• Show Date: 30/06/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Camille Lambert Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 01/09/2023

Windsor Dog Show Society

Breed: Norwegian Buhund




Judge: Mrs Camille Lambert (Sturtmoor)

Thank you to my Stewards for keeping our ring running efficiently and thank you to all exhibitors for travelling to Windsor on a weekday. Some lovely exhibits here today, I was very pleased with the overall quality.


VD/B (1) 

1st: 2962 CROCKER, Miss S Knytshall Noor Ul Ain – 7 yr old Black Bitch. A bitch I have always admired and a pleasure to go over. Lovely outline of correct proportions. Typical wedge head with correct ear carriage. Nice dark eye although slightly more round than I would like. Moderately angulated rear, and good layback of shoulder, but shorter in upper arm. Well curled tail and carried correctly. Moved soundly with steady side gait. Happy to award RCC and Best Veteran.



PGD (1) 

1st: 2967 LANGFORD, Mr / Mrs David / Jennifer Frostisen Zeffer – 17 mth Shaded Wheaten. Really liked the type on this young lad. Nice size and good substance. Nice wedge head, although slightly shorter in muzzle. Correct dark eye of correct shape. Ears used and carried well. A shade longer in back but nice spring of rib and slight rise to underline. Good tail set, not as tightly curled but still acceptable. Nice layback of shoulder, shorter in upper arm (a common issue in the breed). Balanced angulation which was evident on the move. Moved cleanly coming and going. With more training, could easily vie for top honours.


OD (3) 

1st: 2970 SHORER-WHEELER, Ms Jenny Ch Koromandel Tusen Takk (ai) JW – 2 yr old wheaten. I could not deny this young dog today, he oozes quality, and his showmanship is second to none. Super head of good proportions with correct expression, with his lovely, almond shaped, dark eye and good ear carriage giving a lovely overall expression. Although this dog is tall, he is well balanced all round. Moderate neck with good arch leading to well laid shoulders. Good spring of rib and short in loin with gentle rise to underline. Strong topline, but can tend to slope on stack – however, moves with level topline. Tail set well on, curled adequately. In good coat of correct texture. Moderate rear angulation with nice short rear pasterns. Moves cleanly fore and aft with super reach and drive on side gait too. DCC & BOB.

2nd: 2961 CORIN, Ms Marie & CAMM, Mr Adam Kligenthal Almuric – Another lovely dog of my preferred type, correct size and shown in excellent condition. Good head and ears, eyes dark, well set, slightly more round. Moderate neck leading to level topline. Good length of back with short loin. Nicely curled tail, well set on. Not as well angulated as winner, but nicely balanced and moved steadily. Preferred the overall picture and side gait of winner. Happy to award this boy another RCC.

3rd: 2965 DEUCHAR, Mrs Margaret Joan & DEUCHAR, Miss Deborah Ch Rikarlo Gable JW

GCD/B (3) 

1st: 2962 CROCKER, Miss S Knytshall Noor Ul Ain

2nd: 2964 CROCKER, Miss S Leggatts Jive Talkin – 17 mth wheaten bitch. A lot to like on this young lady. Smaller than some, but still easily within standard. Pretty head with dark eye, could perhaps benefit from a little more fill under the eye. Lovely ear set and carriage. Good length of neck leading to good layback and level topline. Back a little long due to longer loin, nice spring of rib. Well set tail which has good curl. A little lacking in upper arm so front not as well set under and I would like. Moves cleanly front and back, and nice side gait. Unfortunately, out of coat, as expected at this time of year.

3rd: 2963 CROCKER, Miss S Leggatts Voulez Vous


JB (1) 

1st: 2964 CROCKER, Miss S Leggatts Jive Talkin

PGB (2) 1st: 2964 CROCKER, Miss S Leggatts Jive Talkin

2nd: 2966 REES, Dr Johanna S & GUILLOD, Mr Nicolas & GUILLOD Draccus Obsidian – 2 yr old black. This bitch really took my eye. Lovely outline with a super topline. Nice head with super dark eyes which were correctly set. Moderate neck leading to well laid shoulder. Tail had super curl but was very slightly low set. Liked the substance on this girl, and her movement was steady, balanced and clean. Just hope she gains in confidence.

LB (3) 

1st: 2962 CROCKER, Miss S Knytshall Noor Ul Ain

2nd: 2964 CROCKER, Miss S Leggatts Jive Talkin

3rd: 2963 CROCKER, Miss S Leggatts Voulez Vous

OB (4) 

1st: 2969 PATRICK, Mr Michael & ASHMAN, Miss Leigh Tapui Starla – 2 yr old shaded wheaten. Nothing flashy about this bitch but has everything she needs! Very workmanlike in type. Correct wedge head of good proportions. Ears carried and used well. Moderate neck, level topline, the best of tails with a double curl and well set on. Lovely body with good substance. Moderate angles front and rear, which showed in her steady, balanced movement. Clean coming and going. Happy to award her the CC (her third).

2nd: 2964 CROCKER, Miss S Leggatts Jive Talkin

3rd: 2960 COBB, Mrs J.J. & COBB, Mr M.J. & KENT, Mrs N.C. Knytshall Eloise RL1Ex

Res: 2968 NORMAN, Mrs. Madeleine Ch Arnscroft Delilah at Veekay