• Show Date: 12/08/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Bridgette Bodle Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 14/10/2023

Bournemouth Canine Association

Breed: Hungarian Pumi (Imp)
BOURNEMOUTH CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW HUNGARIAN PUMIS I have grown quite fond of this breed over the years and it’s always an enjoyable experience to judge them regardless of the size of the entry. The temperament of a Pumi should be lively expressive and bold and I felt my top winners fitted this description to a tee. Grooming and presentation was in the main excellent and no matting or knots were detected and I was delighted to see my BOB get shortlisted in the group. SBD (0) PD (0) JD (1) 1 and BD, BOB Gent and Briggs Heathbank Miksa a super smart black boy with a good square outline and presented with a short wavy coat of the correct texture, trimmed up perfectly to compliment his shape. Pleasing head proportions with a good length of muzzle and minimal stop, eyes are dark and nose pigment black, neck is arched and of moderate length and feeds cleanly into well laid shoulders, forelegs are straight, down to strong pasterns and rounded feet. I particularly liked this boys hindquarters which were moderate in angulation and muscular with good definition at the hock. Very sound on the move, short striding but light on his feet. Pleased to award him BOB today and to see him shortlisted in a huge group, congratulations. PGD (0) OD (2) 1 and RBD Pike and Carters Breezelyn Ear Sumut Special 4 yr old grey boy, a neat and tidy package with a good masculine head, well proportioned skull to muzzle with high set ears and a keen expression, moderate length of neck and almost square in body with strong pasterns, a good lay of shoulder and chest down to elbow, firm in backline and tail set on high, on the move he is brisk and purposeful, a nice specimen 2 Kirkwoods Schnaubern Draco Star, stronger in head than the winner and a tad shorter in neck, forelegs are straight and strong and elbows close, he has a good depth of chest and short body with a strong topline and tidy underline, hindquarters well muscled and moderately angulated. Presented in good coat and texture. Not as strong in rear movement as the winner today. PB (2,1) 1 and BP Kirkwoods Schnaubern Franz such a baby but such a delight, I could see she wasnt too phased by what was going on, she was just being a puppy which is exactly what she is. I thought she had a beautiful head, so feminine with a lively but kind of naughty look in her eyes and excellent ears which were high sent and mobile, enough neck and a good lay of shoulder, a little bit wayward on the move but she did go forward and once settled she showed glimpses of the brisk movement that I wanted to see. JB (1,abs) PGB (3,1) 1 and BB Johns Breezelyn Ears A Breakthrough For Alepenkye. It’s no secret I love this girl, she was my BB last time I judged and she is maturing into a beautiful specimen. I love her attitude and confidence when she moves and she has a feminine head, narrow and of good proportions with a lovely dark eye and a lively expression, ears are mobile and well used. Square in outline, fit and lithe with well sloped shoulders, short back and firm topline. With moderate angulation in the rear and strong hocks she certainly appeals for type and construction. On the move she is animated but totally sound and carries her tail up and over as required. Her wavy coat was well conditioned and free of knots but there was just too much of it which spoilt her outline somewhat and made her look a little short in leg and I had to take that into consideration when awarding BOB. I do know that since my comments at the time of the show, this issue has been addressed so sometimes judges criticisms are taken on board! 2 Elliott and Briggs Heathbank Paliki At Bellpins. There is no doubting the quality of this young lady, her outline is superb and she has a beautifully proportioned head with minimal stop and a lovely dark eye, very elegant neck, arched and of moderate length, compact in body with a firm level topline and correctly set tail which she carried on the move. Looking better for length of leg than the winner but sadly she was a little unsettled by her surroundings and didn’t move as accurately as the winner OB (2) 1 and RBB Pike and Carters Breezelyn Ears A Good Un 3 yr black, overall a nicely balanced sturdy girl with a lovely feminine head which was well proportioned with minimal stop and medium eye set well apart and dark. Clean neck of moderate length and a good depth of chest, lithe body, compact with a short strong loin, sound and animated and moving away off muscled quarters and strong low set hocks and carrying herself with confidence as she went round. 2 Johns Breezelyn Ears A Top Tip At Alepenkye 3 yr grey, this girl has pleasing head properties and a lovely dark eye with good nose pigment at the end of a tapered muzzle, she has enough neck and front angulation, straight forelegs well under body and tidy elbows, strong topline and muscled quarters, she tended to lower her head somewhat on the move and it completely changed the shape of her body and threw her front out a little but she was well presented and trimmed well to show off her shape. Bridgette Bodle