• Show Date: 26/03/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Becci Hodge Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Kent, Surrey & Sussex Labrador Retriever Club

Breed: Retriever (Labrador)

Kent, Surrey & Sussex LRC championship show  26/03/2023 


Thank you to the club for inviting me to judge.

I had some nice bitches to go over but there was a common theme amongst a high proportion of the entry. A large number were carrying far too much weight, poor muscle and generally out of condition. I also found a lot of poor feet, long nails and weak pasterns. This did influence my decisions and placings.

I was very pleased with my final line up.

VB (6,0a)

1st Park’s Sh Ch Ramsayville Rhubarb Rock at Kinchyle

7 ½ yr old yellow. She is in fantastic condition. Pretty feminine head, lovely expression, good eye and pigment. She is well made throughout, with good angulation. Strong through body, level topline and otter tail. Good bone and neat feet. Excellent double coat. Moved out well with reach and drive. BVIS.

2nd Welford’s Othamcourt Penny Lane to Ankari

10yr old yellow, who was not acting her age! Feminine head and expression, in good condition for her age and moved very soundly. Correct front and rear angulation, slightly longer cast than 1. Correct coat.

3rd Boulden’s Honey Bean at Rumhill

MPB (6,2)

1st O’Neill’s Ramayville Gigi at Taligal (ai)

Black, 7m, well grown for her age. Kind head and eye with nice expression, good reach of neck, her front is ok for her age but hope it tightens, well sprung barrel ribs, short coupled body, well angulated hind quarters, held her topline well for her age, moves out freely. Will watch her mature with interest.

2nd Mount’s Buckholt Jubilee Libby

Black, just 6m, proper baby. Lovely shape. Sweet feminine head. She is well made throughout with balanced angulation. Good body and rib. Good topline and tailset. Excellent coat. Lovely bone and neat feet. Moved out freely. Promising girl

3rd Johnson’s Carriegame Harvest Parade

PB (8,2)

1st Metcalfe’s Baileydale Hello Sailor

Yellow, 11m. Very pretty and I love her outline. Balanced feminine head, with good pigment and kind expression. She has a good reach of neck which flows into correct front. Flowing topline to tailset. Good spring of rib, well angulated hindquarters and good depth of 2nd thigh. Lovely bone and neat feet. Moved very freely. Shame her coat was going through the big puppy moult but I still awarded her BPB. Beautifully schooled.

2nd Dawson’s Wynfaul Carbon Copy at Beskerby

Black, 11m. Quite a mature looking girl. Love her head and kind expression. She flows from her neck through to her tail. Good lay of shoulder and upper arm. Strong through body. Powerful hindquarters. In excellent coat and condition. She moves freely with drive for a youngster, just would prefer her tail to be carried slightly lower to complete the picture on the move.

3rd Spriet’s Victor Victoria’s Vis Ta Vie

JB (9,2)

1st Collins’ Foxrush Joyfull JW

Yellow, feminine balanced head and kind expression. She is balanced and well made throughout. Good reach of neck. Correct front and rear angulation. Correct double coat and in good condition. Moved easily.

2nd Mount’s Buckholt Kittiewake Dawn

Spirited black! Not the biggest, but has a lovely outline with flowing topline. Very pretty head and expression. Good front and rear angulation, short coupled body. Moved freely. Correct double coat.

3rd Boundy’s Megrez Lucida

YB (13, 4)

1st Stewart’s Streamanda Guelder Rose

Black. Not in her best coat today, but this did not detract from her good construction. Lovely head and expression with kind eye. Excellent reach of neck and topline. She is slightly longer cast – which isn’t a bad thing in a bitch. Powerful and very well muscled, in excellent condition. She moves easily with good reach in profile. Just needs time to mature.

2nd Gawthorpe’s Darrabol Tampa Bay Breeze around Waterbrook

Yellow, pretty girl. For me I would like a little more stop to balance her head. She has a very good front, strong through body with good rib. Excellent hind quarters with good depth of 2nd thigh. In lovely coat and condition. On the move I preferred 1st.

3rd Edwards’ Kimbajak Hip Hop To The Top

NB (14,5)

1st B. Hello Sailor

2nd W. Carbon Copy at Beskerby

3rd D Tampa Bay Breeze around Waterbrook

UGB (5,2)

1st Mclellan’s Saranden The River

Yellow who I really liked. Very pretty feminine head and expression. Excellent reach of neck. Good lay of shoulder and upper arm. Strong body and rib, she needs no more weight. Level topline and good otter tail. Excellent strong hind quarters. Lovely bone and neat feet. Correct double coat. Moved out freely. In my final 4.

2nd Spratt’s Briwed Flo Nightingale

Yellow. Feminine head. Very clean outline. Correctly made front, balanced body, correctly angled rear, excellent topline. Moved ok. She appeared to be in between coats.

3rd King’s & Johnson’s Cremino Country Charm

GB (7,2)

1st Boulden’s Rumhill Emerald Star

Choc, pretty head, balanced muzzle and good eye colour. Excellent neck, would like slightly better front angulation, good body and rib, excellent strong hindquarters. Good bone and neat feet. Moves freely. Excellent double coat.

2nd Davey’s Clanfield Highland Rose

Yellow, feminine head and expression. Clean outline, correct front, good body, level topline, well angulated hind quarters, excellent coat, moved well.

3rd King’s Linthwaite Saffron

PGB (9,0)

1st McLellan’s Wynfaul Resolution for Saranden

2nd Venturi-Rose’s Leospring East Indie

3rd Percival’s Wynfaul New Years Eve JW

LB (8,0)

My class of the day. Anyone of the first 4 could have won the class and I was literally splitting hairs at the end!

1st Loumanen’s Tweedledum Time After Time (ai)

Black. I have admired her from the ringside and delighted to get the chance to judge her. I love her outline in profile. She is clean and flows from her neck along a fabulous topline and one of the best otter tails out there. Her head is feminine but I wouldn’t want anymore. Good eye colour. Strong neck, excellent lay of shoulder and return of upper arm. Good strong bone, and neat feet. Strong powerful body with barrel ribs. She has excellent 2nd thigh and good rear angulation. Correct double coat. She moved straight and true and with reach and drive. She was pushed hard all the way by 2nd but her overall balance won her the class. Delighted to award her the CC & BIS. Good luck for her 3rd!

2nd Campbell’s Binnaig Brene

Black. Another I have always admired and she was presented in fantastic condition today. I prefer her head to 1, she has a softer expression and kind eye. Excellent front angulation, good bone and feet. Excellent body, slightly longer cast, strong powerful hindquarters, another with a fantastic tail. She has excellent reach and drive on the move, but just wasn’t quite as balanced in her overall outline. In excellent coat. She couldn’t not be denied the RCC, and she will be another worthy title holder. Exceedingly close decision.

3rd Kent’s Chyanhal Trevose of Trewinnard JW

OB (12,2)

1st Allen, Hess, Jordan & Elliott’s Am GChG Tampa Bay & Eagle Pond’s Kisses Sweeter That Wine

Yellow, very pretty feminine head, she has a good each of neck, good lay of shoulder and front angulation. Good bone and neat feet, well sprung barrel rib, good topline to tailset, well angulated hind quarters. She needs no more weight. Short coupled body. She moved with good reach and drive She had enough coat of correct texture. She was shortlisted in my final 4.

2nd Jones’ Sh Ch Hafnau Georgette

Black, pretty head and good eye colour. Excellent each of neck and correctly angulated front. I preferred the bone and feet of 1. Excellent body, level topline into tailset, strong hindquarters with good angulation, moved well. Excellent coat, she needs no more weight.

3rd Allen’s Saranden Santee Sioux Timouron

SpBB (3,0)

1st Stringer’s Tumbledown Xcuse The Mess

Black, pretty feminine head and good eye, lovely reach of neck, has enough front angulation. She has enough bone, balanced body, moved well. In good coat.

2nd Mills’ Leospring Sweet On You

Yellow, pretty girl, preferred the front on 1st. Good reach of neck and level topline. Again she has enough bone for her body, correct coat, moves well.

3rd Stringer’s Tumbledown Xarhea

SpWB (3,1)

1st Venturi Rose’s Leospring Magnolia

Darker yellow, lovely feminine head and eye with kind expression. Good reach of neck, correct front angulation, in excellent condition, good body. Hind angulation is balanced. Good bone and feet, correct coat, moves out freely.

2nd B. Flo Nightingale

GCDSB (3,0)

1st Saunders’ Rossclyde Highland Dancer

Black, pretty head and good eye colour. Clean reach of neck and excellent front angulation. Good body and rib. Correct turn of stifle. In lovely condition. Moves out well.

2nd Grinham’s Frant Edith Durham

Yellow, pretty feminine head and good eye, I preferred the front on 1st. Clean outline, level topline, well angulated hind quarters. Correct double coat and good condition. Moved out well.

3rd L. Sweet On You

Rebecca Hodge (judge)