• Show Date: 14/08/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Anthony Allen Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 13/11/2023

Bournemouth Canine Association

Breed: Hungarian Vizsla

Bournemouth Canine Association


Judge: Anthony Allen

Hungarian Vizsla

My thanks to the exhibitors for entering under me and to my stewards for keeping me on the straight and narrow, on this my first-time awarding CCs in Hungarian Vizslas. I had some super dogs to go over and I had to make some tough decisions, I suspect they will change places over the coming year. I was pleased to hear the class winners greeted with applause. Dog CC and Best of Breed was awarded to Miles’ Sh Ch Layways Van Winkle JW, my Res Dog CC went to Bradley’s Highforce All or Nothing JW. My Bitch CC was Hardcastle & Bradley Vizslanya Sziena JW. My Res Bitch CC went to the Layton’s evergreen Sh Ch Layways Lana Del Rey. My Best Puppy was the daughter of my BCC winner in Hardcastle & Bradley Castledogley Firenze. Best Veteran was Challis’ Highforce Future Legend for Vizslanya JW SHCEX and my Best Special Beginner Littler’s Listerlo Golden Oriole.

PD (1 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: WARNES, Miss D Debian Deerhunter

Smart youngster, now eleven and a half months and progressing in all the right directions. He has good type about him. Head is kind with a good expression, he is excellent in front with a strong neck into well laid shoulders, good depth for his age, and elbows tight to body. Body well-proportioned, ribs springing nicely, topline level and moderately angulated quarters. He moved out well with a good action.

JD (8 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: HUGHES, Mrs E & Mr J & TULLOCH, Mrs Sarah Listerlo Mr Magoo

A smart young man, just 12 months old, he has a clean outline. His head is well made, good overall shape, kind eye and well-set ears, giving a masculine expression. He has a good reach of neck into well placed shoulders. Stands on well boned legs, tight elbows and good feet. Body of good proportions. Quarters well developed for his age. Moved out well with a clean action, plenty of drive, holding his shape throughout to take the class.

2nd: WARNES, Miss D Debian Deerhunter

3rd: MILES, Ms Emily Glenbrows Carbon Copy

GD (7 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: CURZON-PRICE, Mrs Grace Kentwone Dreamer

I liked the outline on this dog and he scored in movement today. I would like a shade more refinement in head for my taste but it is masculine with good proportions. Neck clean into well set shoulders, good return, stands on well boned legs and good feet. He has breadth in chest, ribs are well sprung and slight tuck up. Well made quarters which are well-muscled. Drove well from the rear to give a good ground covering action.

2nd: DA SILVA, Mrs R & SEXTON, Mrs L Amarantos Katana for Ertekes

Pale in colour, I thought this boy would be the winner on my first walk round but he wasn’t playing ball on the move today. Not as heavy set as the winner, he is balanced with a masculine head piece. Good neck into shoulders, decent lay back would like a tighter elbow. Enough depth to chest. In body he is still a bit immature but time will sort that one out. Well-made quarters, moderate angulation. Held his topline throughout, just wanted him tidier as he came towards me today.

3rd: RACKETT, Mr M & RACKETT, Mr B & WILCOX, Miss L Roughshoot Heaven Sent of Solencia JW

LD (3 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: BRADLEY, Ms Elaine M Highforce All or Nothing JW

A smart young dog who presented a balanced picture on the stack. Head is pleasing, well-shaped and with a good eye to give a masculine expression. Strong neck into a well assembled front, shoulders well set and elbows close. Well made in body, level back, ribs are well sprung and slight tuck up. Well-made rear, moderate angulation. Moved out well with a fluid action, covering the ground. Pushed hard in the challenge but not quite the action of the open winner on the final run off, so today had to be content with the RCC.

2nd: LITTLER, Mrs J & LITTLER, Mr J Kensteen Ash

Good overall outline on this chap, his headpiece is masculine, he is strong in neck and shoulders are well set and he stands on good legs. He has depth to chest, ribs are well sprung, perhaps a shade too much covering today. Moderately angulated quarters, hocks well let down. He had a decent action on the move, covering the ground well.

OD (6 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: MILES, Ms Emily Sh Ch Layways Van Winkle JW

I have seen this chap from the ringside and I honestly didn’t think he would be my winner today, but he was on form, never put a foot wrong and made sure I could not ignore him. He is superb in outline, to nit pick I would like a bit more refinement in his head piece but that is personal taste. He is balanced throughout, super neck into well placed shoulders. He stands on good straight legs and super cat like feet. He has dept to his forechest, ribs that are well sprung and tuck up at the loin. His hind quarters are correctly angulated, and he is well muscled. On the move he is just superb, elegant, and covers the ground with style. Handled to perfection, he demanded the class, later the CC and BOB. Thank you for bringing him and congratulations on your Group 3 later on in the day.

2nd: CHALLIS, Mr S & CHALLIS, Mrs K M Vizslanya Aragonia JW

Another smart dog, out of very different mould to the winner but still appealing. His head is well proportioned with a dark eye, giving a masculine expression. He appealed as he is correctly angulated front and rear, clean in outline and has balanced proportions. His body is well made, short level backed, his ribs are well sprung and a well-muscled croup. Well developed hind quarters, well let down hocks. Moved out well, scored in profile action. Better coming towards me than the dog in third place.

3rd: HARPER, Mr J P & HARPER, MRS E J Sh Ch Metropolis Patriarch Nexus by Pitswarren (ai)

VD (2 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: CHALLIS, Mr S & CHALLIS, Mrs K M Highforce Future Legend For Vizslanya JW ShCEx

This seven-year-old chap is a little darker in colour than normally appeals to me, but he really scores in shape, size and outline. His head is masculine, well defined with ears well set and a kind eye, all giving that typical noble expression. Super front on him with neat elbows. He has depth to his chest, is short coupled, ribs well sprung and a good back end on him. In good hard condition. Moved out well with plenty of drive, super profile action with good footfall to take the class and later Best Veteran.

2nd: KIELY, Ms M Gunfield Phantom

He presents a good overall shape, there is just a shade more of him than I like. His head is masculine, with a typical expression. His neck is strong, he has decent front angulation, not quite as tight as the winner in elbow. Stands on good legs. Good depth of chest and ribs well sprung. Held his topline well. Moved out well but not a free as the winner today.

SBD/B (9 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: LITTLER, Mrs J & LITTLER, Mr J Listerlo Golden Oriole

Three-year-old bitch, presenting a clean outline, she is a balanced bitch who is made well, her head is feminine with a pretty expression. Neck into shoulders is good, good lay back. Well made in body with good spring to her rib and tuck up, held her level topline throughout. Scored in movement over the second, with a ground covering action. My Best Special Beginner and thrilled to watch her take SB Group 2 later in the day – Many congratulations!

2nd: THOMAS, Mrs Roxie Glenbrows Cameo

This young lady was just 14 months old and in this class gave a lot away in maturity. Her head is feminine with good work to give an appealing expression. I liked her overall shape and outline, she is well constructed, neck into shoulders is good. Stands on good legs. Balanced angles front and rear. Not quite as fluid on the move as the winner today. Shown in super condition.

3rd: CURZON-PRICE, Mrs Grace Kentwone Dreamer

PB (3 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: HARDCASTLE, Mr Derek & BRADLEY, Ms Elaine Castledogley Firenze

I liked this young lady a lot, in the class she had the best outline on the stack and was the most fluid mover. Her head has good shape and definition, and she should finish into a very pretty lady. Neck clean, into a super front, shoulder well set. Standing on good legs and feet. Well-made in body, with good proportions. Quarters developing nicely. Good action on the move. Delighted to make her my Best Puppy today, good luck with her.

2nd: HUSSEY, Mrs Melonie Debian Devil on Horseback

Nice type of girl, 11months and at that growing stage at the moment so just not as balanced as the winner. Lovely head piece on her, giving a typical expression, good through the neck into a well assembled front. Good legs and neat feet. Body of good proportions and quarters developing nicely. Good on the move with a decent action.

3rd: BALL, Miss Geninne Listerlo good as gold

JB (7 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: CHALLIS, Mr S & CHALLIS, Mrs K M Vizslanya Praxis

This lady was 13 months old and scored in movement in this class. I found her head very attractive, well defined with a kind eye and a pleasing expression. Good overall construction, neck clean and shoulders are well placed. Good depth of chest for her age, good topline and tuck-up. Quarters are well made. Fluid on the move to take this place.

2nd: THOMAS, Mrs Roxie Glenbrows Cameo

3rd: HARDCASTLE, Mr Derek & BRADLEY, Ms Elaine Castledogley Firenze

PGB (4 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: GOTTLIEB, Dr Sue Russetmantle Maia (AI)

I really liked this lady for type, so feminine. Presented a super outline on the stack, head is feminine with a good eye and well set on ears, all of which gave a lovely gentle expression. Good through the neck into well-placed shoulders and a good return of forearm. She stands on good legs, enough depth of chest, level topline and a good tuck up. Decent moderately angulated quarters on her. Fluid on the move to take the class. Pushed hard in the challenge but not quite the enthusiasm of the winners on the move.

2nd: RUTHERFORD, Ms Sarajane Kincsem Ferrari

This is one who got better as the class went on, as she settled and relaxed into herself. She is rising 2 so still needs to mature up. Good head and expression, neck strong and shoulders well set, would like a shade more length of forearm. Plenty of depth to her chest, ribs have a decent spring and she has a good topline. Quarters well-made with moderate angulation. As the class went on she settled more on the move and had a fluid action.

3rd: MILNER, Ms Emily Jane Ivyvizbridge Hope's Faith

LB (8 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: RACKETT, Mr Ben & WILCOX, Miss Laura & RACKETT, Mr Afanleigh Caitlin rose of Solencia

A very young lady who was giving a large amount away in maturity, but I just loved her on the move and in outline. She has super balance and a very pleasing overall shape. She has a good head on her, ears well set and a good eye which gave that typical expression. She is good through the neck into well set shoulders, still needs to drop in to her forechest but will do that with age. She has a level topline and is short in loin with a good tuck up. Well-made quarters which were moderately angulated. On the move she comes alive with a graceful, ground covering gait. For me she just needs a bit more finish that she will get with maturity, but I think she will have a bright future ahead of her.


Another bitch with a lot to like about her, darker coloured than the winner. She has good overall shape and has a pleasing feminine head and a kind expression. She is good through the neck which is strong and shoulders are well laid, elbows close. Ribs well sprung, back short and level and Moderately angled quarters. Moved out well with a decent action, but not the drive or verve of the winner.

3rd: BAILIFF, Mrs J Oroshaza Iren at Cazadorado

OB (5 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: HARDCASTLE, Mr Derek & BRADLEY, Ms Elaine Vizslanya Sziena JW

I love this bitch for type, she has done well under me in the past and it was good to see her here today as the finished article. Gorgeous headpiece on her, strong in neck into a well assembled front. Stands on good legs and tight feet. Shoulders well laid back and a good return of forearm. She has depth to chest and ribs are well sprung, slight tuck up. Quarters are well made, good in topline. On the move she is a sound and economic mover, covering the ground. I was delighted to award her the Bitch CC, I was told later she has recently won her title, congratulations.

2nd: LAYTON, Mr S Sh Ch Layways Lana Del Rey

This lady is nine years old but out moved the rest of the bitches here today. Different overall shape to the winner, slightly longer set, but still very typey. Her head piece is good, just showing her age a little. Strong in neck, good front assembly. Stands on good legs and feet. Enough depth to chest, Ribs well sprung, depth to chest. Hindquarters well-made, a shade more length than the winner. She pushed the winner all the way and I had no hesitation in awarding her the RCC, a quality bitch through and through.


VB (1 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: BRADLEY, Ms Elaine M Sh Ch Vizslanya Vivmany by Highforce JW Sh.CM ShCE

Have judged this lady a few times over the years and she has always appealed, today was no exception. Now nine years old and still has all those positive virtues. Lovely headpiece which is only enhanced by that little bit of grey. Super front on her, well developed in forechest, ribs well sprung, firm in loin and quarters well made. Moved out well with an elegant action. Not quite the verve of the veteran dog winner on the run round in the challenge so had to give way, but a cracking bitch that has lasted.