• Show Date: 04/05/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Camille Lambert Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Birmingham Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Keeshond

Birmingham National Dog Show

Friday 5th May 2023


Thank you to the Committee of Birmingham National Dog Show for inviting me to judge Keeshonds at their show. Being a weekday, I was very pleased that there was only one absentee from my entry and I thank all those who entered. My Stewards, who kept the ring running very smoothly and efficiently were a pleasure to work with. I must say that I was disappointed with the lack of good movement in the breed today, and also I saw a few questionable mouths (something I have not seen before in this breed). More worrying was the fact that two dogs had less than ideal temperaments, this goes against everything a Keeshond is and should be monitored closely. I was very pleased with my main winners and was thrilled to see they were placed well in the Groups. 

JD (3/0) 

1 Lindsay’s Mezanda Mystic Starman, a 16 mth lad who is maturing nicely. Lovely colour with defined markings. Correct wedge-shaped head with good ear placement and super dark eye of correct shape. Nice compact outline with moderately long neck and good arch. Level topline leading to well set tail, lovely curl with hook and profuse plume. Good width & depth of chest with ample spring of rib, short loin. Moderately angulated which gave good balance on the move which was brisk and lively. Excellent muscle and short rear pasterns. Looking forward to seeing how he matures further. RDCC. 

2 Downs Liefkees Assisi, 13 mths. Lovely clear colour with well defined markings. Nice head and expression, with good ear set and shape. Good topline, but longer cast then the winner. Well set tail which could be curled a little more tightly. Lovely substance, good spring of rib and dept of chest, balanced angulation. Moved a little close behind today. 

3 Pattison’s Quest Eastkees Del Monte Dragnone

PGD (1/1)

LD (2/0) 

1 Tew’s Torrikees Purple Rein, 2 yrs old. A larger dog, with a lovely head and expression. Good ear set, although a little prominent. A little shorter in neck, level top line leading to good tail set, well curled. Good texture to coat, and nice colour definition. Moved well. 

2 Marshall’s Arabesque at Devonia (Imp RUS), 4.5 yrs. Good size, correct colour with well defined markings. Pleasing head and expression with good ear set. Good spring of rib, short coupled, but appeared a little short on leg. Profuse coat which was a tad soft but well presented. Moving a little close today. 

OD (5/0) 

1 Fitches’ NL Ch Samoykees Harbour Lights, 4 yrs old. Handsome boy with darker colour but still defined markings and apparently spectacles. Nice wedge head with good ear placement. Profuse ruff which accentuates his arch of neck. Well laid shoulders, level topline and well-set tail which was correctly curled. Good spring of rib, decent width of chest. Moderate rear angulation which gave balanced movement. Good quality jacket of correct texture. Would have preferred him to be a little more compact. 

2 Harris’ Ch Kichigai Boy Is Back In Town For Watchkees JW, 4.5 YRS. Dog of correct size. Lovely compact shape, pleasing head, and good ears. Not as well off for neck and would prefer better arch. Level topline, tail ok. A little too much coat which was not as well defined in markings. Good substance and moderate angulation. Preferred movement on winner. 

3 Pattison’s Serenaubach Full Of Wonder

VD (1/0)

1 Hickson’s CH Kichigai's Only The Lonley. Almost 8 yrs old. A dog I have judged previously, and he never disappoints. Correct size, lovely compact shape, well arched neck of good length. Super head and expression with good ear shape and size. Tail well set with profuse plume. Adequate substance. Good spring of rib, short loin, moderate angles. Balanced, brisk, movement which was sound fore and aft. It’s easy to see why this dog is still at the top of the tree as he presents a very typical picture of the breed. I had no hesitation in awarding him the DCC, BOB & BVIB and was thrilled to see him go on to take Group 4 and Veteran Group 4. 

PB (2/0)

1 Sharp-Bale’s Neradmik Pandora's Box, 10 mths. The prettiest of heads of correct proportions. Lovely dark eye of super shape with defined spectacles. Well placed, ivy shaped ears and well arched neck of good length. Super colour, well defined markings, profuse coat of good texture. Compact shape, level topline, well sprung rib and well laid shoulders with good length of upper arm. Super tail set with excellent curl and good plume. Good width of chest just needs to settle in front movement. Balanced, moderate angulation, giving super, brisk, side gait and had best rear movement of the day. Loved everything about this baby and was happy to award her the CC & BPIB. I see she went on to win PG 2. 

2 Fitches’ Sofia Loren Della Ginevrina (Imp) It, 11 mths. Another very pretty baby, with a lovely head and expression with clear spectacles. Good coat with correct texture and super colour with defined markings. Good topline and well-set tail with tight curl. Well ribbed with nice spring of rib and decent width of chest. Longer cast than the winner and movement not quite as good. 

PGB (2/0) 

1 Bates’ Allforus Eternal flame, 2 yrs. A larger bitch but overall nice quality. Good wedge head, clear spectacles, well set ears of good shape. Coat was a little soft but had clear colour and well-defined markings. Good outline, with decent neck and fairly compact body. Moved well when settled.

2 Lindsay’s Watermyth Cassiopeia by Mezanda, 2 yrs. Pleasant bitch with nice head, slightly longer muzzle and would prefer a little more infill under the eye. Good spectacles and nice sized ears but set a little too wide. Good length of neck and well arched. Level topline and well curled tail with decent plume. Nice spring of rib, but slightly longer caste. Moderately angulated, with balanced movement.

LB (2/0)

1 Ring’s Neradmik Tantrums n Tiaras, 2 yrs. Lovely bitch with a lot to like. Typical head and expression with good dark eye and clear spectacles. Nice arch to neck. A little longer cast but level topline and good tail set and plume, good width of chest. Lovely angulation revealing good forechest. Ample coat of good colour with defined markings, however appeared to be ‘tidied’ on the underline. Moved well. 

2 Redler & Wheatley’s Keitakees You Are My World, 21 mths. Pretty bitch of good colour with clear markings. Nice head, good ear placement but a little larger in size. Good length of neck, nicely arched, short back with well set tail. Angulation not quite as good and would have preferred more substance. Moved well when settled.

OB (5/0)

1 Bardsley’s Skathki Emerald City, 5 yrs. This bitch had much to like. Typical head with lovely expression. Ears well set, but a little more pointed. Well arched neck, level topline and more compact than most. Well set tail with profuse plume. Coat of good length, and defined markings, but texture a little soft but very well presented. Lovely substance and good width of chest. Nice spring of rib but a little longer cast. Moved well but crabbed a little.

2 McKean’s Ch Kichigai It Takes Two at Yawren, 4.5 yrs. Substantial bitch of good colour with decent markings. Lovely head and dark eye of correct shape. Well set ears. Arched neck leading ot level topline, well set tail and good plume. Another which is longer cast, but balanced angulation giving good movement. Preferred the overall outline of winner.

3 Lindsay’s Ch Cosmic Dream's Damn You Look Good For Mezanda (Imp NOR) JW.

VB (3/0)

1 Marshall’s Torrikees Made in Heaven at Devonia, 7 yrs. Lovely head with definite stop. Good dark eye of nice shape. Clear spectacles. Well placed ears of good shape and flat skull between. Good ruff showing enough neck with good arch. Level topline, well-set tail with lovely plume. Compact bitch with well sprung riband short coupled. Moderate angulation, with good forechest. Coat of excellent colour with clear markings. Moved very well, just crabbed a little in challenge. RBCC.

2 McKean’s Ch Kichigai This Girl Is Mine At Yawren, 7.5 yrs. A lot to like on this bitch. Lovely head and expression, good neck. Slightly longer cast and tail slightly lower set. Good angulation, well boned. Super colour coat of correct texture and defined markings. Movement not as clean as winner. 3 Fitches’ NL Ch Samoykees Exclusive Moon (AI).