• Show Date: 13/08/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Bridgette Bodle Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 06/10/2023

Bournemouth Canine Association

Breed: Bullmastiff



I can imagine how frustrating it is to enter under a judge and find that you have a replacement who you might not have entered under had they been the original judge. Similarly thank you to those who messaged me apologising for not having entered in the first place ! Grateful thanks to those who attended on the day and accepted my placings with good grace and sportsmanship. Only one observation which was that size varied enormously and although generally I like a good sized male, I prefer the bitches to be more moderate and feminine so I did find the higher bitch classes more difficult to evaluate and place.

MPD (2,abs)

PD No entries

JD (2,1) 1and DCC, BOB Stoneglad Casanova a medium sized fit looking male who showed super balance, strength and proportions, handsome head which is broad enough for age but still to develop, muzzle is short and blunt and he has a good underjaw, powerful neck which was well muscled, compact in body with a good width of forechest, short back with level topline and well angulated quarters with strong parallel hocks, covered the ground with good drive. I was pleased to award him his first CC today.

PGD (2,) 1 Sandifords Omfero Luciano a strongly built boy with a handsome masculine head although just a bit heavy around the jowls, he stands on well boned forelegs and decent feet, excellent width between the forelegs and deep through the chest, moderately angulated in the rear and standing on strong straight hocks, he moved out soundly enough but I would have liked a little more animation and drive.

LD (6) This was a good class in terms of size and substance with movement the deciding factor for the final placings

1 Thomas and Bulls Phoria's Seventh Heaven JW fawn of good size and substance, large well proportioned head with defined mask and such a soft expression, strong slightly arched neck neck of moderate length, enough lay of shoulder and close fitting elbows, excellent width and depth to chest and compact in body with a strong level topline, moved with power around the ring, can still tighten up a little behind but his profile action is to be appreciated and he was well presented with good muscle tone all through.

2 Trims Carpe Diem Urbe Immortale with Roycepride (Imp) It A cracking red, big and powerful with huge bone and good substance, he has excellent breadth to his chest and is more mature in body than the winner, square head with neat high set ears and a strong jaw set into short blunt muzzle, very sound and true moving with power from the rear but I jut preferred the ground coverage of the winner today.

3 Aston and Pavesis Angel's Phoenix Ron Weasley Astonpride (imp ita) completed a trio of quality dogs, I liked his head and overall shape but he needs to tighten up in front movement.

OD (3,2)

1 Freshneys Ch Hyerdunscar Renaissance For Bullenca an imposing fawn dog of excellent size and substance and in fit hard condition and evident musculature, good width of skull and small neat ears used well, muzzle could be a fraction longer for a more balanced head, clean strong neck into well laid shoulders with ample width to forechest and good depth of chest, compact in body with a firm level topline, a powerful mover all ways and a close decision for the CC, I just preferred the head proportions of the younger dog today.

VD (0)

SBD/B (1,abs)

MPB (2)

1 and BPIB Spencer’s Islekeepers Rough Diamond, a beautifully feminine fawn girl with a most attractive head, well placed eyes, short muzzle with dark mask and enough width to her underjaw, she has a lovely arch to her neck and a good lay of shoulder, impressive topline which she held on the move and shapely quarters, she stands with strong straight pasterns on compact feet, fairly well together on the move with good drive from the rear. Thought she was very promising.

2 Allwatcha Copperfield Tiffs Diamond very much a baby all round but with plenty of breed characteristics and a super temperament she had a naughty glint in her eye today but she has a reasonable head shape just needing to develop and broaden and dark eyes set well apart, neck is of good length and she is correctly angled front and rear, a little weaker in topline than the winner and not quite as together.

PB (1)

1 Astons SAPHIRA DE TERRAS LUSITANAS ASTONPRIDE (IMP PRT) I quite liked this brindle who has a good head shape for her age, small well placed ears and a lovely dark eye, she has a moderate amount of bone and a nicely arched neck, she is slightly long cast which affected her topline as she tends to dip behind the shoulders , however her movement although loose was fabulous to watch as she enthusiastically covered the ground with good strides showing power in rear action. She has a lot to appreciate and should mature into a nice specimen and her confidence will no doubt help to carry her through. .

JB (4,1)

1 Latters Stoneglad shes a Rebel, A gorgeous fawn 15 mth girl who has a lot of what I like in a female. Pleasing in outline being compact enough and well proportioned with strong bone and a clear well conditioned coat, she has a beautiful head and eye, slightly arched neck and a good lay of shoulder balanced by shapely moderately angulated quarters and holds a firm topline both stacked and on the move. She just needs to tighten up in the rear still but is one to keep an eye on. 2 Fascoignes Fowlerheights Azra Fasden brindle who is a tad longer cast than the winner and not so strong in front, her head is developing well with defined stop and some width to skull and she has such a nice, almost quizzical expression, pleasing neck of good length, deep enough in chest and giving a good account of herself on the move. She too needs to tighten up on the move

3 Trims Roycepride Radio Gaga

PGB (1,abs)

LB (6,2) 1 BCC Reader and Bowns Sundabish Belle Amour JW whilst at the lower end of the height scale this beautiful girl is so well balanced and makes a lovely shape on the stack, minimal handling ensured I could see every part of her ! She has a most attractive and feminine head without losing strength or type although she could have slightly less lip, clean slightly arched neck of good length which added to her femininity, good width to chest and deep brisket, straight topline and firm loin and strong shapely hindquarters with good definition at the hock. Powerful and sound displaying good rear drive. Yes I’d like more of her but today was a day for compromise and this girls attributes could not be denied. I understand this was her 2nd CC and I’m sure she will soon gain her title.

2 Marshall and Tankards Omfero Princess Audrey at Verosa JW On first glance this fawn girl could have be been my winner, head and body are nicely proportioned and she has good size and bone without being overdone, hindquarters are strong and well muscled and she powered round the ring with good drive, on the stack her topline is straight and strong however I would have liked a slightly higher tail set as on the move the low set gave the illusion that she was roaching slightly which spoilt her outline.

3 Aston’s Angel's Phoenix Hermione Granger Astonpride (imp it)

OB (3)

Not the easiest class to assess, 3 quality exhibits, all different but all with attributes and the capability to win green cards,. My eye was drawn to 3 for type and outline but disappointingly she didn’t show herself off as well as 1 and 2 on the move 1 and RBCC Marshall and Tankard’s Safety Of Flatland You are My Destiny at Verosa (Imp) Good size girl in fit condition, possibly just a bit too much of her for me and for absolute femininity but she was the best mover in the class and really needs to be gone over to be appreciated, strong head with good width but a tad long in muzzle, powerful neck into well laid shoulders and a good width and depth to chest. Holds an excellent topline on the move and is powerful in her strides 2 Warrens Ch Yakee Blue Topaz of Copperfield I have judged this girl before and considered her for the RCC last time I judged, she has matured so nicely and has great bone and was presented in muscled condition, throughout, good head shape with broadness to skull and short blunt muzzle, moderate length of neck leading into well laid shoulders, compact in body with correct tail set, she needs to firm in topline somewhat which was the deciding factor for this class.

3 Latters Ch Stoneglad She’s Just My Style

VB (0)

Bridgette Bodle