• Show Date: 13/08/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Bridgette Bodle Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 06/10/2023

Bournemouth Canine Association

Breed: Pyrenean Mountain Dog

Bournemouth Championship Show 13/08/2023


M y first CC appointment in the breed and I thoroughly enjoyed my day thank you !

MPD (1 ) 1 and BPIB Baverstocks Kalkasi King Of Hearts what a great start to the day, I thought this was a super youngster, he carries such a good coat for his age and stands confidently in the ring making a pleasing shape and showing good balance, head is maturing nicely with minimal stop and slightly tapered muzzle and a lovely dark eye, forelegs are straight and strong with slight slope to pasterns, chest still needs to deepen and elbows to tighten just a fraction but that will come as he matures, on the move he is confident and true with correct tail carriage, such a shame he was the only pup here but I’m sure he has a very bright future ahead of him.

PD (1) 1 Kalkasi King Of Heart



LD (8,2)1 Kalkasi Just Because JW 2 yr old elegant male with a strong masculine head, dark oblique eye and good pigment, neat well set ears, strong neck into a moderate lay of shoulder and a well ribbed body, good breadth to loin and visible haunches with well muscled quarters, he moved with freedom and accuracy with correctly carried tail to win this nice class 2 McBains, Lisjovia Flaming Drambuie for Willmac lots to like about this dog, he is slightly smaller and maybe not quite so elegant but he has a masculine head of good proportions with dark oblique eye and small triangular ears, short strong neck with enough shoulder angulation, deep chest and a slight slope to croup, tailset appears correct but he could carry it better on the move, moved with an easy gait around the ring, his accuracy on the out and back put him ahead of others in the class 3 Henson and Dearmans Lisjovia Eternal Guardian for Pyrekees

OD (6 ,1) 1 and DCC Pollard and Maggs Ch Gillandant Thief Of Hearts at Dewyche a strongly built boy presented in profuse coat and muscled condition, masculine head with a dark kind eye, just a little loose in flews but with well pigmented eyes and nose , he has excellent bone without being overdone, great depth of chest and slight underline, topline is straight and strong and hindquarters very well muscled, he is a powerful mover who covered the ground with ease, pleased to award him the DCC today 2 and RDCC Kenyon and Wards Charibere Simply The Sequel at Kaianna JW, my BIS at the Scottish club show in 2022 when he was just a junior and it’s great to see how he has matured, strong and elegant on the stack and in beautiful coat and condition, I loved his head shape and his soft but intelligent expression, shoulders are close fitting with moderate angulation with a deep chest and ribs extending well back, he has a firm straight topline held both on the stack and on the move, he went around the ring with a steady action but I would have liked to see just a little more animation. He had to settle for the RCC today but it was a close decision between these 2 3 Reillys UK Ch Sw Ch Ir Ch Esp Ch Multi Int Ch Lisjovia Boris Bear JW ShCM

VD (3,2) 1 STRATTON-BALDWIN Kricarno Kinetic 7 yr old in good coat, masculine head with good width to skull, eyes just a little round and could be darker, well boned all through with a strong neck and good width and depth to chest, sufficient spring of rib and broad loin with moderately angulated quarters, moved out steadily in profile but a little weak in front when coming to.




JB (2) 1 Baverstocks Kalkasi Star Of The Stage very nice in profile with an elegant outline, from the front a tad narrow but I’m sure she will fill out with time, well shaped head with sufficient width of skull for her age, dark oblique eye and excellent pigment to nose and lips, ears are neatly set and close fitting, straight forelegs to compact feet and strong pasterns, correct croup and tailset, movement was sound and steady and she just needs to strengthen in hock but a good prospect for the future for sure, 2 Coles Gillandant Jasmine I thought this girl had the most beautiful head which was both feminine and proportionate, she has a lovely eye shape and colour with good nose pigment and tapered muzzle, she is amply boned with substance all through, ribs extend well back and her loin is strong, she was a bit of a handful in the ring but once settled she showed signs of true and easy movement and carries her tail very well. With a bit more training I think she could have a very bright career in the ring PGB (3,1) 1 Kalkasi Star Of The Stage 2 Gillandant Jasmine LB (3) 1 Goodwins Lisjovia White Lady Avec Montmusique JW A lovely girl whose type I liked and she makes such a well balanced shape on the stack, medium sized frame with a moderate amount of bone, very attractive head and expression, pleasing neck into good shoulders with roomy elbows and a good depth of chest, strong topline and broad loin with a tidy underline, moderate angulation to hind quarters and well defined hocks, moves with an easy action, in my top 3 for higher honours 2 Thornes Belshanmish New Sensation at Pyrajay (AY1) JW A feminine girl but a different type to the winner, she is quite pleasing on the stack with a good length of leg giving elegance and balance to her profile, she stands on straight amply boned forelegs and strong pasterns and is moderate in front and rear angulation with enough elbow room and a good depth of chest, I would like to see her carry a little more body on her but I really liked her on the move although when I came to final placings I preferred the head of the winner 3 Henson and Dearmans Lisjovia Witches Promise for Pyrekees

OB (7) 1 BCC, BOB and G3, Gillandant Simply The Best, litter sister to my DCC, this was without doubt the strongest class of the day, however my winner literally gave me goosebumps as she walked in! She has the most beautiful head and expression with dark well placed eyes yielding a soft kind expression, her neck is strong but elegant and leads nicely into moderately laid shoulders, she stands so well in front with compact feet and enough elbow room without being too close, Her chest is deep and backline firm with muscled moderately angulated hind quarters, everything just flows on her and when she moved it was effortless with such ease but still with power from the rear, she was beautifully presented and handled to perfection putting on an almost faultless performance which she continued in the group ring to take 3rd place. Simply The Best? Most definately today, I just loved her! 2 Wilcocks Ch Penellcy She's Like The Wind another very attractive girl who I awarded RBB to at the Scottish club show in 2022, a tad smaller than the winner but nicely proportioned and so utterly feminine, lovely eye, strong muzzle and well pigmented nose, moderate length of neck and lay of shoulder, she is well ribbed with a strong loin, shapely quarters and covered the ground with ease, one of the best presented exhibits here today 3 Tadds Kricarno Katchmeifyoukan

VB (1) 1 and RBCC, BVIB Thornes Ch Belshanmish Pretty in Pink at Pyrajay Sh.CM ShCEx. A beautiful 9 yr old presented in a full well conditioned coat although slightly soft in texture,, she has a feminine head of good shape and proportions with slight slope from skull to muzzle, well pigmented eye rims and nose and neat triangular ears, strong muscular neck into a moderate lay of shoulder and straight well boned forelegs, shapely body with ribs extending well back, croup slopes slightly to tail and hindquarters are well muscled down to strong straight hocks, she covers the ground so freely and with ease and its plain to see why she is still collecting green cards at her age, a quality specimen and it’s a cliche but she really is a credit to her owners.

Bridgette Bodle