• Show Date: 06/01/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Barbara Smith Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Boston & District Canine Society

Breed: Gordon Setter

Boston & District Canine Society General Championship Show – Gordon Setters – 06.01. 2023

Firstly, I would like to thank the Boston & DCS for the very kind invitation to judge at this prestigious show. I must especially thank Pat (Secretary) for all her help prior to me getting there and to my two stewards on the day who did a great job in keeping everything moving along so well. Thanks also to the exhibitors who travelled and allowed me the privilege of judging their dogs, for their excellent sportsmanship and for the great support to all from the spectators ringside. It made the experience all the more memorable.

PD (4:1) 1 Foresters Northern Light of Darkmoor – 6 months, pleasing in outline, strong head, nice expression, good nose with open nostrils. Good fore-chest and bone, deep ribs, straight hocks, balanced in body, nice croup. Well padded feet with slight pencilling on toes, good coal black coat, nice thigh muscle and second thigh which showed in his movement. Tan okay. Well handled and settled for one so young. 2 Foresters Northern Hunter of Darkmoor with Gadieburn – 6 months, bigger build that 1, nice head proportions and expression, good eye shape, preferred his head to that of 1. Good flat bone, deep rib, well ribbed back, straight hocks, presented nice outline. Well padded toes, tan colour good with black pencilling on feet. Coal black coat, firm thigh muscle and good second thigh. Gave handler a hard time, not settling in his action on the move but understandable for one so young and exuberant. May well change places in the future.

JD (3:3) 1 Cafotaleina Thief of Hearts by Brobruick JW – 16 months, maturing nicely, well built male with head of nice proportions, dark eye giving pleasing expression, open nostrils. Forehand good, strong lean neck, good flat bone. Nice body for a young male, good depth of rib, firm loin. Coat coal black and nice tan. Moved out well, sound action. RBD 2 Hernwood Wizard of Oz – 8 months, Heavier built young male, head still developing, nice dark eye. Balanced in body, coat of coal black with good tan. Moved well and in tune with his handler, needs time, gave a lot away in maturity to 1.

PGD (2:1) 1 Marlbeck Maldini, pleasing head with dark eye, straight front with good flat bone, balanced in body proportions, deep rib cage, firm loin. Coat of coal black and clean tan. Held his top line on the move, sound mover.

OD (3:2) 1 Yennadon Barra JW – Strongly built male of good head proportions, open nostrils, nice eye and kind expression. Strong, lean neck flowing into nice shoulders. Straight front of good flat bone. Good depth of ribcage, well sprung and ribbed well back. Strong and firm loin, hind quarters well muscled and firm, hocks straight and strong. Coat of coal black in good condition, excellent tan, pencilling on toes. Moved with purpose covering the ground with drive, pleased to award him BOS.

SBD (1:0) 1 Yennadon Kyllachy – Head of good planes, lean cheeks, good eye shape with pleasing expression.Would prefer darker eye. Neck lean, strong and of good length. Nice flat bone, elbows well let down, well sprung ribs into firm loin, well muscled thigh and second thigh. Coat of coal black with excellent clear tan. Moved well with good tail action. Although he stood alone on the day he well deserved BSB.

All males had two fully descended testicles.

PB (4:2) Pipruda Jubilation - 6 months, Pretty head with dark eye and soft expression, broad nose and good ear placement, nice length of neck flowing into shoulders, good shape to ribcage. Well muscled and very happy on the move. Coal black coat in shiny condition, nice tan colour, pencilling on toes. Nice in profile, promising youngster. 2 Grovedale Love at First Sight – 6 months, nice in profile, very unsettled and a bit in awe of her surroundings. Head narrow in skull at present, head developing, nice dark eye and ear placement, lean neck flowing into shoulders. Nice depth of rib, firm loin, slightly bum high at present stage of growth, nice croup. Coat of coal black, nice tan colour, heavy pencilling on toes. Was not happy on the move at all, gave her handler a very hard time.

JB (5:2) 1 Moonglade Lily Mae Magic – 14 months, Good sized pretty bitch with head of good proportions, lean cheeks, dark eye of good shape, soft feminine expression, broad nose with open nostrils. Strong neck flowing into good shoulders, straight front and flat bone, feet well padded. Nice forechest, deep and well sprung ribs, elbows well let down. Firm loin, good tail set, well muscled thigh and second thigh, strong hocks. Coal black coat in good condition, clear tan. Loved the way she flowed in movement, holding her top line and driving from the rear; she took ownership of the ring. BOS, BOB. 2 Moonglade Magic Pearl at Heatherway – 14 months, Head proportions good, lean cheeks, dark eye, nice expression. Lean neck flowing in to good shoulders, nice fore chest, elbows well let down. Straight in front, flat bone, padded toes. Good muscle tone in rear, sound movement.

PGB (4:2) 1 Chartan Maple Mayhem – Nice feminine head, nice dark eye with sweet melting expression, broad nose with open nostrils. Strong neck into nice shoulders, straight front, flat bone. Elbows well let down, well sprung ribs, ribbed well back into firm loin. Good thigh and second thigh, strong hocks. Coal black coat, tan of good colour, slight pencilling on toes. Well-muscled and moved effortlessly driving from behind using her tail well. RBOS. 2 Ordett Love Me Do at Keaswood JW – Feminine head with nice expression. Lean neck into good shoulders, straight front and flat bone. Elbows well let down, good ribs and firm loin. Coat coal black, nice clean tan on front feet, slight pencilling on rear feet. Balanced in profile but movement was not as positive from behind as 1.

OB (6:2) 1 Roydack Portrait of a Lady – Feminine head, with pleasing expression. Lean neck into nice shoulders, straight front, flat bone, body of balanced angles. Elbows well let down, ribbed well back into firm loin. Coat of coal black and nice tan colour, slight pencilling on toes. Well handled, nicely held top line on the move. 2 Ch Foresters Xclusive Edition of Darkmoor at Marlbeck (IMP DEU) – Heavier set in construction, feminine head with nice expression. Balanced in body, straight front, plenty of bone, good depth and spring of rib into wide loin. Coat of coal black and nice clear tan. Sound mover.

Most exhibits presented had good dentition, I found one incorrect bite.

Barbara Smith