• Show Date: 11/06/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Ann Snelgrove Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Greyhound Club

Breed: Greyhound

The Greyhound Club Championship Show held on Sunday 11th June 2023

Special Award Classes

I was delighted to receive the invitation to Judge the Special Award Classes for the Greyhound Club Championship Show, I thank the Committee for giving me the opportunity and many thanks to the exhibitors for bringing their lovely Hounds under me. I was over the moon with my entry across the three classes which afforded me some difficult choices to make.

The heat that day was exceptional but the hounds, and their handlers, seemed to cope extremely well but it did mean that I felt that I couldn’t run them out as much as I usually like to do. The atmosphere at the show was very like a garden party and I thoroughly enjoyed my day, thank you to everyone for making it so special.

Special Award Yearling Dog or Bitch (5,0abs)

1st Cutters – Ina’s Fashion Finest Of Chosovi (Imp DEU); lovely outline to this bitch, feminine yet strongly built with lovely curves overall. Long, lean head piece with good jaw and teeth, lovely rose shaped ears and neck of good length & strength. Well set back shoulder placement, with muscle, elbows set under, super depth & width of body and well ribbed back. Slight arch over the loin flowing into curvy rear quarters with muscling & width on first & second thighs and hocks well let down. Movement effortless and covering the ground very well.

2nd Howletts – Rubicon’s Don’t Stop Believing (Imp USA); another nice type of good shape and so well conditioned in muscle and depth of body for one so young. Good for head shape and strength of jaw with a firm neck of length & strength with slight arch. Shoulder placement well set back, muscled over front & elbows set under. Good depth & width of body and well ribbed back into a firm loin. Nicely muscled thighs with width across, well set hocks and stood and moved out well on good feet.

3rd Harrison-Stratford – Southport Niemeyer At Highwick (Imp Prt)

4th Boggia – Rubicon’s Songbird (Imp USA)

5th Langcake & Short – Southport Normandia At Langshor (Imp Prt)

Special Award Open Dog or Bitch (9,2abs)

1st Newshams – Ch Europa Decuma Via Windspiel (Imp Cze); stunning bitch who moved out covering the ground effortlessly even in the heat. Loved her type and shapely outline and well conditioned muscling front and rear. Long, lean head with good jaw, good ear shape, lovely neck of length & strength flowing into her well laid shoulder with elbows set under. Body of correct depth & width, ribcage of good depth, well sprung ribs carried well back and slight arch over a firm loin. Super rear angulation with lovely width across the first & second thighs, lovely muscling, well set hocks and stood on good feet.

2nd Spacey – Inchydoney Memories Talisman At Hallimans (Imp Fra); young upstanding male of just under 1 year old who moved out well in the heat. Good in head & firm jaw & lovely rose shaped ears. A good length of neck with strength flowing into his well laid shoulder with elbows set correctly under. Good in body depth for his age, with width and ribs well sprung and carried back. Firm in loin with a very slight rise flowing into his well angled stifles. Lovely width across his first & second thighs with good, firm muscling. Well set hocks & stood on good feet.

3rd Howlett – Skyswift Moonlite Serenade

4th Boggia – Ch Ina’s Fashion Design By Boughton (Imp Ger)

5th Boggia – Whirlaway All Fired Up At Boughton (Imp Aus)

Special Award Racing/Lure Coursing Dog or Bitch (11,2abs)

Not the easiest class to judge for varying type, movement and conformation but nevertheless a delightful class of hounds and their owners.

1st Abell – Ballyoak Queen (Gsb141/141); feminine black & white trim bitch with a long, lean head & strong jaw, nicely shaped ears. Long neck of strength flowing into her well laid & muscled shoulder, elbows set under and sufficient in body depth & length. Well ribbed back into a firm loin with a very slight arch over, flowing into her rear quarters with good width & muscling across her first & second thighs. Well set hock & good feet but didn’t always co operate by standing herself out behind. Moved out well.

2nd Thompson – Puppy Eyes At Muicks; veteran male with a good head piece & jaws and another with nicely shaped ears. Good length & strength of neck, well laid shoulder with muscling, elbows set under & sufficient depth & breadth of body. Ribs well sprung and carried well back, firm in loin with slight rise over. Good in rear angulation with sufficient width & muscling of the first & second thighs and stood on good feet. Moved out well to take this placing.

3rd Mallen-Wallace – Droopys Tavern

4th Clarke – Wachovia Benjy

5th Sadler – Huarache Mags

Judge; Mrs Ann Snelgrove