• Show Date: 10/06/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Avril Roper Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Three Counties Agricultural Society

Breed: Alaskan Malamute

Three Counties Championship Show – 10.06.23

I would like to thank the Committee for a thoroughly enjoyable day. Delighted with my super entry and I was certainly spoilt for choice in the quality of the dogs. I was pleased to note dentition has vastly improved over the years. Movement now needs to be addressed for the future of this breed as I observed a multitude of faults. This breeds survival would depend on its soundness to work in its natural environment. Delighted that my BOB was shortlisted in the Group & BPIB achieved Group 2.


PD (8/2)

1st Smith’s - Cash The Check Shamanrock at Snowshoes (Imp Cze) - A strong head with good proportioned muzzle. Good shape dark eye. Very good bone an excellent structured puppy. Correct length of leg, strong hocks & short strong pasterns leading to tight feet. Beautiful correct coat & tail. Well-schooled, moving well & confidently. BPIB, Wk PGp 2

2nd Perfitt’s - Samjoe Shadowhunter - Good head, soft expression. Well placed ears, medium brown eye. Slightly longer in body than 1. With his topline still a little flat development to come here. Moderate angles front and rear. Moved out well, a good balanced side gate

3rd Singh’s - Sledog Bebop Prez

JD (3/1)

1st Dziergas & Ashworth’s - James Bond Illa Kuvianartok at Nunataq (Imp Pol) - An athletic, exuberant lad. Good well proportioned head with a dark, well placed eye. Strong arched neck. Excellent topline on the move but more training needed in the stand to get a true perspective when stationary. Well bodied, good in bone & developing nicely. Moved with energy exhibiting reach & drive.

2nd Quinn’s - Thor Zhowerli - Lighter framed male than 1. Nice in head but needs time to develop & broaden out in skull & muzzle. Good eye shape & placement, I would prefer a darker eye. Nicely proportioned body but I would like more overall angulation. Once settled moved ok.

PGD (5/1)

1st Innes - Icycool Hudson Bay (ai) - A strong broad striking head with correct bulky muzzle. Dark in eye with correct well placed, neat, furred ears. Impressed in strength throughout. Correct depth to chest & spring of rib. Correct angulations front & rear. Good correctly textured coat. Moving true both coming & going with a powerful side gait. Considered strongly in the final line up.

2nd Horsman & Horsman Phoenix’s - Snow Legend Zenith of Fame Nordicwinds JW (Imp Rus) - A striking dog in profile. Well proportioned head tight flews, good stop, neat erect well-placed ears. Nice arch to neck. Good front he just needs time to balance out in the rear. In great coat condition with a correct waving plume. Neat strong feet. Moving well & steady.

3rd Holt’s - Freezefactor Savvy Affair at Breconfrost

LD (7/0)

1st Whyman & Murray’s - Tailfly Heart of Gold - Well balanced, compact & athletic lad in profile. Good head correct proportions in skull and muzzle, neat correct ears, eyes are well shaped & dark. Good angulation & well ribbed. Steady & true moving with a well held topline.

2nd Wolfe’s - Sutarka Fire Storm - Another athletic lad with a lovely profile. Well proportioned head, with a good dark eye. Strong neck. Well formed body sound rear with good hock. Sound easy mover on the around.

3rd Brandenberg & Smith’s - Chayo Its Kurt for Taronakits JW

OD (10/1)

1st Ellis-Payne’s - Ch Chayo Cause Celebre - Powerfully built lad, exhibiting size & substance. Strong masculine head neat ears with correct dark eyes. Good in forechest. Moderate angulation in front & rear, well ribbed. In good condition moving effortlessly with strength in drive. CC & BOB

2nd Page’s - Ch Snow Legend Believe in You Cedarcreek JW (rus Imp) Another powerful dog in profile well proportioned throughout. Strong masculine head with a broad skull & deep muzzle. Slightly sloping topline held on the move. Good turn of stifle. Very easy on the move showing good reach & drive. RCC

3rd Smith’s- Snowshoes Who Dares Wins

VD (5/3)

1st Smith’s - Ch Snowshoes King's Legacy ShCM ShCEx - Presents a good profile. Attractive head piece, small neat ears & overall pleasing expression. Good bone in relation to size. Good moderate angles front & rear. Nice short dense harsh coat correct waving plume. Moved well & with good fluidity.

2nd Anderson’s - Cherubini Atene Cinquale - standing well in profile. Strong good, shaped head with darkest of eyes & an endearing expression. All correct regarding angulation, length of leg to height proportions & bone. Super harsh coat. Moved well & with ease around the ring.

PB (7/2)

1st Brown’s - Rumba Vasilyev Ostrov for Cupun (Imp Ukr) NAF - Pretty girl with lots of quality & potential. Appealing head piece with a good dark eye. Very well balanced with good ratios. Correct in coat with a good tail set. Uses herself on the move & was handled to perfection.

2nd Smith’s - Snowshoes Fancy Ferrari - Another attractive bitch making a nice shape. Good in head with a lovely expression. Topline still needs time. Balanced with good angulation. Super tight correct coat groomed to perfection. Well handled moving confidently.

3rd Singh’s - Sledog Bebop Ella

JB (1/0)

1st Haywood & Robertson’s - Winterchill's Dark Mischief of Winterscall (Imp Can) A lovely youngster who will need time to develop. Typical breed type in head & body. Good in broadness to skull & depth to muzzle. Plenty of chest & depth in body. Once settled she moved well around the ring, good potential to work on.

PGB (9/5)

1st Quinn’s - Artic Challenge Last Faith by Marchosias (Imp Pol) - Strong in head but with lovely feminine features. Arched neck, firm topline & loin. Good angulations fore & rear. Strength in chest & rear, with ample bone. Moved true out & back with good strength in reach & drive when going around the ring.

2ND Samjoe from Russia with Love JW (Mrs S & Miss L Perfitt) Another nice bitch in profile still looking very much a youngster. Different to type 1 but has a great deal to offer both can easily change places on another day. Neat correct head, good dark eye, correct dentition. Nicely balanced with good length of leg, front true on the move & a lovely side gait

LB (8/0)

1st Page’s - The Magician Bloody Mary Cedarcreek (Imp Ita) - A beautiful bitch who oozes quality. Great feminine head, good length & strength of muzzle. Has a lovely shape & topline which was held on the move. Ample bone. Elbows well tucked to deep chest & good ribbing. Using the ring to show her full potential. In profile you can see her drive & extension with great foot fall. CC

2nd Russell & O’Callaghan’s - Soul of Alaska Bring Action for Redrebels - very close competition to 1. Good in outline & condition. Has a good head with width of skull & strength of muzzle. Well set ears, enough neck. Liked her body rib & loin. Well balanced in angulation giving a very good fluid stride. RCC

3rd Innes’s - Icycool Ottawa (ai)

OB (7/3)

1st Ellis-Payne’s - Chayo Distinctive - A strong looking bitch in profile much to admire. Good head with lovely dark brown correctly shaped eyes, good depth to muzzle. Strong in chest, loin & quarters. Correct harsh coat with good tail set. Moved freely with drive.

2nd Brown’s - Cupuns Masterpiece - Another lovely bitch who stands out in profile. Good forehand, deep chest, good length to height ratio. Strong neck set cleanly into wither, correct topline & tail carriage & sound in movement.

3rd Dolan’s- Siskara Dead Ringer for Love

VB (9/1)

1st Wadrup’s - Just Got to Love Me Polarni Usvit - presents a nice profile of a well conditioned, balanced, active bitch. Feminine head with neat small well furred ears. Dark in eye with correct stop. Nice straight front, good depth to chest & strength through her body. Ground covering gait with no excess. Considered strongly in the final line up.

2nd Jarvis & Troisi’s - Nordicwinds All Attitude - Nice bitch in profile & in good condition for her age. Good head with darkest of eyes. Strong neck placed well into withers. Good overall proportions. Well boned throughout. Strong well let down hocks. Balanced powerful rear giving her a very sound easy gait in profile.

3rd John’s - Cristakell April Showers at Chardicea