane. Lovely young b who has a well chiselled headpiece, more developed in body than 2 at this stage, with depth and width of chest and strong second thigh ,shown in fit condition, moved well in the heat .2 Suetts Silberliss Saucy Mare . Very feminine b, lovely coat and colour, pretty head and expression, reachy neck , strong level topline, nicely ribbed back, stands well over her ground. My heart went out for a lovely young b who was withdrawn early in the class after being stung on her back pad, what timing !YB ( 3) 1 Morris & Randalls Kalimor Dottie JW. Well balanced b, who moved well on an even stride to take this class, liked her head , muzzle and fleshy nose, feminine but has substance and depth , good forehand construction and strength in hindquarters with a moderate bend of stifle.2.Dobbs Kalimor Summa Love JW. Similiar in type and make to 1 , good reach of neck , short coupled into strong hindquarters, hocks low to ground, little between these two , not quite as developed in brisket. 3 Cains Schonhund Show Mia Star at Lustamusk JW.NB (1)1 Suetts Silberliss Saucy Mare PGB (7,1)1 Maskell, Rayner & Maskells Enjager Harmony with Brownbank JW, Lots to like with this shapely b, she is feminine but has enough substance and bone, balanced and moderate angulation fore and aft so she moves out on a balanced stride with reach in front and drive from the rear.2 Pilatovas Sabsky Svratka Close up to winner , has correct amount of bone and body proportions, has depth of brisket and forechest with heartroom, pleasing feminine head with wide nostrils.3 Reakes Thrihyrne Love Letters LB (8,3)1 Wests Gunalt Wavelength JW. The more I looked , the more she drew the eye, not a flashy b but she is balanced all through, there is nothing overdone in her angulation and her outline flows from nose to tail, On the move she has excellent reach in front and drive from the hindquarters, so smooth with precise footfall as she comes and goes away, a pleasure to watch in motion, just feeling the heat when it came to the challenge CC. 2 Suetts Silberliss Solitaire Also of good make and type with a feminine head ,clean reachy neck and correct lay of shoulder and return of upper arm. Elbows are well fitted to body, a level topline which is held on the move., nothing overdone on her. Hills Weipowa Beretta OB (7,1) 1 Rodgers Sh Ch Minstergate Carnival JW Workmanlike b , balanced angles , correct in her front assembly with strong topline , has length and spring of rib into short loin and moderate tuck up, well made hindquarters. Moved out well with animation to take the class ,but feeling the heat when it came to the challenge.2 Morris Kalimor Gem Lovely b with pleasing head and expression, moderate in her angles she has good body and substance but is still feminine, can drop her topline a little when stood but she holds it firmly when on the move, well muscled at the rear with width of second thigh. 3 Marrs Sh Ch Sharnphilly Grace Kelly at Cleimar VB (2,1) 1 Powell & Tatums Weltguist Amy. 9yrs veteran , nicely made with good proportions , well angulated hindquarters, has depth of brisket and well fitted elbows , moves out with purpose and drive. This b and the VD were a credit to their owners.BVIB

Judge Carol Brooks