• Show Date: 04/08/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Bridgette Bodle Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 06/10/2023

Paignton & District Fanciers' Association

Breed: Finnish Lapphund
PAIGNTON CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW 4/8/2023 Finnish Lapphunds I was really looking forward to this appointment and I certainly wasn’t disappointed ! Thank you for a lovely entry and presence on the day. SBD NO ENTRIES PD (1 ) 1 Treasures Pavoskas Galaksiitti a pleasing youngster overall if a little exuberant but sympathetically handled to help counteract this, head is of good shape just needing to develop on, , defined stop and dark oval eyes, good length of neck into moderately angulated shoulders, in profile he has a well proportioned body with a decent length of leg, firm topline and well set tail and he moved out soundly once he settled, he just needs to develop in body and come together in the rear and whilst I preferred his proportions to that of the puppy bitch, at this stage she was slightly truer on the out and back, however this is a promising pup who just needs time. JD (1) 1 Pavoskas Galaksiitti PGD (5,1) Critchlow and Francis - Christie’s Pavoskas Forest JW A well coated wolf sable/white with good bone and substance although I wouldn’t want him any bigger, handsome masculine head with strong jaw, dark eye and good use of ears, neck is of fair length although somewhat hidden by his profuse coat, forelegs straight and strong to oval arched feet, firm in topline with slight tuck up and moderately angulated quarters ,so sound and easy on the move showing strength from the rear 2 Moores Morval Soturi (ai) smaller than the winner but a nicely proportioned boy, not the strength in head either but he has a lovely dark eye and a strong neck, he stands straight in front on slightly sloping pasterns and well covered oval feet. I have to be honest and say I wasn’t a fan of his colour but underneath the coat he is well made with a defined forechest, excellent topline and short strong loin making a pleasing overall shape, on the move in profile he is straight and true but just a tad close behind on the away. Very well handled to get the best from him 3 Allisons Lahetyaby Keskiyon Kuu By Oberitz LD (5) This was a very strong class 1 Allisons Oberitz Kaamoksen Ruhtinas JW this b/t boy appealed for for his shape and overall balance, Good masculine head with width to skull and proportionate muzzle, he has enough neck and is moderately angulated front and rear, good length of leg and deep through the chest with a firm topline and well set tail carried well on the move, a strong and brisk mover who just needed a little more coat in order to challenge for the top spot 2 Andersons Limishka Vainamoinen wolf sable/white dog of correct size and pleasing in shape, proportionate head with broadness to skull, defined stop and oval eye of good colour, well boned with enough spring of rib and moderately angulated in front and behind, just blowing his coat somewhat but very sound and true on the move and presented in well muscled condition, I just preferred the more developed forechest of the winner today 3 Samuels Oberitz Buoremus OD (2,1) 1 and DCC, BOB and G4 Forseys Ch Arianrhod Black Sun Aeon at Muzoku, 3 yr b/t, this is a good looking male from all aspects and a true showman, he has a strong masculine head with width to skull, visible stop and a lovely dark oval eye, ears are well set and well used, neck is strong and leads cleanly into moderately angulated shoulders, legs are well boned and strong down to compact well covered feet, on the move he covers the ground with easy strides and with purpose. Presented in first class coat and condition but I would like to see just a little less fur around his neck as it gives the illusion of being shorter than it really is otherwise not much to criticise here and it’s easy to see why he was won what he has, a really lovely specimen of the breed who I was thrilled to see take G4 in a very strong group, congratulations VD (2) 1 and RDCC and BV Cooper and Critchlows, Ch Pavoskas Aly Arttu JW Sh.CM ShCEx VW what a lovely specimen this 8 yr wolf sable boy is , he has the most appealing head and expression and was presented in profuse coat and condition, ample neck into a moderate lay of shoulder, good forechest and depth of chest, firm in topline with a well set tail carried correctly on the move, he went soundly around the ring showing strength from the rear and clearly enjoying himself, I loved him ! 2 Samuels Oberitz Upponalle as with the winner this 8 year old was so well presented and showing good overall balance and proportions, well boned forelegs and slightly sloping pasterns but feet could be better, deep brisket and a firm topline to slightly sloping croup and well set tail, sound a brisk in profile but not the strength in hock of the winner SBB (1) 1 Ellis and Crosby TabanyaRuu Borealis Bliz 12 mths old with an attractive head and expression, she has enough width to skull for her age and sex and she has a nice length of neck. I would have liked just a fraction more front angulation but she is moderate enough in the rear; firm in topline and loin and holds a good shape as she moves: She does need to strength and muscle up behind as she moves a little close on the away. PB (2 ) 1 Critchlow and Rudd’s Pavoskas Hiili Helmi 2 Forsey’s Happy Lapp Rosy at Muzoku(imp Dnk) I didn’t feel either of these pups showed themselves to advantage in the class today, maybe the incline in the ring unsettled them but having gone over them both, I found them sound enough in construction and developing as you would hope for their age although. I would have liked a better length of leg on the 1st placed girl and a slightly better tailset on the 2nd. Today the winner was just a little more forward in her movement and stronger in hock but I’m sure they have, and will change places constantly JB (2) 1 Critchlow and Rudd Pavoskas Hiili Helmi (see PB) 2 TabanyaRuu Borealis Bliz (See SBB) PGB (2) 1 Allisons Oberitz Pilvilinna Quite a small girl but well enough proportioned, pleasing enough in head shape but her earset could be a little higher although she did use them well, well boned forelegs and compact feet with a good depth of chest, strong and muscled in the rear with moderate angulation, moved out briskly and soundly, presented in good coat 2 TabanyaRuu Borealis Bliz LB (6,1) 1 and BCC Anderson and Nardones Limishka Kareitar JW this striking brown sable girl was immaculate in her presentation with a quality coat of the correct texture, I liked her head which is strong but feminine with a lovely eye and expression and she uses her ears to advantage, good length of neck and balanced in front and rear angulation she makes very a pleasing picture. On the move she is accurate and brisk moving away off strong low set hocks and carrying her tail correctly and when you look at her in profile everything just flows with no exaggeration. I understand this was her 3rd CC congratulations 2 and RBCC Allison and Brights Oberitz Beaivvas black and tan girl, very shapely but not quite the coat of the winner today, attractive head with a lovely eye and expression, she has excellent bone without being overdone, strong neck of good length into a moderate lay of shoulder, firm loin but just drops her topline occasionally when relaxed on the stack, moderate in the rear with low set hocks allowing her to move out with good drive, briskness and accuracy around the ring, it was her movement that gave her the advantage over other class winners for the RCC 3 Listons Infindigo Sisko Suvi OB (4,2) 1 Moore’s , CH Morval Salainen Haave JW 6 yr wolf sable, A very attractive girl in profile and she has such an appealing expression, head is broad enough with defined stop, oval eyes and medium sized ears set correctly, forelegs are well boned and she has a good depth of chest, moderate spring of rib, slight tuck and strong firm topline which she held on the move, moderately angulated in the rear with short strong hocks. In lovely coat and condition. Not giving the best account of herself on the move however she was sound if a bit wayward which cost her in the challenge, but she appealed alot. 2 Critchlow and Francis- Christies Pavoskas Cancan A well presented 6 yr old tri in good coat and condition, I preferred the head and expression of the winner but this girl is very moderate all through with good bone and a well developed body, firm in topline with correctly set tail and carriage and moving out briskly with good drive VB (1)1 TREASURES Infindigo Riemu Emmie Sh.CM VW ShCEx The veterans certainly wear well in this breed ! This is a well coated 11 yr old wolf sable with lovely head and expression and ears set well apart. Straight well boned forelegs and compact feet, just showing a little weakness in pasterns on the stack, good depth of chest and moderate ribbing, a fraction long but holding a strong topline both stacked and on the move, very sound all ways and a real credit to her owners. Bridgette Bodle