• Show Date: 26/05/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Blake Crocker Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 09/08/2023

Bath Canine Society

Breed: Irish Setter

Irish Setter - Judge: Mr B A Crocker

Dog Challenge Certificate - Int Sh Ch/bis/biss Glimmer Noblesse Cloud Dancer (Miss Glonekovã)

Reserve Dog Challenge Certificate - Sh Ch Gwendariff Ucan'tmissme Bonhomie (Mrs S E Edwards)

Bitch Challenge Certificate - Forfarian Soo Lush JW (Mrs S & Misses N & J Sturrock)

Reserve Bitch Challenge Certificate - Glennara Cherry Cola JW (Mrs K A Hall)

Best of Breed - Forfarian Soo Lush JW (Mrs S & Misses N & J Sturrock)

Best Puppy - Copper’s Midsummer Night’s Dream (Imp Swe) (Mrs B & Mrs L Berry & Morris)

Best Veteran - Strathmead Huckleberry of Settesoli (Mrs J P Russell)

Best Special Beginners - Grenada Lofty Czerwony (Imp Pol) (Miss H & Mr M Henderson & Szwajkowski)

I wish to thank the Officers and Committee for the invitation to judge this long awaited appointment at this amazing showground. The ground was perfect and the in/out ring was a good size and offered shade from the heat of the day.

Being a regular exhibitor of Irish Setters I watch the breed closely and leading up to my appointment I was concerned about the number of weak necks that have appeared over recent years. An Irish Setter is not a ‘carrying’ breed but an air scenting breed requiring strength of neck to hold their heads high as they scent the air for game across difficult terrain. Apart from which the muscular, slightly arched neck is a mark of quality. I am pleased to say that these weak necks that cut abruptly into high shoulders were in the main, absent from today’s entry.

It has been said recently that Irish Setters should be ‘up on the leg’. This is totally incorrect. Irish Setters are not square in outline; they should be well ribbed back which in itself tells you that they are slightly longer than they are tall.

I found three bad mouths and two cases of entropion on the day but overall, the quality of the entry was good although I did feel that the bitches were superior to the dogs. All coats were spotlessly clean and presentation was superb, but a large number of the exhibits lacked muscle conditioning.

I am very grateful to the exhibitors for the super entry and to those around the ring who clapped generously for all the winners creating a terrific atmosphere.

Class 164. Veteran Dog

Entries: 2 Absentees: 1

1st Place 482 - Strathmead Huckleberry of Settesoli (Mrs J P Russell)


Great start to the day; a super veteran dog with so much to commend. He owns a strong enough, but very handsome head with a kind eye, lovely expression, excellent finish of foreface, low set ears and a correct bite. He has the most seamless neck into shoulder, good length and return of upper arm, ample fore chest, clean in outline and an excellent finish to his croup. Nice length and turn of stifle and short from hock to heel. I have watched this lad take his owner on a bit of a “sleigh ride” when moving over the past few years, but today he was under control, co-ordinated and showed what he’s actually capable of. He’s little prouder of his tail than is ideal, but a truly handsome dog nonetheless.

I was delighted to award him BV and to see watch him win the veteran group and go RBVIS for his extremely proud owner! Congratulations.

Class 165. Minor Puppy Dog

Entries: 1 Absentees: 1

Class 166. Puppy Dog – Super class, the first four so full of breed type.

Entries: 6 Absentees: 1

1st Place 403 - Copper’s Midsummer Night’s Dream (Imp Swe) (Mrs B & Mrs L Berry & Morris)

I thought this was a cracking young dog; He’s so full of type and mischief. He owns such a balanced head already with raised brows, kind eye, fine ears and such an excellent expression, a tad throaty at present, but I’m sure this will clean up as he matures. He has very decent forehand with super depth to his chest already and a lovely long ribcage that is carried well back. Has plenty of rear angulation and such a lovely croup and tail set. A handful on the move, which only added to his charm, but shows such a scopey side gait and that typical puppy roll which again, will go as he matures. He’s a super pup and I liked him enormously. BPIB. Well done.

2nd Place 419 - Kristesha A Thousand Kisses (Miss Y Davies)

So very close up to the winner. I was really taken with this lad too. Incredibly balanced for his age with very little to fault on the stack and moving. At present, he’s a little broader in skull than is my preference, but I’m certain that this will fine a little as he grows on and balance out. He is super in body and has such a breed typical outline and silhouette. His front and rear quarters were excellent and he maintained his lovely shape on the move too. Presented today in a thick, lush, dark puppy coat. I wish him luck and think he will make a super mature male.

Class 167. Junior Dog

Entries: 5 Absentees: 0

1st Place 451 - Kerryfair Zoom in On Pawsword (Miss L Kolbach)

This is an absolute stunner of a young dog. His type and style are impossible to ignore. He possesses a beautiful, refined head. It’s so balanced in its proportions, long and lean, no excess skin, tight eye, clean in throat and a beautifully finished muzzle. He is racy in his outlook and balanced in body. He has an excellent front, super return of upper arm, pronounced fore chest and stands straight on excellent bone and feet. His top line is clean, gently sloping and firm. He could have a slightly longer and flatter croup for ideal, but that said, it does flatten out a little more on the move than on the stack. His hind quarters were shapely, let down in hock and well-muscled already. His coat is coming along just nicely too. On the move he was superb. Coming and going he was spot on, but it was his side gait that totally captivates you. It’s open and reachy and he carries his head beautifully with that air of arrogance that we all want and cherish in our show dogs. I’m sure that with correct nurturing and coat care, we will hear a lot more from him as a mature dog.

2nd Place 461 - Thendara Big Love (Mrs D & Mr J Milligan-Bott & Bott)

A very imposing dog with a much bigger frame than the winner. Lots to admire here. He has a handsome head that is balanced and correct in its proportions, but not quite the refinement and chiselling of the winner. He excels in his angles with a well-made front with an abundance of fore chest. He has great bone and substance, but is certainly not course. His quarters a well-muscled and his conditioning was second to none. He has excellent depth and ribbing, but I would’ve preferred him closer coupled for balance. An exuberant mover with a lovely side gait, but somewhat proud of his tail today. First class presentation.

Class 168. Yearling Dog

Entries: 3 Absentees: 0

1st Place 490 - Lynwood Ruddy Fantastic (Mr T Watts)

A good moving dog that was so sound in all departments. Very true out and back and maintained his shape on the around. His head was masculine, but would benefit from more work, stop and chiselling. A shorter coupled dog with top line and croup that really appealed from his excellent crested neck and that gentle slope from withers to croup. His bone and feet were excellent, but could stand a little too narrow in front at times. Enough angulation behind and was well let down in hock. A dark, wavy coated dog with an abundance of coat for his age. Deserved his win here.

2nd Place 441 - Cafotaliena Joker and Queen (Miss N C & Miss C Hardy)

Much preferred the head on this exhibit and he was handled very well to get the best out of him. His top line was clean and sloping and he has a lovely tail set and croup. For me, I would’ve liked to have seen a little more substance and angulation all through. He has enough behind, but was a little too straight fronted and lacked the desired fore chest. His ribbing had good length and his coupling strong and muscled. Presented in good coat and of good colour. A true moving dog with a pleasing side gait. Time is on his side.

Class 169. Novice Dog

Entries: 7 Absentees: 0

1st Place 403 - Copper’s Midsummer Night’s Dream (Imp Swe) (Mrs B & Mrs L Berry & Morris)

Repeat from Puppy Dog.

2nd Place 468 - Quensha Thinking Out Loud at Bransett (Mrs D & Miss J Parsons)

This is a really lovely puppy, but on the day was carrying just too much weight for my preference. He has such a lovely head and expression; he is typy, well boned and has excellent angles fore and aft. Plentiful in fore chest, super depth and length to rib, lush, thick, dark puppy coat and an eagerness to please on the move carrying his tail beautifully. One I would certainly look forward to judging as a more refined/thinner adult. An exciting prospect indeed that looks just like his pedigree would suggest.

Class 170. Graduate Dog

Entries: 5 Absentees: 1

1st Place 464 - Covarney It Takes Time with Stourford (Mr W G & Mrs A C Needs)

This is a very well put together dog with lots to like. He could be touch more refined in head and have a little less lip for my taste, but it’s masculine, has good planes, excellent low set ears, raised brows and enough stop. His forehand was so well put together and his fore chest excellent. His shoulders were fine at the points and flowed beautifully into his clean, sloping top line and tail set. Very good in rib and depth, straight forelegs but feet could be tidier. Enough bend and turn of stifle and short from hock to heel. A really lovely gait in profile and coming towards. Top drawer presentation that was appreciated.

2nd Place 404 - Brinara Country Boy (Mrs B, Mrs L & Mrs L Berry, Morris & Fitzmaurice)

I really appreciated the type and head on this lad. More refined in head than the winner, sriuper twitching brows, excellent length of foreface and clean in throat. Neat, fine, low set ears carried close to his head. Nicely crested neck and a decent shoulder and top line. A Little straighter in upper arm and not quite the fore chest of the winner. He is racy and balanced, but didn’t put his all into moving today although very sound. It was certainly warming up outside at this point!

Class 171. Post Graduate Dog

Entries: 6 Absentees: 1

1st Place 491 - Bluesprings Now I'm Here at Forestfire (Mrs L Richardson)

I liked this boy very much and he presents the most classic Irish setter shape on the stack. He is racy and balanced, owns a super headpiece with excellent planes, low set ears, oval skull and a kind eye, which, could be a fraction darker for perfection. He is totally balanced in his angles, has a super lay of shoulder, lengthy upper arm and a good amount of fore chest. He is deep in body and has the correct proportion of being slightly longer than he is tall. His top line and tail set are spot on. He is long from hip to hock and is well let down here. Presented today in super coat and feather, but I would’ve liked to have seen him in better muscle tone throughout. Shows and excellent side gait on the around and is precise coming on, but a little untidy going away today. He is a super dog with an assured title ahead of him. I liked him enormously.

2nd Place 402 - Jetsetter Wind of Dreams (Imp Rus) (M Beresford)

This is a very good moving male of excellent type. His head is pleasing with good chiselling, excellent length of muzzle that could be a fraction deeper for balance and long, low set ears. Eye a fraction light, but super shape to them and tight, neat margins. Very striking in outline and his croup is spot on. Has enough fore chest, is good in upper arm but I preferred the shoulder on the winner. Ribs lengthy with good spring and depth. Quarters wide and of good length. Shown today in super coat and feather of excellent quality and depth to it. A very precise mover, clean coming and going and very collected on the around. Another really nice dog.

Class 172. Limit Dog

Entries: 10 Absentees: 1

1st Place 431 - Suteresett King of Hearts JW (Mrs T & Miss G Gisby)

I’ve watched this dog maturing and have always been a little indifferent about him, but I was so glad to see him here today looking the way he did. His conditioning and muscle tone were second to none. You can tell that it wasn’t just a case of wash and go. A lot of hard work has clearly gone into this! His head is very balanced, long and lean, oval in skull and has such a kind expression. He has correct oval bone, super feet and more than enough fore chest. His top line is clean, gently sloping and his croup is good but I would’ve liked just a fraction more length to his neck for my ideal. He is beautifully angulated behind and hocks are well let down. His coat was dark and lush and so beautifully conditioned and presented. A very sound moving dog. His feet go in just the right places coming and going and on the around he is lengthy in his side gait. Surely his title cannot be too far away looking like this and I for one will be delighted to see it.

2nd Place 465 - Covarney Paco Rabanne at Stourford (Mr W G & Mrs A C Needs)

It always fascinates me how owners (including myself) make their dogs all look so alike and this is no exception. Presented and handled to advantage he was so very much like his kennel mate, just the more mature version. Very striking and clean in outline, no lumps or bumps anywhere. His head was masculine and had plenty of brain room, albeit a little lacking in detail for my ideal. As with the younger male, his forehand was very nice indeed, with an excellent shoulder, complimentary upper arm and a wealth of fore chest. Deep chested and stood on good sinewy bone, feet could improve as not as tight as the winners. A positive mover, but a fraction more elevation in his tail than I prefer. A Very nice dog indeed.

Class 173. Open Dog

Entries: 5 Absentees: 0

Three outstanding dogs placed 1-3 in this. All three most worthy champions that I was delighted to judge.

1st Place 433 - Int Sh Ch/bis/biss Glimmer Noblesse Cloud Dancer (Miss Glonekovã)

Not a new one to me, I judged him in Vienna at the Setter Derby where I awarded him BOB and BIS in 2022, so I was absolutely delighted to see him here today….although no big surprise!

An absolutely captivating dog from any angle that has type in abundance. Not the biggest of lads, but standing he presents a gorgeous silhouette with the cleanest of outlines that immediately draws you in. On going over him every part fits seamlessly. He owns the most classic, delicately chiselled head, correctly shaped kind eye, oval skull and excellent length and depth to his muzzle; His crested neck flows beautifully into a very well made forehand, straight forelegs and quality sinewy bone. His chest is deep, ribs sprung and carried well back to his firm, muscular loin. His quarters are wide and powerful and his stifles well bent. When asked to move he did so with drive and determination and had the most attractive head carriage and tail action. He was presented to me today in full, lush, dark, excellent quality coat. He looked a picture. I had no hesitation in awarding him his richly deserved 3rd CC and must congratulate his owner for her dedication and commitment. Making a dog up in the UK is no mean feat, let alone when you’re living thousands of miles away!

For BOB, I felt he could have benefited from an extra pound or two and the bitch was carrying just that extra bit of body condition.

2nd Place 423 - Sh Ch Gwendariff Ucan'tmissme Bonhomie (Mrs S E Edwards)

This lad is very much in his prime, impossible to ignore and a very worthy champion indeed. Another I was pleased to see here today as I had often admired him from the ringside and competed against him. A substantial male but certainly in no way coarse; He has a handsome head, a kind eye with enough chiselling above and below, low set fine ears and is clean in back skull. Not quite the planes of the winner, but handsome nonetheless. He is lengthy and deep in his ribs, has excellent bone and feet, enough fore chest and is deep in brisket. Shoulder a little steep, but his top line is so very clean and his tail set spot on. His rear quarters were wide and powerful, stifles well bent and of good length. Much to admire on the move, he maintains his outline beautifully going around, is clean coming on and he does so with a lashing tail and pleasure for his adoring owner who clearly has faith in her charge. Presented in first class coat and feather. Thank you for bringing him.

3rd Place – Sh Ch Lynwood Hocus Pocus at Settesoli JW

Like this dog very much too. Such a typy, worthy champion. Everything where is should be with nothing out of place. Presents a very racy picture, beautifully angled all through, correct dentition and super coat and condition. Just felt the other two boys put their heart and souls into their performances today.

Class 174. Special Beginners

Entries: 6 Absentees: 0

1st Place 443 - Grenada Lofty Czerwony (Imp Pol) (Miss H & Mr M Henderson & Szwajkowski)

Not much out of place on this substantial girl. Very well made all through and is balanced in her angles. Her head is good in its proportions, but could have been a little more detailed in its chiselling. Her shoulders were fine and well laid, she was clean in outline and her tailset was good. Plenty of length and depth in ribbing, fraction long in coupling, in good coat and feather and well presented. Could carry a little more muscle tone.

2nd Place 458 - Yokohama Lofty to Evenflow (Imp Pol) (Miss C L Markey)

Very raw, but typy young girl. Liked her outline. She has a feminine head of good length and correct width to skull. Eyes can tighten still but of good colour. She has decent depth of chest and stands straight in front on good bone and feet. A positive mover in all directions. Should mature on nicely.

Class 175. Veteran Bitch

Entries: 4 Absentees: 1

1st Place 405 - Sh Ch Ixia Ever Hopeful (H K & J A Bouttell & Burbridge)

I had to ask a second time when her handler told me she was 11 ½! Was a testament to the breed and her owners for keeping her in such wonderful condition. She owns the most delightful head, it’s feminine, refined, well worked and has such a lovely expression with those desired twitching brows working away the whole time. She had complimentary angles both fore and aft, was deep in chest and had a great amount of fore chest. Shorter coupled than the rest of the line up, but her zest, passion on the move, superb muscling and top notch presentation won her the class. You must be very proud.

2nd Place 489 - Sandstream Welcome Breeze JW ShCM (Miss S Waterton)

This girl presents the most outstanding shape on the stack, She’s elegant and classy in her profile. Pretty and refined in head, low set ears and a lovely finish to her muzzle. Her neck into shoulder blends beautifully and her upper arm is absolutely spot on. Clean in outline and a great finish to her croup. Her quarters were wide and well let down in hock. So happy on the move, but not quite the drive and determination of the winner. Would’ve liked to have judged her in her prime. She would’ve been a worthy champion for sure.

Class 176. Minor Puppy Bitch

Entries: 0 Absentees: 0

Class 177. Puppy Bitch

Entries: 3 Absentees: 2

1st Place 400 - Penclippin Celtic Asthore (Mrs H G Bentley)

Nicely constructed young lady developing along the right lines with her racy and feminine appearance. Long and lean head with correct planes and low set, neatly folded ears. Nicely set and shaped dark eyes and a very sweet expression. Very moderate all through with no ugly lumps or bumps. Firm, gently sloping top line, croup could’ve been a little flatter for ideal, well angled rear. Rich dark coat coming through nicely. Very together on the move for her age and uses her rear very well. BPB.

Class 178. Junior Bitch

Entries: 7 Absentees: 2

1st Place 458 - Yokohama Lofty to Evenflow (Imp Pol) (Miss C L Markey)

Repeat from 2nd in SB.

2nd Place 470 - Corranroo Viennese Waltz (Miss L M Peters)

Different type to my winner. Nicely shaped, pretty head but would’ve liked a darker eye, good length and depth of muzzle. Enough lay of shoulder, straight front with the neatest of neat feet. Excellent topline, slightly steep in croup and just about enough rear quarters. Very good mover, straight up and back and carries her tail well. Just preferred the overall type of 1st.

Class 179. Yearling Bitch

Entries: 6 Absentees: 0

1st Place 439 - Harreds Lillie (Mr P J Hall)

Did very well to win this lovely class. She is a super young bitch, full of quality and type. Her head was balanced, oval in skull, parallel planes with raised brows showing stop, excellent length to muzzle and lovely wide nostrils. She’s clean in throat and has a lovely crest to her neck although it could lengthen a little for a touch more elegance. Her shoulders were well placed and she has ample fore chest. She was deep in brisket and her elbows were well let down. She has plenty of lung room for her age and her loin was muscular and strong. Enough angulation behind and short from hock to heel. Shown in super coat and condition. She’s so easy on the eye when she’s moving and her side gait is just lovely. One I can see carrying a title with a little more maturity.

2nd 460 - Rahina Della Magna Sila Jrch (Mrs M Mazzuca)

Was very taken with this one too. New to me, but very much of the type and style I admire. Not quite the work in head of the winner, but not heavy or coarse and with a very kind eye and expression. A little straighter in front than 1st, but her shoulder was clean and she had enough fore chest. She excelled in top line and croup. Firm and strong without break which led to super rear quarters that she used so brilliantly on the move, showing a very clean pair of heals on the out and back and great drive in profile. Presented beautifully, her dark coat and ample feathering looked great. Liked her a lot.

Class 180. Novice Bitch

Entries: 5 Absentees: 0

1st Place 458 - Yokohama Lofty to Evenflow (Imp Pol) (Miss C L Markey)

Repeat – 1st SB

2nd Place 478 - Zakhan’s Queen of Hearts (Mrs J C Rorke)

Different type and more compact shape to the winner. She has sweet expression and a lovely low set ear. She has enough neck and is clean in shoulder. Straight forelegs and super arched feet. Her top line slopes nicely but is a fraction steep in croup for me. Nice rear, long from hip to hock and well-muscled. Moved soundly for her runner and shown in lovely coat and condition.

Class 181. Graduate Bitch

Entries: 9 Absentees: 0

1st Place 440 - Glennara Cherry Cola JW (Mrs K A Hall)

This beautiful girl has type and elegance in abundance. Her head is so pretty with the loveliest raised brows and dark well shaped eyes. She has length in foreface and is clean in throat. Her shoulders were fine at the points, well laid and lengthy. She has enough fore chest and a good length of upper arm; straight sinewy fore legs, elbows tucked in nicely and tight arched toes. Excellent top line and croup, deep ribs that can still spring a little more with time. Her rear was well muscled, wide and powerful which she used to great advantage. On the move she was a delight; her head carriage and tail action was so typical and lovely to see. Very co-ordinated for her runner and did all that was asked of her. Presented in rich lush coat with ample feathering. I couldn’t resist her for the RCC. One that will certainly be carrying a title.

2nd Place 446 - Bluesprings Christina at Caskeys (Mrs F G Heron-O'brien)

This is another very beautiful girl with so much to admire. She’s full of type and beautifully balanced. A stronger girl than 1st, but still elegant. She has a balanced head with good planes and lovely raised brows showing stop. Good shaped eyes that could darken a fraction. Very good forehand on her and so smooth from neck into shoulder. Plenty of fore chest and very deep chested. She has strong bone and a straight front, but not quite the feet of 1st. Her top line slopes nicely, is firm and her croup finishes really well. Nice length and width in rear and let down in hock. Very tidy mover in all directions putting her feet where they should be and carrying her tail beautifully. Push the winner very hard, but just preferred the sass and showmanship of 1st.

Class 182. Post Graduate Bitch

Entries: 8 Absentees: 1

1st Place 421 - Quensha Beautiful Stranger of Gracewood (Ms A & Ms S Douthwaite & Wharfe)

Not really paid much attention to her before today, but what a cracker she is. She really does present such a lovely, typy shape with little you would change. Ideally I’d have liked her head with a little more work through her brow and a bit more chiselled, but it has good length, an oval skull, pronounced occiput and fine, low set ears. Her front and rear quarters are beautifully angulated all through, her ribs are deep and carried well back to her firm, muscular loin. Her outline is clean and gently sloping to an excellent croup. Presented in lovely bloom and firm muscular condition. On the move she was precise and accurate both coming, going and in profile. A huge contender top honours, I just felt the Limit and Grad bitch shouted that little bit louder! Yet another with an assured title ahead of her.

2nd Place 450 - Alolfrana Miss Daisy at Henaleas (ai) JW (Mrs J A & Mr P J Humphreys)

Another that hadn’t really entered onto my radar at shows. Certainly impossible to ignore when you look at her face! For me she had the best head of the day, it was full of breed type, had such a melting expression, perfectly shaped dark eyes, parallel in planes, delicately chiselled throughout and perfectly finished in muzzle. It was delightful! Not the finish of the winner in coat or rib at this stage, but beautifully balanced in her proportions, straight front, neat feet, moderately long in neck, clean and firm in outline. Very purposeful, animated mover. Sympathetically handled. Liked her a lot.

Class 183. Limit Bitch

Entries: 7 Absentees: 1

1st Place 486 - Forfarian Soo Lush JW (Mrs S & Misses N & J Sturrock)

Racy, balanced and full of quality sums her up really. Full of type and she owns the most feminine of heads, her planes are excellent and she has a gorgeous expression, twitching brows, kind dark eye and fine, low set ears. She is so clean in throat and has the classiest crest to her neck. It’s not thin, weedy or overlong, and there’s no abrupt break into her shoulder, it’s seamless as it should be. Excellent return to her upper arm and her elbows were well let down. She is deep in brisket and has enough fore chest. Her top line is clean, gently sloping and finishes with such an excellent croup and tail set. Her hindquarters are wide, so well-muscled, have good length from hip to hock and are well let down. Her muscling and conditioning were unrivalled in bitches today - her owners must be commended for this as I know only too well just how much effort this takes! On the move she was an absolute delight, she was so sound and had such an open, reachy side gait and made such good use of her tail. She has a wonderful rapport with her very talented handler; nothing was too much trouble. I thought she looked a picture in both the class and in the challenge and on the day I could find nothing to beat her. It was my pleasure to award her her 3rd CC and BOB. Congratulations to you all.

2nd Place 422 - Gwendariff Its Numero Uno at Bonhomie JW (Mrs S E Edwards)

Slightly bigger than my winner, but nicely proportioned very much a show girl which secured her place here. Very pretty headed and so feminine, it’s long and lean and she has a lovely expression and the neatest of ears. She’s not got the front angulation of the winner, but she has ample fore chest, is deep in brisket and stands on excellent quality bone and feet. Very good length and spring to ribbing, firm loin and a very good tail set. Excelled in her rear quarters, which were firm, muscled, wide and long from hip to hock. Lighter in coat than some, but has ample, well-conditioned feathering. She could firm up slightly going away, but she’s very light on her feet, has lovely carriage and uses her tail to great effect which is lovely to see.

Class 184. Open Bitch

Entries: 6 Absentees: 0

Without doubt the hardest class of the day. A case could’ve been put forward for any of them. In the end is came down to performance as they all had so much to offer.

1st Place 434 - Ch Glimmer Noblesse Darling Hurry Up (Miss Glonekovã)

She gave me a real headache as she is undeniably a class act and demonstrably affectionate fits her perfectly. She presents such a beautiful picture both standing and on the move. Her angles front and back are text book, she has fore chest, quality bone, she is deep in chest, her ribs are sprung and her loin is strong. Her top line is clean, without break and slopes gently to such an appealing croup. Her quarters are strong, let down in hock and short from hock to heel. Her coat was lush, thick, well feathered and gleaming. There really was so much to admire…especially on the move!

However, when It came to the challenge, I found her too much in size and too broad in skull to take her any further against the very feminine CC & RCC winners. Nevertheless, I enjoyed judging her very much.

2nd Place 462 - Sh Ch Lynwood Abracadabra JW (Mr R C & Mrs J P Mugford)

Narrowly beat a favourite of mine into 2nd.

She has type in abundance and is every inch the worthy champion that she is. She is beautifully proportioned all through, owns a feminine, balanced head, beautifully crested neck with a lovely transition from neck into shoulder. Her top line is faultless and her croup is spot on. She has a deep, mature body with excellent ribbing. Her hindquarters were so correct. Shapely and well let down in hock with enough muscling and width of first and second thigh. She impresses on the move with such an open side gait, correct tail carriage and was clean coming and going. Presented in full coat with a wealth of feathering. On the day I preferred the winner in pastern and feet.