• Show Date: 04/11/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Becci Hodge Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 14/01/2024

West Of England Labrador Retriever Club

Breed: Retriever (Labrador)

West of England Labrador Retriever Club 04/11/2023



Thank you to the committee for inviting me to judge and their hospitality.


MPD (11,5a)

1st Exelby Norman. 6m on the day black. Really liked him, just perfect for his age. Lovely head and eye with a kind expression, clean reach of neck and good front angulation. Short coupled body, good tailset. Good bone and neat feet. Balanced hind angulation. Moved free and easily for a youngster. Good coat.


2nd Lembas Captain Jack. 8½ m black. Much more mature than 1st, with a huge puppy coat! Masculine head and good eye colour. Good reach of neck and excellent layback and upper arm. Deep body and strong hindquarters with good width of second thigh. Great bone and feet. I just felt he wasn’t as tidy on the move as 1st today.


3rd Leospring Extra Special (ai)


PD (5,2)

1st Rumhill Bertie Wooster by Baileydale, chocolate, with lovely character, balanced masculine head and good eye colour. Lovely clean reach of neck, flowing into good topline. Good length of upper arm and shoulder lay. Level topline and tailset. Well angulated hind quarters that just need to strengthen as he matures. Good bone and neat feet. Correct coat which was coming back. Moves very easily. He is just right for his age and will mature on nicely.


2nd Potterzuri Mister Mufasa, yellow, eye-catching boy, with a lovely kind masculine head and expression. Clean reach of neck, excellent topline and tailset. Would like a slightly better upper arm. Good body, with level topline, correct angled hindquarters, good bone and feet, correct coat and in good condition. Moves very well. Just watch he doesn’t over stretch himself in the stand.


3rd Exelby One Night Stand


JD (5,4)

1st Deerbrook I’m The Boss, yellow, masculine head and good eye. Strong neck, reasonable front angulation, short coupled body with good rib, correctly angled hind quarters, he can move well when settled. Correct double coat although casting.


YD (6,2a)

1st Potterspiney Potterzuri Aramis JW, black, masculine head with pleasing expression and good eye, clean reach of neck, reasonable front although would like slightly more upper arm, good body and rib, level topline, good hindquarters with correct angulation, neat feet, moves freely.


2nd Southridge Romeo, black, loved his kind masculine head and eye, lovely expression, excellent reach of neck and good front construction, he moved out freely front and back, he just needs time to mature in body and hindquarters, not in his best coat.


3rd Henissy Truffle Trifle


ND (11,8)

1st P. Mister Mufasa


2nd H. Truffle Trifle, black, carrying a bit too much weight, kind masculine head, reach of neck and good lay of shoulder and upper arm, correct hind angulation, would like more bone. Moved out freely.


3rd D. I’m The Boss


UGD (2)

1st Pottrspiney Optimist Vision, yellow, lovely head and expression, with kind eye, strong neck into good shoulders and front, good bone and neat feet, good spring of rib, level topline, well muscled hind with good angulation, moves straight and true, good double coat.


2nd Saranden Thunder Road, yellow, strong male, masculine head and good eye colour, strong neck with reach, good front, strong short coupled body, would like more strength in his rear, moved ok, coat blowing, but correct.


GD (6,1a)

1st Harpitts Hot House Rock, black of good type, in fabulous condition, loved his head, masculine but kind expression with nice eye and length of muzzle. Lovely reach of neck and correct front angulation, good body and spring of rib, level topline, would like a slightly better tailset, good otter tail, excellent strong hind quarters with good muscle, moved very well.


2nd Winsleywood Waghorn at Ravoakar JW, yellow, smaller stamp of dog, lovely kind masculine head and expression, excellent reach of neck and lay of shoulder, good bone, feet ok, short body with spring of rib, correctly angulated hind quarters with good muscle, good topline, moved out easily, in good coat.


3rd Woolman Day Dream Believer


PGD (6,1)

1st Rumhill Firecracker JW, chocolate male. As soon as he came in the ring he caught my eye for his overall condition and the picture he presented. He was in fabulous coat and excellent hard muscle.

He is well up to size, which is not a bad thing. Balanced masculine head, with good eye colour. Strong neck with good reach, good layback of shoulder and enough upper arm. Strong body with excellent topline to tail set. Good hind quarters. He has fantastic bone and feet – which is lacking in a lot of dogs. He was the best mover of the day, straight and true with good reach and could easily go all day. He pushed very hard in the challenge, but the overall maturity of the open dog just pipped him RCC – well deserved.


2nd Rodstar Rocks Zero Bully at Lembas, yellow, lovely masculine head with length of muzzle, good eye, strong reach of neck, would like a slightly better lay of shoulder, but good upper arm, good bone and neat feet, strong short coupled body, powerful well angulated hind quarters, good coat and condition, moved out well.

3rd Chyanhal Pentewan at Pudleigh


MLD (6,2)

1st Baileydale Puff Daddy JW, black, not quite in his best coat today. Masculine balanced head and expression, good reach of neck and correct front angulation. Short coupled body with level topline and tail, well muscled hind quarters, excellent bone and neat feet. Moves straight and true. I considered him for top honours but just felt he didn’t have the balance and finish of the winners.


2nd Harpitts True Spirit JW, chocolate. Masculine head with dark eye. Good clean reach of neck. Well placed shoulders and length of upper arm. He has decent length to his body, strong hind quarters. Good bone and feet. Strong hind quarters. Level topline. Moves ok. Not in his best coat.


3rd Carromer Teguila by Keeninspires


LD (5,2)

1st Lunarpet Rupert Latest Gem. Chocolate. Kind masculine head with dark eye. Good reach of neck and correct front angulation. Good spring of rib. Good topline. Balanced hind quarters. Good double coat. Moved easily, straight and true. Very honest boy.


2nd Streamanda Wombarra. Black. Gave his handler a hard time today! Strong masculine head but kind eye. Excellent reach of neck and good front. Good hind angulation and second thigh. Excellent topline. I would prefer him shorter cast. Moved well when settled.


3rd Dinnozo Top Notch Alfie


OD (7,2) This was my best class of the day. My placings were close and I was nit picking between all 5.

1st Sh Ch Lembas Maui, mature black male of good size. He has a lovely balanced head and melting expression, with kind eye of good colour. He is strong throughout and needs no more weight. Stood he presents a balanced picture. Good reach of neck into well placed shoulder and upper arm. Lovely bone and feet. Good spring of rib, level topline to tail set, otter tail, short coupled body. Correctly angled hind quarters with good depth of 2nd thigh. In excellent coat. He moves straight and true covering the ground well. I was pleased to award him the CC.


2nd Sh Ch Tweedledum Off The Record, black, of different type to 1st. He was in fabulous coat and condition. Masculine head and correct eye colour. Flowing neck and correctly constructed front. He generally held his topline well, tail carried straight off. Well muscled and angulated hind quarters. Good bone and neat feet. I had to nit pick, and I just felt he wasn’t quite as tidy on the move as 1st


3rd Othamcourt Heathcliff


VD (5,4a)

1st Vetybonbetty Chocolate Box, chocolate, 7yr old, looking really well and definitely not acting his age! Lovely masculine head with good dark eye, fabulous double coat, well constructed throughout, short coupled body, he needs no more weight, especially when in his full bloom, otter tail, moved out free and easily.


Rebecca Hodge (judge)