• Show Date: 22/10/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Bertil Lundgren Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 06/11/2023

Golden Retriever Club Of Northumbria

Breed: Retriever (Golden)


I had the great pleasure of judging males at the Golden Retriever Club of Northumbria Championship Show at Temple Park Leisure Centre on Sunday 22nd October 2023. I felt very welcome and well taken care of. The Show was perfectly organised by Pat Trotter and the Club, thank you so much for inviting me, and a special thank you for the beautiful judge’s gift. The venue is perfect with lots of space and big rings with carpets. I would like to thank the exhibitors for sportingly accepting my decisions. I was very happy with my entry and line up. Also, a big thank you to my two excellent stewards.

My co-judge Briony Athey and myself were in total agreement for BEST IN SHOW.

 VD (6 entries, 1 absent)

1st TOWERS/HENDERSON CH ALIBREN GALILEO TO WESTERWANE JW SGWC. Immediately caught my eye, very well balanced with balanced head, nice expression, strong neck, super topline standing and moving, well sprung ribs, strong rear, moved effortless with a nice attitude. Good bone, excellent coat. Well presented. Strong contender for top honours

2nd MS S Websters SH CH AMBLEMERE YOU SAY IT BEST AT BENJICROFT. Outgoing male, a bit longer in body than 1st, masculine well-shaped head with kind expression, good reach of neck, level topline, good substance, balanced angulation, moved very well, good coat and presentation.

MPD (7 entries, 3 absent)

1st Middlesmiss & Brown HARMARJOY YOU´RE MY LOVE. Excellent proportions, good angulation front and rear, good spring of ribs, well-shaped masculine head, good reach of neck, level topline, moved with good reach. Good bone and coat

2nd Nicolson, Linda HARMAJOY GIFT OF LOVE. Brother to 1st very much like him in conformation and head shape. A bit shorter in his moves than his brother, excellent coat and bone.

PD (9 entries, 5 absent)

1st See MPD 1st

2nd See MPD 2nd

JD (9 entries)

1st Keightley Mrs GA RICHANA ROCKET MAN Promising junior with a lot of quality, nice head and expression, nice neck and topline, well placed shoulders, balanced angulation, well bodied, good bone and coat, happy and sound mover

2nd Mrs S & MISS M FAIRWINDS IN SPACE JW Very nice masculine head and expression, well bodied with good proportions, good angulation, excellent reach of neck, nice topline, a bit unsteady in front when moving. Good bone, not in his best coat today.

YD (13 entries, 3 Absent)

1st Phillips, Miss J SHEBELTA SWEET SOUL MUSIC JW Strong winner in big class, outgoing, very nice head and expression, good reach of neck, nice topline, good spring of ribs, short strong loin, very strong rear, sound and happy mover, good coat and bone

2nd See 1st in JD

MD (12 entries, 6 Absent)

1st See 1st in MPD and PD

2nd See 2nd in MPD and PD

ND (12 entries, 6 absent)

1st See 1st in MPD, PD and MD

2nd See 2nd in MPD, PD and MD

UGD (4 entries, 1 absent)

1st Law Elisbeth SANDTI BACK OF THE NET Still maturing but in good balance, pleasing head and expression, good proportions, level topline, good reach of neck, enough angulation, moves with drive, enough reach in front, good coat and bone.

2nd Wright Chatarina PALTON PLATINO Good proportions, masculine head with good stop but a bit short in muzzle, well placed shoulders, enough front angulation, well bodied, moved with drive, good bone and coat.

GD (10 entries, 1 absent)

1st Beck Senga SIMON BASSET DE RIA VELA FOR BEINANGUS JW (IMP ESP) Excellent proportions, lovely masculine head with the kindest expression good reach of neck, well placed shoulders, nice topline standing and moving, well bodied, eye-catching mover, good bone excellent coat, contender for top honours

2nd Baxter MISS BM BERMARY CAPTAIN HASTINGS So well balanced with good proportions, well-shaped head, well put together, good spring of ribs, nice topline on the move and standing, moves with drive, a bit unsteady in front excellent coat, good bone

PGD (12 entries, 3 absent)

1st Oakes Debbie DRUMKILTY VANADIUM Excellent proportions, masculine head, good stop and muzzle, enough neck, nice topline, well bodied ,short strong loin, moved with a nice attitude and good reach, excellent bone, good coat, well handled, contender for top honours

2nd Little Karen KING OF SWING QDORE OF LABGOLD TO BLUEBRAES (IMP POL) Well put together and in good condition, pleasing head, kind expression, very strong outline, moved out really well, good angulation front and back, happy mover with good reach, good bone and coat

MLD (7 entries)

1st Haxtons DANTASSIE DOUBLE TAKE Very well balanced with a lot to like, beautiful head and expression, good reach of neck, well placed shoulders, well sprung ribs, good angulation, short strong loin, level back, good tail carriage, moved with a happy attitude, excellent bone and coat.

2nd Ogilvie Louise LINIRGOR PLAY MY SONG FOR GLENBUIE Excellent type and proportions, masculine head, good reach of neck which is well set on good shoulders, a bit straight in upper arm, well bodied, nice topline with well set on tail, good hind angulation which gives him a lot of drive when moving, enough reach in front, good bone and coat

LD (11 entries)

1st Towers, Mrs S/Hendersons Mrs ALIBREN BAKER`S BOY Top quality from nose to tail, everything in the right places, lovely head with gorgeous expression, nice neck and topline, well sprung ribs, short strong loin, balanced angulation, good second thigh, hocks well let down, moved without effort, excellent bone, coat in top condition, well handled, CC and BOB and BEST IN SHOW

2nd McShane, Mrs C & Laidlaw-Good Mrs J FAIRMHOR HAUD YER WHEESHT AT RIGERIN Dark coloured boy with nice masculine head, good reach of neck, short coupled, good spring of ribs, excellent substance and level topline moving and standing, very good angulation, moved well, lovely coat

OD (7 entries)

1st Morss, Mrs H/ Monteverde Mrs G OLVINGLAY SOOTSAYER JW Another top quality dog, lovely outline, beautiful head and expression, super neck and topline, matching angulation, hocks well let down, good forechest and spring of ribs, short strong loin, moved with good reach and drive, good coat quality, very well handled R CC

2nd Dunbar, Linsey SH CH LINIGOR TOMICH JW (TAF) Much to like, very well balanced, excellent proportion, nice masculine head and expression beautiful neck and topline, angulation in harmony, good spring of ribs, short coupled, super mover, good bone, beautiful coat.